Cheeky Dupes – MAC Stereo Rose


Hello Everyone,

After my plea for the location of a MAC Stereo Rose, I sadly had to accept that unless I wanted to spend double the money on EBay, I wasn’t going to get my hands on the blush. I finally caved in and decided to search for a dupe. Little had I realised but I had the perfect substitute under my own nose, or in my makeup draw at least. Hidden under my Autumn makeup stash I came across the Spring blush trio from Sleek. sat right in the middle was the blush Rose Gold. How I had forgotten about this I do not know, especially as I used it on my holiday a lot and even sent one to a follower in a give away.

Comparing it to images of Stereo Rose online, they do seem very similar. Both give a shimmering coral with an almost two tone golf effect. Beautiful! You do have to be a little light handed with the Sleek blush as it is so pigmented, but it really is stunning.

For anyone that wants a dupe to the Stereo Rose blush, I did do some more hunting and found some other alternatives for those that cannot get hold of Sleek products.
Nars Orgasm– A very popular blush but a little on the pricey side for me.
NYX Pinched– This looks very pretty and I think is easier to find in the US.

I will now be sure to make more use of the blushes I do have and really must remember to delve into hidden makeup once in a while to see what I can find.
Thanks to everyone that commented on my Stereo Rose wanted post. I am really enjoying receiving more comments on my blogs at the moment, and look forward to the next follower count milestone so that I have an excuse for another giveaway.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


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