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Day 7 – As Sweet As Shopping

Hello Everyone,

As promised, the boyfriend agreed to following me around some beauty shops today! The shops here are fantastic, all types of stores selling a huge variety of things, all lined up in the lovely old buildings.

Amongst them, some familiar beauty stores caught my eye. I had a good nose, and was extremely tempted to buy lots of bits but unfortunately, with the current exchange, makeup is by no means cheaper here.

The local chemists however, stock an amazing array of skincare that in most cases came up as nearly half the price. Some of my favourite brands filled the shelves.

I didn’t go completely without. I bought some must have bioderma bottles at a great price, a makeup brush and a polish. I will review these properly when I return home.

Just when I thought there was nothing as sweet as shopping, we made our daily pass by a patisserie window that boasts the most inviting treats. Today, we went in! I can’t even explain how excited I was and how extremely scrumptious these were.

Today was our last in La Rochelle. We dined French with, croissant, coffee, mussels and wine. Tomorrow we head North towards home with one stop left; St Marlo.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Day 6 – Lazy Lundi

Hello Everyone,

It appears that Sunday isn’t the only day of rest for France. Most shops are closed am and even the harbour had drips and drabs of tourists this morning.

In spirit of this lazy Lundi, we decided to head to the beach. Roof down, suncream on, new beach towels at the ready we set off for some sun, sea and sand!

In keeping with the quiet Monday mood, the beach was perfectly scattered with just a few other bathers. I enjoyed a good paddle, collected some shells like a kid and took lots of photos with my lovely camera.

After a tiring day, we had a delicious French meal of terrine, duck and creme brulee with a glass of red. Perfect!

Last day in La Rochelle tomorrow so hopefully some shopping shall be done!

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Day 5 – Sweet Sunday

Sunday, the day of rest. It always fascinates me how bustling French towns turn into empty streets one day each week. It changes a place completely. We spent today relaxing, eating, walking and taking in the calm atmosphere.

I went for a mint dress this eve with neutral accessories. My new clutch and bracelet matched up well and it is a particularly comfy dress which was perfect for sitting on the port wall eating treats and drinking iced tea.

I fell in love with this pink and white macaroon dessert today. Ive been conjuring up cupcake ideas inspires by the lovely colour all evening. We stepped away from the French cuisine and opted for sushi for dinner. It was so fresh and delicious! We ended up sitting on a wall eating dougnut sticks (chi chi) and watching the beautifully lit harbour.


Off to bed, ready for the world to wake up for Monday.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Day 4 – Two Wheel Travel

Hello Everyone,

Today was lovely. The weather was perfect, the sites were beautiful and the food was fantastic.

We spent most of the day on a little island off the west coast called Ile De Re. For those unaware (as I was) of this little treasure, this is a most impressive little place. The small stretch of land is quite unsual in that the whole
island is covered in roads specifically built for bikes. Cyclists wind around the vast grape fields and oyster beds, along a web of paths connecting the seaside hamlets. The flow of two wheel travel was brilliant and it was so much fun to experience this well planned and beautiful spot by hiring ourselves bikes and joining the stream.

Why the UK haven’t cottoned on to the French boulangerie success I don’t know. The baking in these places is insane, far too pretty to eat and ever so reasonably priced. We have found our favourite morning coffee stop now, full of sweet treats. The most deliciois lemon meringue tart I’ve ever tasted and giant pink meringues is like heaven to me. I shall dream of pastries.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Day 3 – Under The Sea

Hello Everyone,

Today, as the forecast said it would be a bit cloudy, we decided to stay in La Rochelle.

I chose a parisien stripe skirt, vest top and tan sandals. I also wore my fave black and silver spinning rings, stacked up to match.

We spent the morning at the Aquarium. Everything was so colourful and made me feel like a kid again.

We spent the rest of the day mooching around the cobbled streets, stopping for drinks and people watching.

Food was good today! Looking at it now it is alot! With all that walking though it was needed. The Tapas (not so French) was absolutely delicious!

We ended the day by walking through the market stalls and enjoyed a littlw dance group before heading back to bed.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Day 2 – Are we there yet?

Hello Everyone,

Today was our main travel day. A five hour drive through to La Rochelle has worn Tink out but we did get here in time to enjoy some of the lovely sun and scenery!

With a strong coffee, a coissant and clear roads ahead, our morning drive was pleasent enough.

Our hotel is really nice, sittig right in the center of La Rochelle just a few steps from the port.

