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On The Lookout: Fashion Blogger!


Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post now, but my May Beauty Faves is on its way later today!

I have been blogging for a while now and am delighted with the reception I am getting from readers. I have enjoyed playing with makeup since I was young as crafting and creating is in my blood. Making up a face is like painting a picture or decorating cupcakes to me, and as long as I don’t mix the icing up with foundation it’s all good!
I have also been a fan of ICT too; always playing with photos, creating and typing bits here and there, so beauty blogging seems like the perfect past time for me!

I do have a full time teaching job which means I am a busy bee for most of the week so fitting in my beloved blogging is fun but a squeeze. I wish I could spend more time on it but that’s life.

Recently I have been thinking that the fashion side of my blog is dwindling and I would love my readers to have more posts from this blog pop up each week.

That is where you may come in! I have decided to search for a fashion lover who fancies joining me and my blog. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves fashion and photography to start their own posts without the scary ‘new blog’ startup. No experience? Lots of it? Either way, Ive not seen many collaboration blogs so just fancy a go at it! Don’t be shy! ūüôā

If you think you would like to join me on a little blogging venture please email me at
I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Blogging All xxx


Colours of the Rainbow – Beauty Favourites


Hello Everyone,

The idea for this post came from¬†a popular tag that I most recently watched on my fave¬†vloggers channel¬†(EssieButton). Although this isn’t a vlog, and I haven’t been tagged by anyone, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to cover a post in colour.

The idea for this tag is to choose a favourite¬†product¬†for each colour of the rainbow. As easy as this sounds, it is actually quite a tricky task as finding products for every colour isn’t as easy it seems. I either had far too many to choose from, or had none at all so had to cheat slightly.¬†I¬†also tried to choose¬†only one product from each category¬†so that I didn’t end up with lots of lipstick and nail polishes.¬†This challenge¬†was however extremely fun to put together so I urge anyone and¬†everyone¬†to have¬†a go. Let’s begin:


Stila  Convertible Color in Poppy

This is a new product in my collection and I have used it nearly everyday since it was delivered. I am now a cream blush convert as it is so easy to blend and gives such a natural glow to the cheeks.¬†I don’t have any other red blushes and I don’t know why as of course a red flush to the cheek is the most natural look. I had a pile of red lipsticks¬†to start off with but decided this product was my favourite.

orange Real Techniques РBuffing & Contour Brushes

I thought I’d mix it up a little and choose some beauty tools for this one. I was tempted to choose my favourite orange/coral sleek blush but change my mind when I spotted these lying by my mirror. Since makeup became some what¬†a hobby for me a few years back, these have been by far my best discovery. I couldn’t apply my foundation without my trusty buffer, and this little contour brush is perfect for apply cream blush and highlighter.

yellowBurt’s Bees

When I think of beauty and yellow I think of this lovely collection. I realise this is the first of my little cheats, as not all of their products are actually yellow but yellow isn’t a colour that you would find across my makeup stash. If you opened up my¬†skin care¬†draw however,¬†you would find a great deal of this yellow packaging. I love the collection, from shampoo to foot scrub, and a huge favourite of mine are the lip balm sticks in pomegranate and honey.

greenLiz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Moisturiser and Skin Tonic

Another cheat, but a well deserved winner for green. I think the only green makeup product I own is a rarely used eyeliner and although I have a vast array of mint nail polishes, I had to save that spot for later. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish has been part of my daily skin care routine for years now. Even though I have tried many other creams, lotions and oils, I always come back to this beauty as it never fails to clean and soften my skin. The whole collection is fab but these three are my faves.

blueRimmel Lycra Pro Polish in Aqua Cool

No doubt about it, this is not only my favourite blue beauty product but is also my favourite nail polish of this season. Blue can be a hard colour to pull off but this soft seaside cutie looks lovely. The formula is fantastic; it applies easily and lasts a long time without chipping.

purpleBenefit Hoola Bronzer

Okay, so I don’t do purple.¬†As an eye shadow it really doesn’t work for me. I can get away with mink and mauve but ¬†that’s about it. This bronzer¬†was one of the first makeup items I brought many years back and as you can see it is still going strong. I alternate between a few bronzer, this one being my Summer favourite, and I love the tone and¬†texture¬†of it.

pinkRevlon – Lip Butter in Lollipop

Wow this was a toughy. I literally had a heap of pink products to choose from. Blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses, polishes…help! In the end I decided that as a lipstick hadn’t been chosen yet that I must have been saving it for last. I lined all of my pink lipsticks up. I had ones for day, night, bright, pale, shimmery, matt, glossy etc. Eventually I decided that my most fabulous and most worn had to be this one. I love Revlon, adore the lip butters and this colour is amazing. A dupe for many expensive lipsticks like MAC’s Girl About Town, this is a lipstick that I think every girl should own. These are by far the easiest lipstick to wear if you are not one for bright and bold as they are so easy to apply, are buildable and don’t need a liner.

