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Sunset Sensation – My Fave Nail Polishes

sunset polishes1

Hello Everyone,

I really wanted to show you all some of my favourite polishes today but the quite frankly absurd amount of polishes I own means I have far too many favourites. I decided to go along a colour theme and to showcase my favourite colours and brands from within that collection. This also gives me the opportunity to look at other themes for more posts later on. Due to surprisingly hot weather we have had here in the UK I have gone for something Summery and fun: Sunset Sensation.


With an array of yellows, oranges, corals and pinks, even choosing for this collection was difficult, but in the end I cam up with my five favourites, that not only display my favourite colours, but five different brands that I love too. Let’s take a closer look.

DSCF2299Revlon Colortstay – 090 Sorbet

This is my number on orange nail polish. It doesn’t look garish or cheap which is always a worry for me when buying yellow/orange products. It really is the colour of a very refreshing orange sorbet and looks very delicate and light on the nails. I love this formula as it glides on with the wider brush in three strokes, lasts a long time, especially with its matching topcoat, and you can even get away with one coat if you are in a rush.

DSCF2303Rimmel Pro Finish – 440 Orange Bliss

This is the perfect peachy orange. The formula is one of my favourites and dries very quickly. I am a fan of a wide brush so for me this applies beautifully. I have used this for ombre nails in the past which looks really nice.

DSCF2308Ciate – The Glossip

This is a newbie on my faves brand list. It recently arrived in my July Glossybox and I have work it every day since. The formula is amazing as it applies very evenly, dries incredibly quickly and is so pigmented that you really can do with just one coat. The polish does chip easily but I always where a topcoat which has kept this beauty on for a week. Love it!

DSCF2312Maybelline Forever Strong Pro- Rose Salsa

This is the brightest of the bunch and packs a punch of neon coral. I love wearing it with denim and bright accessories. I discovered this formula when I needed a polish in Paris. I have since bought it in many colours, including this favourite of mine. The polish is very long-lasting, even without a topcoat and applies very evenly. Fabulous!

DSCF2317Essie – Cute As A Button

I realise that Essie don’t use the best formula for their polishes and that often a few coats is needed to get an even pop of colour. However, the colour range is so extensive that a slightly longer application time is worth it for me. I love this pretty coral colour as it manages vibrancy and elegance at the same time. I love some of the softer corals in the range to but this is definitely my most worn and loved. Beautiful!

So there you have it, my sunset sensation. I actually think they look really good together and am tempted to paint each nail in each polish as I have done with my tester fan.

Let me know what you think by commenting below. Or if you fancy a polish chat, follow me on twitter and come say hi!

Happy Blogging All, xxx


smashbox -It’s Your Prime

smashbox primers

Hello Everyone,

I did the extremely silly thing of picking a product up from the shelves in the beauty store queue last week – ooops! However, turns out is was a good, silly thing after all. I do have a couple of primers, including Urban Decay’s Eye Primer and Benefit’s face primer, but saw this little trio on offer at £14 and thought I would give some new primer products a go. Interestingly this set contains an under eye primer, which I found intriguing as this is a sad area for me, All in all I’m pretty pleased with the purchase and have been using them all week.

Collages15smashbox, photo finish foundation primer – travel size

Considering this is a mini bottle there is a considerable amount of product. This is very similar to the Benefit primer which I like. It is a little less grainy and feels less obvious on my skin which I like as sometimes I feel primers dry my skin out a little.

Collages16smash, photo finish lid primer – mini

I really like this. It sets very quickly so you can apply eyeshadow almost straight away and the tone is perfect for my skin, covering any blue areas of skin. I’m quite useless at using eye primer but have been popping this on everyday this week and have noticed a dramatic difference in the staying power of my eye makeup.

smashbox primers1smashbox, hydrating under eye primer

This is a lovely little product. The formula is not thick so no caking at all, and the light tone lightens under the eyes. I have noticed the length of time my concealer has stayed on during the day too which is great.

I would definitely recommend this little set to anyone that hasn’t used primers before or doesn’t use them very often. My product of the week for sure. If you fancy hearing about other products I am loving, be sure to follow me on twitter and join me in a little beauty chat. 🙂

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Mini Makeup HAUL – Real Techniques, Sleek, NXY, Lord & Berry


Hello Everyone,

I had a little splurge online this week and thought I’d share the products with you. Some of them are items I’ve been wanting for a while, while others are new brands to me. They were all really reasonably priced too which is always a bonus. 🙂

haul juneLord & Berry –

Smudge Proof Eyeliner in Black £7.50             Lipstick Pencil in Cherry £8

I have never owned any products from this brand but had seen the lipstick pencils on vloggers videos and heard lots about the eyeliner too. The pencil is an amazingly pigmented lipstick. The formula is matte and opaque but isn’t at all dry on the lips. The lasting wear isn’t amazing but I always enjoy re-applying on a night out anyway. Honestly though, it’s the vibrant colour red/pink colour that I love so much about it. It sure does pack a punch.

