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Sunset Sensation – My Fave Nail Polishes

sunset polishes1

Hello Everyone,

I really wanted to show you all some of my favourite polishes today but the quite frankly absurd amount of polishes I own means I have far too many favourites. I decided to go along a colour theme and to showcase my favourite colours and brands from within that collection. This also gives me the opportunity to look at other themes for more posts later on. Due to surprisingly hot weather we have had here in the UK I have gone for something Summery and fun: Sunset Sensation.


With an array of yellows, oranges, corals and pinks, even choosing for this collection was difficult, but in the end I cam up with my five favourites, that not only display my favourite colours, but five different brands that I love too. Let’s take a closer look.

DSCF2299Revlon Colortstay – 090 Sorbet

This is my number on orange nail polish. It doesn’t look garish or cheap which is always a worry for me when buying yellow/orange products. It really is the colour of a very refreshing orange sorbet and looks very delicate and light on the nails. I love this formula as it glides on with the wider brush in three strokes, lasts a long time, especially with its matching topcoat, and you can even get away with one coat if you are in a rush.

DSCF2303Rimmel Pro Finish – 440 Orange Bliss

This is the perfect peachy orange. The formula is one of my favourites and dries very quickly. I am a fan of a wide brush so for me this applies beautifully. I have used this for ombre nails in the past which looks really nice.

DSCF2308Ciate – The Glossip

This is a newbie on my faves brand list. It recently arrived in my July Glossybox and I have work it every day since. The formula is amazing as it applies very evenly, dries incredibly quickly and is so pigmented that you really can do with just one coat. The polish does chip easily but I always where a topcoat which has kept this beauty on for a week. Love it!

DSCF2312Maybelline Forever Strong Pro- Rose Salsa

This is the brightest of the bunch and packs a punch of neon coral. I love wearing it with denim and bright accessories. I discovered this formula when I needed a polish in Paris. I have since bought it in many colours, including this favourite of mine. The polish is very long-lasting, even without a topcoat and applies very evenly. Fabulous!

DSCF2317Essie – Cute As A Button

I realise that Essie don’t use the best formula for their polishes and that often a few coats is needed to get an even pop of colour. However, the colour range is so extensive that a slightly longer application time is worth it for me. I love this pretty coral colour as it manages vibrancy and elegance at the same time. I love some of the softer corals in the range to but this is definitely my most worn and loved. Beautiful!

So there you have it, my sunset sensation. I actually think they look really good together and am tempted to paint each nail in each polish as I have done with my tester fan.

Let me know what you think by commenting below. Or if you fancy a polish chat, follow me on twitter and come say hi!

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Summer Accessory HAUL


Hello Everyone,

It has been so long since I posted something fashion related. This weekend I went on a hunt for some bits to wear for a friend’s wedding. Eventually, after a long day of shop crawling I found a simple white/tan dress that just needed perking up with some fabulous accessories. This part was easy. A trip to my fave, Accessorize, and a few other stores lead me to the perfect accompaniments to the dress. Let’s take a closer look.


I wanted some nude sandals that held my feet well. These are perfect and seriously comfortable. I’m not very good with straps between toes so these hold my foot in all the right places. I love the little gold stud detailing too.


This so very pretty. I adore the colour of the stones, and this will liven and glam up the dress perfectly. I think I will be wearing this a lot this year.

haul 1

I actually picked this one up first, before I spotted the blue stone one, but decided that I loved it enough to buy it too. I am really enjoying the tribal look this year, and this goes perfectly with my other distressed gold accessories.


I have to admit that this is the first ever clutch/strapless bag I have ever bought. I always have to buy a bag that has a long strap to make sure I don’t put my bag down and leave it there. I shall let you know if I do actually return with this one after the wedding, hehe. This tribal gold/blue metal studded bag draws the shoes and the necklace together. It’s nice and big so I can fit my vast amounts of goods in it too.


Finally, to top it all of some little blue stoned earrings. It is crazy hot this end, so something simple to go with a half up/down hair do will work well I think.

Do let me know what you think  of my little purchases, and if jewellery is something you would like to see more of as I have a stupid amount of it hanging on various pretty stands.

Also, follow me on twitter, come and say and send me your links.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 13


Hello Everyone,

It may have been payday this week, and after a stressful few days I felt it necessary to go shopping of course! So do excuse me if my pictures seem rather thrifty this week. 🙂

June Favourites – The month draws to a close and I have popped up my monthly favourites post here. Go take a look if you fancy peeking at the products that I’ve been reaching for.

Polish Me – I bought this little acrylic nail polish stand on Ebay this week. It cost a lovely £8 and arrived very quickly. I’m considering a beauty storage post. Let me know what you think.

New Look – I decided to spend some time revamping the blog this week. A new header and set of media buttons have refreshed nicely for the Summer. Please do let me know what you think!

Best Buy – My best buy of the week has to be the new Origins Ginzing moisturizer. It’s so refreshing! If you want to know more, head on over to my review post.

