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Dashing Dupes – MAC’s Satin Taupe

mac satin taupe

Hello Everyone,

I have written a few dupe posts in the past and have really enjoyed them. When I first started buying ridiculous amounts of makeup, I would spend hours looking through beauty store sites for products that looked similar to the high-end products I just couldn’t afford. I have to admit, that eventually I ended up buying some of them, but I think it’s great to know what dupes are out there, especially if a product is insanely priced and the dupe is just as good.

 I also love the research that goes into finding the right products. There are so many products out there and often blogs that I have read only give one alternative. I aim to show you four different ones, all more affordable, just as lovely and ones that are available from different corners of the world. This does mean that I don’t necessarily own all of the products but have tried, or tested them all.  If you fancy a look at my other dupe posts, just click on the dupe button in the menu at the top of my blog where you will find dupes for mac’s girl about town lipstick and macs’ stereo rose.

MAC Satin Taupe This is by far one of my favourite eye shadows and I know it is a popular choice for most beauty bloggers and readers. I love to pair it up with Mac’s Naked Lunch, popping it in the outer corner and crease. I realise that these days £10 for an eye shadow is not as crazy as some brands, but to some that is still too much or they can’t get hold of Mac products very easily. So here they are, my favourite dashing dupes:

Soap & Glory, Lid Stuff Quad Palette in What’s Nude £10 Why buy one gorgeous shade when you can buy a quad for the same price? The palette is made up of four velvety shades: Vanilla, Pink, Mudhoney and Aubersheen. The later is the dupe shade but as a whole set they create a wonderful eye shadow look. If I didn’t own Satin Taupe already and didn’t already have a good selection of nudes, I would definitely go for this option. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably have it by next month.

NYX, Iced Mocha £5 – This seems to be a popular shade amongst other bloggers. The colour match is very close and at half the price I would say it’s a good bet. The NYX shadows are very pigmented and are very buildable. Perfect for a smoky eye.

Wet & Wild, Nutty £5 or less – Prices vary on this product all over the net but are all very good value. It’s a little harder to get hold of here in the UK so would suggest the other products to them. The wet & wild formula is creamy and pigmented and is a great understudy for Satin Taupe.

L’Oreal, Bronzed Taupe £6.99 – This dupe is a little harder to find and does contain a little more shimmer than Satin Taupe; however, I think it looks amazing on the eye and really makes them pop.

There you have it, my dashing dupes. Hopefully I’ve helped those on a budget, in a distant location or anyone that hasn’t yet treated themselves to any Satin Taupe style shade. It is a must for the make up bag!

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Daring Dupes – MAC’s Girl About Town


Hello Everyone,

One of my most popular posts is Cheeky Dupes, a post I added a while back when trying to cheaper/available version of MAC’s Stereo Rose. I really enjoyed searching through the net and shop shelves to find the closest possible dupes.

This week I went for a daring pink lip. I love my Revlon Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie and my new L’Oreal lip stain in Marylin, but always have my eye on the slightly more pigmented MAC’s bright, blue toned pink in Girl About Town £14. This got me wondering if there were any good dupes out there that I could tell you about. Sometimes buying the real thing is too much fun, but incase you want a cheaper product for your fuchsia days,this is what I found:

Rimmel Apocolips in Apocoliptic £4.99 – I have a couple of these bright lacquers. This colour is particularly bright and is a glossy version of the MAC lipstick for those that fancy the colour but want a less matte lippy.

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Fuchsia £4.99 – I love these lipsticks (review here). They apply so effortlessly and are extremely pigmented. I always seem to have to buy them online though as have not yet seen them in a UK store.

Barry M in Punky Pink £4.47- I don’t own a Barry M lipstick but this shade came up on most searches as a dupe. Do let me know what you think of their lippies.

Now I just need to decide which one to get. The real deal or one of the daring dupes.

What is your favourite magenta lipstick?

Happy Blogging All, xxx




Cheeky Dupes – MAC Stereo Rose


Hello Everyone,

After my plea for the location of a MAC Stereo Rose, I sadly had to accept that unless I wanted to spend double the money on EBay, I wasn’t going to get my hands on the blush. I finally caved in and decided to search for a dupe. Little had I realised but I had the perfect substitute under my own nose, or in my makeup draw at least. Hidden under my Autumn makeup stash I came across the Spring blush trio from Sleek. sat right in the middle was the blush Rose Gold. How I had forgotten about this I do not know, especially as I used it on my holiday a lot and even sent one to a follower in a give away.

Comparing it to images of Stereo Rose online, they do seem very similar. Both give a shimmering coral with an almost two tone golf effect. Beautiful! You do have to be a little light handed with the Sleek blush as it is so pigmented, but it really is stunning.

For anyone that wants a dupe to the Stereo Rose blush, I did do some more hunting and found some other alternatives for those that cannot get hold of Sleek products.
Nars Orgasm– A very popular blush but a little on the pricey side for me.
NYX Pinched– This looks very pretty and I think is easier to find in the US.

I will now be sure to make more use of the blushes I do have and really must remember to delve into hidden makeup once in a while to see what I can find.
Thanks to everyone that commented on my Stereo Rose wanted post. I am really enjoying receiving more comments on my blogs at the moment, and look forward to the next follower count milestone so that I have an excuse for another giveaway.

Happy Blogging All, xxx