So there you have it, my rainbow of beauty, I’m really pleased to see the final selections and would love to see what you would choose for yours. If you decide to have a go please do comment in the box below with a link to yours.

Thanks for reading, xxx

My Week In Instagram 8


Hello Everyone,

It has been a week of being ‘grown up’ with lots of fun changes.

Before Nessie had a trip to the groomers as her coat was very matted. This was her scraggy before shot.

After Ness now looks like a completely different dog. Hehe!

Rosey My inside flowers this week were a lovely bunch of bright orange roses. I liked the pic in black and white though.

I heart Stila I really do! These blushes arrived last weekend and I have worn them everyday since. Post review coming soon!

Gardening Our garden is beginning to shape up thanks to Tink and Nessie! The strawberries went into their hanging basket today.

Pansies I featured my pansies a few weeks back and they have multiplied since into this beautiful pot-full of colour!

Welcome! This week my best friend had her lovely little bubba Isabella. She is so adorable!

Cheese Night I love me some cheese. A great night in with friends eating and laughing was the perfect start to our half term holiday.

Froglet Little Isabella is all snuggled up wearing a pair of socks as gloves. Cute!

Apologies for the lack of beauty posts this week but I have a few up my sleeve for this coming week while I’m on holiday.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 7


Hello Everyone,

I have had such a lovely week, mainly because I spent most of it away with my little family in a cottage in somerset. Most of my photos are from my little trip and I think they all very lovely! ūüôā

GlossyBox This month’s box came with some lovely full sized treats! Check out my full glossy review in my last post.

Pretty Find I found this little beauty at a silver stall in Somerset. I tried it on while a friend was browsing and I then ended up being the one to purchase something. I love the colour of the stones and that is vintage looking.

Bluebells Nessie is tiny but somehow managed to explore miles and miles of difficult walking. Here she is enjoying a well deserved rest amongst the bluebells.

Strawberries & Cream Along the roadside we bagged a few of these delicious berries to take home. I forgot how much nicer freshley picked fruit is than in the supermarkets.

Hello!The perfect evening walk on the sand.

Sand Nessie’s first trip to the beach was a great success!

Happy Days Tink and I, ūüôā

Say Cheese! When visiting cheddar one must of course sample the local cheese. Yum!

Smiles all round What a lovely weekend away! We’ll be back soon.

Happy Blogging All xxx



Hello Everyone,

It feel like it’s been a long month waiting for my box. I already knew that GLOSSYBOX were celebrating their 2nd Birthday so my expectations for a special box were high.

At first glance I was surprised to see the amount of ‘black’ products, considering the birthday theme. This slight disappointment disappeared when I got a closer look at most of the products. As well as a few well-known brands, there are some full size products, which I always think is a bonus.

Before I take you inside the box I wanted to take a step back to last month to reveal any products that I have really enjoyed and that I would recommend to you.


This beauty is probably the only product that I have made full use of this month. I was very excited about it in May, and still love it now! The colour is called Nice to be Nice and is perfect for those pastel outfits and sunny days.

Now, in we go:

may5COLLECTION РFast Stroke Eyeliner £2.99

I already have a love some of the extremely well priced COLLECTION (aka collection 2000) products and was pleased to see a replacement for my quite ancient eye liner. If you like a brush tip liner then this will do you well. It creates a semi thin line that glides easily across the eyelid and isn’t too thin and runny.

may1JELLY PONG PONG РFairy Lashes Mascara £15

Full RRP of this mascara is quite pricey so I am happy to have received a full size product. The wand appears to be pretty basic, nothing fancy, and the casing is a little cheap looking. The formula isn’t clumpy and slightly lengthens the lashes but all in all it isn’t anything special and I’m not convinced I would ever want to pay full price for it.