Sunbathing – The sun stayed out just about long enough for the UK to take a sunbath this weekend. Here is Nessie enjoying the garden. Cute!

Bronzed – My monthly faves featured this pic of me with a simple eye, sun kissed skin and a bright lip. I think I’ll be using this look throughout the Summer.

Snap! – My lovely Dad gave me his camera to use for a while. I am really excited as I’ve been wanting a new camera for a while now and this one is perfect for taking better shots for the blog. Happy Times. Say cheese!!

HAUL – As payday was kind to me, I decided a little shopping was in order. I had a great day out with a friend, topping up my wardrobe. I have decided not to show you any of the things I got for myself as I am going to do a HAUL post soon, but these are some amazingly cute bits that I bought for my friends baby from Primark.

Rest Up! –  This week was a toughie, so the PJ’s went on, the feet went up…and relax!

Now I’m ready for the week ahead. Remember to follow me on bloglovin, twitter and Instagram via my new buttons at the top of the sidebar.

Happy Blogging All, xxx




On The Lookout: Fashion Blogger!


Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post now, but my May Beauty Faves is on its way later today!

I have been blogging for a while now and am delighted with the reception I am getting from readers. I have enjoyed playing with makeup since I was young as crafting and creating is in my blood. Making up a face is like painting a picture or decorating cupcakes to me, and as long as I don’t mix the icing up with foundation it’s all good!
I have also been a fan of ICT too; always playing with photos, creating and typing bits here and there, so beauty blogging seems like the perfect past time for me!

I do have a full time teaching job which means I am a busy bee for most of the week so fitting in my beloved blogging is fun but a squeeze. I wish I could spend more time on it but that’s life.

Recently I have been thinking that the fashion side of my blog is dwindling and I would love my readers to have more posts from this blog pop up each week.

That is where you may come in! I have decided to search for a fashion lover who fancies joining me and my blog. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves fashion and photography to start their own posts without the scary ‘new blog’ startup. No experience? Lots of it? Either way, Ive not seen many collaboration blogs so just fancy a go at it! Don’t be shy! 🙂

If you think you would like to join me on a little blogging venture please email me at
I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Blogging All xxx

My Week In Instagram 5


Hello Everyone,
This week my post is a day late. Not because I am late but I hae counted my bank holiday Monday as part of my weekend. It has been a lovely sunny week so eating in the sun has been a common happening!

Birthday Baking 1 these little pretties were bakes for my boufriends mum for her birthday Using my scrummy chocolate recipe and covered in pastel flowers.

Pansy These little beauties popped out all around my garden this week. I love how they look like they have lite faces smiling at you.

April Beauty Favourites Pop over to my sidebar to take a look at the products I was loving this April.

Eating Out Food an flowers seem to be a theme this week. I enjoyed a fab meal with a friend this week. The olives were just the start of an immense meal!

Sleepy With the sun shining, Ness has enjoyed playing in the garden. Evening have left her worn out… At last!

Birthday Baking 2 Dipped fudge, drizzled toffee and two tones icing topped off these naughty chocolate cakes for a friend.

Cherry Blossom My little cherry tree has finally bloomed! It looks so pretty!

Picnic Time With the sun shining, we went for a lovely picnic. Ness pupp enjoye her first full day out.

Salad Break Picnics and BBQ’s aren’t the healthiest, so this yummy caeser salad with extras was a good balance.

Enjoy your week. Follow me on Instagram (click in the sidebar) for updates throughout the week!

Happy Blogging xxx

Give me some BLOGLOVIN’


Hello Everyone,

I am so overwhelmed with the followers I have on this blog and wanted to say a big thanks, especially to those who often like and comment. As a beginner blogger it is always hard to know if your posts are translating in the way you hope. Comments and likes are key to this, and of course it is just lovely to receive a comment to which you can start a social family. Every time someone compliments a post or product on my blog or asks me a question I get so giddy!

I would love it if any followers could add me on bloglovin’. I love the site, and discover most of the blogs that I follow there. If you have a blog and haven’t join then you must! 🙂

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Happy Blogging All xxx

My Week In Instagram 4

instagram week 4

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a long week but a fun and busy one. My boyfriend Tink is away for work so I have had the house and Nessie all to myself. I’m definitely not cut out to be a single mum haha. As I have spent so much time with the pupp, she features well in this week’s pictures.

Goodnight Products – The items on my bedside table differ from week to week but recently I have had some bits that have stayed by my side at night: Lavender Sleep Spray, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (for my lips), Estee Lauder Night Serum and eye serum, Revlon Polish in Sorbet.

Daffodils – This bunch was so perfect they didn’t look real. In a bright green vase they gave such a Summery feeling to my living room. Huge like!

Playing – It’s been a week of entertaining the dog and we have had lots of fun tumbling around on the carpet. I sent this one to Tink. 🙂

Buttons – I love button, and this £1.99 tin from B&M is the cutest. Now I just need to decide what to do with it.