As for the eyeliner, it wears well without smudging or disappearing. The texture of the pencil is quite soft, so if you’re looking for a fine line I wouldn’t choose this. I’m sure I’ll be looking up more of their products soon.

haul june3

Sleek – I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in, Au Naturel £7.70

I can never get over the fantastic pricing of Sleek products. They are always extremely pigmented, last a long time and come in such a variety of shades and styles. I already own the infamous Storm Palette but as I’ve been wearing brighter lips and cheeks recently I wanted a good natural shaded palette. Au Naturel seemed perfect for that. It has every neutral shade you could ask for, including a mixture of matte and shimmers. I love the shades taupe and cappuccino with mineral earth blended into the crease. There’s also got a good white for the corner of the eye and a black for lining. Perfect!

haul june4

NYX – Blush in Red £7.00

I can’t believe I don’t own any NYX products! I searched the web for a dupe blush for Mac’s Frankley Scarlet this weekend and this was the best I found. I love it! It’s the perfect balance of pink and red, is pigmented and wonderfully blendable. It also matched my new lippy! Most of my blushes are pinks or coral so a red toned one is a perfect addition to ever0growing collection. I had to buy this online so I’m not sure if the prices are cheaper in the shops but I was quite happy to pay this amount for a lovely blush.

haul june6Real Techniques –

Your eyes/enhanced starter brush set £17.85     Fine Liner Brush £5.95     

I am a huge fan of the real techniques brushes and already won most of the orange (face) collection. If you want a reasonably priced brush set, this is definitely the one to buy as the brushes look great and are easy to use. Although I use my Mac 217 I don’t really own any decent eye brushes. I love this little collection as it has everything I need. I did also buy the fine liner brush too as I think the one in the kit will be a little thick for the liner I usually wear.

Looking back over my purchases I’m very excited. Luckily I have the perfect hen weekend to play with them. Let me know if you want to see the look I come up with for that. Also don’t forget to add me on bloglovin, twitter and Instagram using the buttons at the top of my sidebar.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

New In – Origins GinZing Moisturizer


ORIGINS GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer 50ml £23

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to share this product with you today. Origins are well renowned for their luxurious and refreshing skin care. The original GinZing eye cream is a favourite amongst many beauty bloggers which meant it was about time coming for this newbie. I had been considering an Origins face cream for a while now, and as soon as I saw this on the shelf my mind was made up.

I have to say it’s a huge winner for me. The oil-free, ginseng and coffee bean formula is very lightweight and soaks into the skin instantly. It smells fruity fresh and as soon as applied leaves my skin feeling cool and awake. Perfect for the Summer!

If you fancy it, pop along to your nearest Boots (or drugstore) and buy it. I have to say I’m very tempted to go out and get the matching eye cream myself now. If you have it, please do comment below letting me know how you got on with it.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

June Beauty Favourites


Hello Everyone,

I’ve had so much fun with makeup this month! There have been lots of opportunities to get dressed up as well as a few sunny days which always makes me feel more excited about popping on the brighter lips.

Looking at the picture now, the products look very black, but they have actually created a lovely bronzing, Summer look with a bright lip. Whenever I want to wear a vibrant lipstick, I always think a simple eye does the trick. This means neat, strong brows, butterfly lashes and a good contour colour on the cheeks. This is the look I have gone for most of this month. Here goes:


The Balm Concealer – I have really fallen for The Balm products recently. I have this concealer in two tones as the first one I got is a little dark for sun denied skin. Thankfully, the amazingly kind Balm customer services lady sent me a lighter one which is much better for now. The formula is very similar to the MAC sculpt concealer which gives high coverage, but doesn’t cake quite as much.

HD Brows – I got this a long while back in a GLOSSYBOX and loved it for some time. I then veered toward eyebrow pencils and left this little lot at the back of my makeup draw. This month I revived it as it gives a much stronger brow look than my pencil which is needed for a natural eye shadow look.