may4Beautiful Movements Cosmetics РPrime & Create Mixing Medium, Full Size £20

This is one of those products that you truly hope will work as advertised. The idea of being able to create cream blushes, foundations and eye shadows sounds like such fun. The sample size is very small but I intend to have a good go at creating some pretty mixes with it. Just from rubbing a tiny amount on y hand I can tell it will be a lovely primer if nothing else as it has instantly left my skin incredibly soft. I shall report back to you on this one in next months box review.

may2Awapuhi Wild Ginger, Shine Spray £18.95

This is a Paul Mitchell, pricey hair product and I love that we were given a full size bottle of it this month. The scent is lovely and it gives a good shine to my hair. What more is there to say. Very happy! ūüôā

may6HEADLINE COLORS, Poolside Pary Polish £9

I’ve not heard of this brand before, although with this price tag I feel I should have. I have to say I am quite disappointed that I received a not so ‘poolside’ colour; black. It does have a little shimmer to it and the formula is very pigmented but sadly I just won’t wear it often as I’m not really a dark nail polish fan.


Glossy Extra Treats – Mini Nail Files & Green & Blacks Mini Chocolate Bar

A GLOSSYBOX wouldn’t be complete without an extra treat. This time we have two. Of course nail files are always handy but I appreciate the chocolate a little more. Thanks!

Overall I am pretty happy with this months box. It is always hard to tell this early on if I am going to enjoy any of the products so stay tuned for next months for updates on any Wow products.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 6


Hello Everyone,

This week’s pics seem very random but I think I like that. None of them are beauty related, mainly because I am isless at having my camera with me when doing my makeup. This is why food features so much; my phone is always near me when I’m eating.

BBQ In the lovely weather we had a scrummy BBQ and boy was it delicious!

Outdoors It was lovely to be able to take my class outside this week. On Monday we enjoyed a whole day of lessons out in the sun!

Caught you! I caught Tink and Nessie play fighting. I don’t know which one looks naughtier here.

WI Butcher I recently joined a young persons WI (women’s institute) as I thought it would be a great place to share my love for crafts and baking. This week we had a surprisingly interesting talk by a butcher.

Eggy bread I love this stuff! I also got to enjoy some o my meat from the WI eve!

Out of breath With all of the yummy food being consumed I felt the need to attempt some sort of fitness. My first lap of jogging was hard work.

Tea Party My frien and I made a lovely tea party for friends today. How pretty!

Mini Victorias I love these little sponges we made using my new mini sandwhich making tin.

See, very random! I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my busy world.
Have a great week,

May Wishlist 2013


Hello Everyone,

This month my wishes are all simple but beautiful products. I have been wearing lots of Summer dresses with simple eye makeup, bronzed peachy coral cheeks and bright lips, so these are all products that would fit in well with this look. Infact, with a little BB cream, together they would create a lovely look as a collection.

1. YSL, Volupte Sheer Candy in No4 (£23) РI have this lippy in no6 and always thought it would be my only one due to the price. Recently I have worn it so much that I am finding it hard to resist the urge of buying myself just one more. They are beautiful!

2. TheBalm, Hot Mama Eyeshadow/Blush (£12.50) РI recently discovered TheBalm products when I purchased a recommended product called Mary Lou Manizer, a stunning gold highlighter. I have since had a peek at their other bits and pieces and noticed this powder. It reminds me of a lighter Sleek Rose Gold/MAC Stereo Rose with its gold particles running through it.

3. The Balm, Time Balm Concealer(£19)  This product also jumped out at me as it had god reviews. I am always looking for new under eye concealers to try and this one intrigues me.

4. MAC, Paintpot in MoonCake (¬£14.50)¬†– This beauty is part of the baking beauty collection. (that’s another post of its own). I have always wanted a paintpot but have never got round to choosing which one. As soon as I saw this I knew it would be the perfect colour for me. I love a neutral shimmer and this one also has a nice bronze tone to it. Perfect for the Summer!

5. Stila, Cream Blush in Poppy & Gladiola (¬£16)¬†– These are stunning blushes so its no wonder they are trending all over the beauty world. I don’t own many cream blushes but do like them and these two colours always look so lovely on people, giving them a fresh and healthy look.

6. Avon, Supershock Max Mascara (£8), Since buying my Dior New Look Mascara last year , I have found a new love for a plastic wand. They seem to grip my eyelashes a lot more than my other ones. This mascara has a fantastic looking wand so I thought it would be fun to try it out.