Calm Time – I don;t know if her eyesight is getting better but Nessie has started to enjoy a good watch recently. First the football on TV and a good people watch out of the window.

Home Sweet Home – After buying a new bench with heart-shaped cut outs this a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist this little bird-cage from Dunelm.

Bed Head – After a nap, Ness looked so cute and fluffy!

Daisy Chain – This beautiful necklace from Buttonsy with real flowers in was featured on my last post. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Femergy? – If anyone has used this product I would love to know. Through a joke conversation at work I am now trialling this energy (all natural, caffeine free) tablet. I haven;t been taking it long enough to review but if it works out well I shall let you know.

That about sums up my week in pics. Lots of time has also been spent with friends but somehow I didn’t manage to get any pictures of that. Next time!

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Spring Necklace HAUL

Hello Everyone,

I am really enjoying wearing simple tops with pretty necklaces at the moment. Spring has finally arrived here in the UK and the sun has brought out the pastels and florals. I have three new purchases to show you. They are each very different and I love them!

jewelery haul me

In my last jewellery HAUL post I included a very cute badger necklace by a small online company called Buttonsy. I spotted this beautiful real flower daisy necklace on-line a couple of days ago and it arrived today. I just think it is the prettiest thing ever! I think having a real flower preserved in this way is stunning, and I can’t wait to wear it all Summer.

haul april1

This necklace from Accessorize featured in my Week In Instagram  last Sunday. I love gold but some of the jewellery like this at the moment is a little too ‘spiky’ for me . This reminds me of bunting and looks very elegant under a pastel collared shirt. It also works well against a black top in the evening.

haul april

I think the detail on this Accessorize necklace is gorgeous. Still pretty, but a little less girly for the days I want to sling on a loose shirt or want to jazz up a plain top. Lots of necklaces like this in the shops are very long but I like where this sits around my neck.

Let me know what you think of my little collection. I have seen so many lovely bits on blogs and have to restrain my self from buying them myself. However, if you have some pictures on your blog of some of your pretty buys, please do comment below so I can go and have a peek.

I am also on Instagram and Twitter (button in sidebar). Come and join me! 🙂

Happy Blogging All,xxx

My Week In Instagram 3


Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy week going back to work but the sun has finally decided to shine so much of the week has been about celebrating that!

  • Blue Moon Experimenting with the ‘third finger alternative polish’ trend I popped on some happy Barry M in Blue moon. That third finger is topped off with some Topshop Glitter Polish.
  • Angel Yeh right! Nessie pupp is good at the old I’m an angel face. Cheeky thing!
  • Throw Back Friday A first for me but happen to join the bandwagon. This is a picture of me and my little friend Ben. My hair is no longer blonde but my cheeks are still as round.
  • Really Good Rice Pot This lovely pot is a fool-proof wonder for cooking rice. Bought at a Jamie Oliver party I can’t wait to cook some more inventive Summer meals with this baby.Buy one here.
  • Sunny Sky The first time I have been able to enjoy my new garden. Not a cloud in site. Good times.
  • GlossyBox Love The most beautiful edition of the beauty box was delivered this week. See my review here.
  • Gold Love my pretty new necklace from Accessorize. Sunshine and bunting all in one. Buy one here.
  • Dip it! After enjoying a somewhat BBQ with friends and realising I had no desert (sin), I fashioned this little platter of chocolate dipped strawberries, marshmallows and popcorn. Yum!
  • Too Cute Little Nessie playing with her favourite bear. Cute!

Thanks for reading. It is really fun to look back over the week and remember fun times. Follow me on Instagram here. I love finding new people to follow and enjoy your thoughts.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


I’m loving – Rimmel Pro Polish – Aqua Cool

march faves2

Rimmel Pro Polish – Aqua Cool £4.99

Hello Everyone,

My nails didn’t do too well this Winter, and only recently after a great discovery (OPI Nail Envy) and a few weeks of a strict nail care routine, my nails are ready for Spring polishes! I was wondering if anyone would like me to post my nail care routine as it has helped me grow my nails incredibly in just a few weeks. Comment below if you fancy that!

I recently posted my Spring nail polish collection but of course I spotted this one and didn’t have a blue already so whoops it slipped into my basket. Its is a purple toned blue and reminds me of sunny holidays with blue skies and calm seas. I do find that sometimes blue polishes are quite hard to wear when you aren’t a teenager. I have had some lighter, brighter blues in the past but this one is a little more elegant and not so garish.

march faves1

As for application, I enjoy Rimmel’s thicker brush, although I realise many don’t. Three swipe, middle, then one on each side, covers my nails perfectly and although I did add two coats, the formula is opaque enough for me. I always find Rimmel  polishes last long on my nails, especially with a good top coat. I am using Revlon’s top coat at the moment as it dries very quickly and leaves a nice shine.

Let me know what you think, and what your must have Spring polish is!

Happy Blogging All,x