AVON Everlasting Mascara – I have definitely become a plastic wand convert this year and after starring my Dior mascara  last month I was surprised with my switch over to this new one. This cheap and cheerful product is great for separating my lashes and adding length. It is a good dupe for the Clinique mascara that seems popular around the blogs at the moment and in fact I much prefer this one.

AVON Blush in Russet – I have been using this blush for a long time. I think it was one of the first that I bought and I still love it. It is fantastic for sunny days when you don’t want to add colour to your cheeks but want to pack a little more punch than a bronzer.

REVLON Colorburst Lipstick in Coral – This lipstick is amazing! I absolutely love the formula for this range as it glides on, moisturises and is mega pigmented. This colour is so bold and bright. Pink coral lovers may want to think twice, this is about as orange as a coral gets, but I adore it!

There you have it, my favourite products for June. I have so many makeup products to show you guys this month and even have a naughty clothes haul to post too. The Summer holidays are approaching for me so lots more posts will be coming your way soon,

Enjoy July all and  happy blogging, xxx

May Beauty Favourites

may faves1

Hello Everyone,

Exploring new products is one of my favourite things to do, and I have been enjoying lots of newbies this month. Lips and cheeks have been a focus for me. Sticking to neutral eye shadows and concentrating on lengthening the lashes and contouring the face has given me the opportunity to play with cheek colours and luscious lippies. That being said, no lipsticks have made it into my faves this month, mainly because I have been trying to use lots of different colours, so no single lipstick has taken center stage. Let’s see what has made the cut:

may faves


Beautiful Movements Cosmetics – Prime & Create Mixing Medium Apologies for the little transparent tub. This products is a tester from my latest GLOSSBOX and I knew when I first saw the title of the product that I was going to have fun with it. The idea behind this gel is to experiment with your other products to create new mixes. Examples given are to mix it up with powder blushes to create cream tints, to use with eye shadows to make your own eyeliners or to mix with foundations to form an airbrush effect finish. The latter is the mix up that did it for me this month. Adding a pea sized amount of this onto my hand, then mixing it with my foundation before applying with a brush has improved the application and finish of even my most favourite foundations. It works as a beautiful primer alone, but paired up with a foundation, you’ve got yourself a wow formula. This will definitely be making its way into my shopping basket as soon as this little tub is empty.

Rimmel – Wake Me Up Concealer I bought this product a while back but wasn’t convinced that it rivalled most recent favourite by Bourjois. This month however, as the formula is quite pale, I have been applying it under my eyes, onto the lids and around my nose, before applying foundation. It works really well at lightening up dark or red areas and some days (ones with a higher morning coffee intake) I haven’t even needed to add a product on top too.

Dior – New Look Mascara I have had this mascara for a while and it is one that I return to time and time again after trying new trending products. Don’t be fooled by the tiny plastic wand; It does a fantastic job of separating and lengthening my lashes. This was my first plastic wand mascara and I bought it on recommendation of a friend, unsure of how I felt about changing wand type. I was immediately converted, and although I have since tried other similar wands like Avon and Clinique’s, I always reach for this one for day time looks and to add extra oomph to fake lashes. Sadly it is a product that I rarely see on anyone blog or vlog about, so I’m giving it a big shout out today! I think a mascara picture comparison post is due very soon.

Stila – Convertible Color in Poppy & Petunia Oh my, I’m in love. I haven’t left these beauties alone since they arrived on my door step. Let’s first take a moment to admire the adorable embossed little cases they come in and then to oooo and aarrr at the ever so pretty product inside. These are my first but definitely not my last cream blushes as they apply so easily and look so natural and glowy. I don’t own any other red blushes but as I said in my Rainbow post, I’m not sure why not, as surely red is the natural colour of a pretty flushed cheek. The coral/pink one is very pretty and works well with my Summer lipsticks. It is taking me a lot not to hop right over to the store and buy the rest of the shades.

Lanolips – 101 Ointment There was me thinking my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream was the Queen of lip fixing. After buying and loving the Lanolips hand cream I decided to add their lip balm to my collection too. The formula is simple but does wonders for dry lips. I can’t recommend it highly enough for those with dry, cracked lips or just to keep in your handbag to apply over lipstick for a delicious shine. It has taken my number one lip treatment spot!

So there you have it, my fantastic faves for May. Now here I am, already thinking about my June wish list…oops.

Happy Blogging All, xxx










Hello Everyone,

It feel like it’s been a long month waiting for my box. I already knew that GLOSSYBOX were celebrating their 2nd Birthday so my expectations for a special box were high.

