Day 2 – Are we there yet?

Hello Everyone,

Today was our main travel day. A five hour drive through to La Rochelle has worn Tink out but we did get here in time to enjoy some of the lovely sun and scenery!

With a strong coffee, a coissant and clear roads ahead, our morning drive was pleasent enough.

Our hotel is really nice, sittig right in the center of La Rochelle just a few steps from the port.

Is it sad that the first thing I always check out is what freebie wash products are out? Probably, but I’m impressed with my little selection. I have now added to it my essentials: Liz Earle Cleanser, Origins Ginzing face cream and Soap & Glory sugar body butter.

The weather is fine but not scorching so I popped on my denim dress and some accessories.

La Rochelle really is a stunner. I love the sea and Tink and I enjoy picking boats we like best in wishful thinking. The top image really caught my eye. I love the colours of the houses with the lighthouse and wheel together. When I get back to the UK I will post some higher quality pics of the whole trip.

I thought I would add some pictures of random bits and bobs each day that I liked.

There are some really fun shops here, lots selling retro furniture which I love! Even thw green chair in my hotel room is pretty cool.

I always stand for ages starring at stalls. This bead stand had me for quite a while. All colour co-ordinated and shiny!

You can’t go a day in France without some kind of sweet treat. Today a chocolate and banana crepe. Yum!

Looking forward to more exploration and fun tomorrow.

Happy blogging all, xxx


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