Am I missing something on my wishlist? Any must haves I should know about? Let me know in the comments below and add a link to your wish list for the month.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 5


Hello Everyone,
This week my post is a day late. Not because I am late but I hae counted my bank holiday Monday as part of my weekend. It has been a lovely sunny week so eating in the sun has been a common happening!

Birthday Baking 1 these little pretties were bakes for my boufriends mum for her birthday Using my scrummy chocolate recipe and covered in pastel flowers.

Pansy These little beauties popped out all around my garden this week. I love how they look like they have lite faces smiling at you.

April Beauty Favourites Pop over to my sidebar to take a look at the products I was loving this April.

Eating Out Food an flowers seem to be a theme this week. I enjoyed a fab meal with a friend this week. The olives were just the start of an immense meal!

Sleepy With the sun shining, Ness has enjoyed playing in the garden. Evening have left her worn out… At last!

Birthday Baking 2 Dipped fudge, drizzled toffee and two tones icing topped off these naughty chocolate cakes for a friend.

Cherry Blossom My little cherry tree has finally bloomed! It looks so pretty!

Picnic Time With the sun shining, we went for a lovely picnic. Ness pupp enjoye her first full day out.

Salad Break Picnics and BBQ’s aren’t the healthiest, so this yummy caeser salad with extras was a good balance.

Enjoy your week. Follow me on Instagram (click in the sidebar) for updates throughout the week!

Happy Blogging xxx

Give me some BLOGLOVIN’


Hello Everyone,

I am so overwhelmed with the followers I have on this blog and wanted to say a big thanks, especially to those who often like and comment. As a beginner blogger it is always hard to know if your posts are translating in the way you hope. Comments and likes are key to this, and of course it is just lovely to receive a comment to which you can start a social family. Every time someone compliments a post or product on my blog or asks me a question I get so giddy!

I would love it if any followers could add me on bloglovin’. I love the site, and discover most of the blogs that I follow there. If you have a blog and haven’t join then you must! ūüôā

And if you fancy giving me some BLOGLOVIN’ just click on this link or the bloglovin button in my sidebar!
Happy Blogging All xxx

April Beauty Favourites

april favoutites

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very busy month for me so makeup has had to be quick and easy. The sun has also decided to show its face so the freckles are appearing and the skin needs to look sun-kissed. It was easy for me to choose my favourites this month as I have worn them an awful lot. Here they are:

april faves all

Maybelline –¬†BB Cream I used this all of last Summer without foundation. I had a good tan then so foundation wasn’t needed. I have worn it alone a few times this month but have mostly used it a s base under a thin sweep of foundation. This is the only BB cream I have really liked the formula for. I use Medium and love that is has spf 30 too.

bare minerals – Mineral Veil I have had this product for a long time. It is a powder that I go back to often, and this month I have used it most days. As the weather has been heating up, I didn’t want last months dewy look to go to the extreme. No one wants to go from glowing to sweating. This powder is by far my favourite. It has no colour or scent and sweeps across the face easily without leaving a particularly powdered look. Make up stays¬†in place!

H & M РBronzer If you are looking for a low-priced, fantastic bronzer then this is perfect! I picked this up whilst waiting in the queue last Summer and now that the sun is back it is time to bring it back to life. I have lots of bronzers but this warm toned beauty is the best I have for contouring and for giving a natural all over sun-kissed look.

MAC РHoney Lust This is a lustre eyeshadow that I bought a long time ago but rarely used it. It looks a little bashed around as I once tried to move it into the palette with no success. This month I reached deep into my shadows and found this again. It really is a pretty peach gold that is great for the Summer. I have been using it with a lighter gold in the corner, a good bronzer and some bright lips.

YSL¬†-Volupte Sheer Candy 6 Oh my this is the most beautiful lipstick. It feels like a balm and gives a shiny sheer look¬†¬†but is incredibly pigmented at the same time. This is perfect for days when you don’t want to fuss with application but you want your lips to look fab. I would love some more. Sadly the price tag is a little too high.

Revlon – Colorstay Topcoat This is by far the best high street top coat I have found. It dries very quickly and my nails can go at least a week without chipping.

Please do share you your monthly favourites with me by commenting with your link below.

Have a lovely May everyone, xxx