At first glance I was surprised to see the amount of ‘black’ products, considering the birthday theme. This slight disappointment disappeared when I got a closer look at most of the products. As well as a few well-known brands, there are some full size products, which I always think is a bonus.

Before I take you inside the box I wanted to take a step back to last month to reveal any products that I have really enjoyed and that I would recommend to you.


This beauty is probably the only product that I have made full use of this month. I was very excited about it in May, and still love it now! The colour is called Nice to be Nice and is perfect for those pastel outfits and sunny days.

Now, in we go:

may5COLLECTION – Fast Stroke Eyeliner £2.99

I already have a love some of the extremely well priced COLLECTION (aka collection 2000) products and was pleased to see a replacement for my quite ancient eye liner. If you like a brush tip liner then this will do you well. It creates a semi thin line that glides easily across the eyelid and isn’t too thin and runny.

may1JELLY PONG PONG – Fairy Lashes Mascara £15

Full RRP of this mascara is quite pricey so I am happy to have received a full size product. The wand appears to be pretty basic, nothing fancy, and the casing is a little cheap looking. The formula isn’t clumpy and slightly lengthens the lashes but all in all it isn’t anything special and I’m not convinced I would ever want to pay full price for it.

may4Beautiful Movements Cosmetics – Prime & Create Mixing Medium, Full Size £20

This is one of those products that you truly hope will work as advertised. The idea of being able to create cream blushes, foundations and eye shadows sounds like such fun. The sample size is very small but I intend to have a good go at creating some pretty mixes with it. Just from rubbing a tiny amount on y hand I can tell it will be a lovely primer if nothing else as it has instantly left my skin incredibly soft. I shall report back to you on this one in next months box review.

may2Awapuhi Wild Ginger, Shine Spray £18.95

This is a Paul Mitchell, pricey hair product and I love that we were given a full size bottle of it this month. The scent is lovely and it gives a good shine to my hair. What more is there to say. Very happy! 🙂

may6HEADLINE COLORS, Poolside Pary Polish £9

I’ve not heard of this brand before, although with this price tag I feel I should have. I have to say I am quite disappointed that I received a not so ‘poolside’ colour; black. It does have a little shimmer to it and the formula is very pigmented but sadly I just won’t wear it often as I’m not really a dark nail polish fan.


Glossy Extra Treats – Mini Nail Files & Green & Blacks Mini Chocolate Bar

A GLOSSYBOX wouldn’t be complete without an extra treat. This time we have two. Of course nail files are always handy but I appreciate the chocolate a little more. Thanks!

Overall I am pretty happy with this months box. It is always hard to tell this early on if I am going to enjoy any of the products so stay tuned for next months for updates on any Wow products.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

April Beauty Favourites

april favoutites

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very busy month for me so makeup has had to be quick and easy. The sun has also decided to show its face so the freckles are appearing and the skin needs to look sun-kissed. It was easy for me to choose my favourites this month as I have worn them an awful lot. Here they are:

april faves all

Maybelline – BB Cream I used this all of last Summer without foundation. I had a good tan then so foundation wasn’t needed. I have worn it alone a few times this month but have mostly used it a s base under a thin sweep of foundation. This is the only BB cream I have really liked the formula for. I use Medium and love that is has spf 30 too.

bare minerals – Mineral Veil I have had this product for a long time. It is a powder that I go back to often, and this month I have used it most days. As the weather has been heating up, I didn’t want last months dewy look to go to the extreme. No one wants to go from glowing to sweating. This powder is by far my favourite. It has no colour or scent and sweeps across the face easily without leaving a particularly powdered look. Make up stays in place!

H & M – Bronzer If you are looking for a low-priced, fantastic bronzer then this is perfect! I picked this up whilst waiting in the queue last Summer and now that the sun is back it is time to bring it back to life. I have lots of bronzers but this warm toned beauty is the best I have for contouring and for giving a natural all over sun-kissed look.

MAC – Honey Lust This is a lustre eyeshadow that I bought a long time ago but rarely used it. It looks a little bashed around as I once tried to move it into the palette with no success. This month I reached deep into my shadows and found this again. It really is a pretty peach gold that is great for the Summer. I have been using it with a lighter gold in the corner, a good bronzer and some bright lips.

YSL -Volupte Sheer Candy 6 Oh my this is the most beautiful lipstick. It feels like a balm and gives a shiny sheer look  but is incredibly pigmented at the same time. This is perfect for days when you don’t want to fuss with application but you want your lips to look fab. I would love some more. Sadly the price tag is a little too high.

Revlon – Colorstay Topcoat This is by far the best high street top coat I have found. It dries very quickly and my nails can go at least a week without chipping.

Please do share you your monthly favourites with me by commenting with your link below.

Have a lovely May everyone, xxx

Must Have – L’Oreal Lip Stain Review

Hello Everyone,

I have made a wonderful discovery! These L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Stain Splash are a mouth full to say, but they are worth the effort.

I own a few lip glosses but rarely wear them as they tend not to give too much colour and are often a little too shiny for everyday wear. These beauties are amazing. Not only do they come in the most gorgeous colours, they are extremely pigmented, stain incredibly, smell yummy and shine fantastically. Now I have run out of adjectives I think it’s time for some photos.


loreal lipstains

There are a few colours ni the range. I had to force myself to leave the orange one behind as my coral/orange obsession is becoming as bad as my lipstick one so instead I picked up these.

Lolita gives is a pretty neutral dusky pink. As the stain sets, my lips became a darker and shinier. A great one for days when your eyes are the center of attention but you want your lips to look good too.

Juliet is amazing! The colour is very vibrant. A very pinky red. The stain power on this will require a good Bioderma scrub before bedtime but it will last all day and aswell as being very easy apply, doesn’t look harsh around the edges as some red lipsticks do. This takes the just bitten look to another level.

Marilyn I own a couple of fuscia pink lippies and they are so much fun to wear. This blue toned one is so bright but looks elegant too. I wore this out for a meal that included soup, ice-cream and a few drinks and still had pink lips when I got home.

I am a huge fan of these (must resist the orange one). They are 2 for 1 in BOOTS at the moment so go on out and get yourself one… or three!

Happy Blogging All. xxx

GLOSSYBOX April 2013


Hello Everyone,

My long-awaited GLOSSYBOX is here! I try so hard not to look at posts before mine arrives (often days after others), but this time I may have caught sight of the deliciously vintage style box and had my fingers crossed for a few items. I like that everyone gets a different selection of goodies, that is untill someone gets something that I would have loved.


I am really pleased with this month’s box. Aswell as the stunning box, which I will be using as storage for my ever-growing makeup stash, the five items inside are lovely! Some are more than lovely, and I did jump up and down at one. The sun briefly popped its head out today, so I ran outside to take some snaps before it went back into hiding. Let’s get started.

aprilnail6Essie Nail Lacquer – Nice is Nice

I have to start with the cream of the crop. I mean who doesn;t adore an Essie polish? Out of the fifteen possible shades I received this beautiful lilac. I own two other purple polishes, one very vibrant and the other extremely light. This shade fits perfectly between the two. I love pastels that have a grey tone to them. This is verging on mink. Lovely!

april1NIP + FAB – Dry Skin Body Butter in Pistachio

 I often see this brand in shops but have never bought anything. Aside from the fact that it looks a little bit like a tub of snot or putty, and I would have loved the mango, this is a great product. It smells yummy and it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Any other recommendations from the brand?

april3MODELCO – Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosey Red

This little tube is usually a pricey one at £15 so I expect it to work well. I was once tempted to by a Benefit product that looks similar to this but wasn’t brave enough. I’m not sure the shade is particularly Spring like, and rubbed into to my hand it does resemble a bruise, but on the cheeks and lips it stains well (Bioderma needed) and I look forward to giving it a go, maybe for an evening look.

aprilperf5YVES ROCHER FRANCE – Eau De Parfum

This is a popular brand with GLOSSYBOX. They are a great company for giving free bit away and the catalogue that arrives each month is always full of offers. I absolutely love their Sexy Pulp Mascara, but haven’t yet bought anything else from them that GLOSSYBOX have tempted me with. I do love that this taster actually comes in a mini bottle, unlike the normal testers that come in the tiny tube sprays. If I say it just smells like perfume, pro perfume buyers will probably be disgusted at my lack of sniffing skills, but it does. It smells how I imagine the average perfume to smells; floral and strong.

aprilspf4SUNSENSE- Daily Face SPF

I have never come across this brand before but a tinted SPF face cream is always handy. It is very light in colour but smooths out almost transparent anyway. My main concern is the lack of lid. It is a small tube but I don’t see myself using it up in one go. Once that top is snapped off, that seems to be it.

I am very much looking forward to experimenting with these. Now that I have posted I would love to see what other items and shades people got in their boxes. Please do comment with a link to your page if you have a GLOSSYBOX post this month.

Happy Spring All, xxx