Is it sad that the first thing I always check out is what freebie wash products are out? Probably, but I’m impressed with my little selection. I have now added to it my essentials: Liz Earle Cleanser, Origins Ginzing face cream and Soap & Glory sugar body butter.

The weather is fine but not scorching so I popped on my denim dress and some accessories.

La Rochelle really is a stunner. I love the sea and Tink and I enjoy picking boats we like best in wishful thinking. The top image really caught my eye. I love the colours of the houses with the lighthouse and wheel together. When I get back to the UK I will post some higher quality pics of the whole trip.

I thought I would add some pictures of random bits and bobs each day that I liked.

There are some really fun shops here, lots selling retro furniture which I love! Even thw green chair in my hotel room is pretty cool.

I always stand for ages starring at stalls. This bead stand had me for quite a while. All colour co-ordinated and shiny!

You can’t go a day in France without some kind of sweet treat. Today a chocolate and banana crepe. Yum!

Looking forward to more exploration and fun tomorrow.

Happy blogging all, xxx

Day 1 – On The Way!


Hello Everyone,

We set off on our little holiday to France this morning, yay! I am going to post a little page of pics each day on here for those who fancy seeing what I’m up to.
Apologies for quality as I am having to use my phone to take the pics, collage them and post from.

I will include as much fashion and beauty as possible but the trip is mainly about sun, sea, food and pretty views!

We are currently relaxing in hotel number one in Rouen just south of Calais after a little poke around the cute city center and a scrumtious salad followed buy sweets from the biggest sweet shop I have ever come across!

Until tomorrow,
Happy Blogging All, xxx

Dashing Dupes – MAC’s Satin Taupe

mac satin taupe

Hello Everyone,

I have written a few dupe posts in the past and have really enjoyed them. When I first started buying ridiculous amounts of makeup, I would spend hours looking through beauty store sites for products that looked similar to the high-end products I just couldn’t afford. I have to admit, that eventually I ended up buying some of them, but I think it’s great to know what dupes are out there, especially if a product is insanely priced and the dupe is just as good.

 I also love the research that goes into finding the right products. There are so many products out there and often blogs that I have read only give one alternative. I aim to show you four different ones, all more affordable, just as lovely and ones that are available from different corners of the world. This does mean that I don’t necessarily own all of the products but have tried, or tested them all.  If you fancy a look at my other dupe posts, just click on the dupe button in the menu at the top of my blog where you will find dupes for mac’s girl about town lipstick and macs’ stereo rose.

MAC Satin Taupe This is by far one of my favourite eye shadows and I know it is a popular choice for most beauty bloggers and readers. I love to pair it up with Mac’s Naked Lunch, popping it in the outer corner and crease. I realise that these days £10 for an eye shadow is not as crazy as some brands, but to some that is still too much or they can’t get hold of Mac products very easily. So here they are, my favourite dashing dupes:

Soap & Glory, Lid Stuff Quad Palette in What’s Nude £10 Why buy one gorgeous shade when you can buy a quad for the same price? The palette is made up of four velvety shades: Vanilla, Pink, Mudhoney and Aubersheen. The later is the dupe shade but as a whole set they create a wonderful eye shadow look. If I didn’t own Satin Taupe already and didn’t already have a good selection of nudes, I would definitely go for this option. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably have it by next month.

NYX, Iced Mocha £5 – This seems to be a popular shade amongst other bloggers. The colour match is very close and at half the price I would say it’s a good bet. The NYX shadows are very pigmented and are very buildable. Perfect for a smoky eye.

Wet & Wild, Nutty £5 or less – Prices vary on this product all over the net but are all very good value. It’s a little harder to get hold of here in the UK so would suggest the other products to them. The wet & wild formula is creamy and pigmented and is a great understudy for Satin Taupe.

L’Oreal, Bronzed Taupe £6.99 – This dupe is a little harder to find and does contain a little more shimmer than Satin Taupe; however, I think it looks amazing on the eye and really makes them pop.

There you have it, my dashing dupes. Hopefully I’ve helped those on a budget, in a distant location or anyone that hasn’t yet treated themselves to any Satin Taupe style shade. It is a must for the make up bag!

Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 7


Hello Everyone,

I have had such a lovely week, mainly because I spent most of it away with my little family in a cottage in somerset. Most of my photos are from my little trip and I think they all very lovely! 🙂

GlossyBox This month’s box came with some lovely full sized treats! Check out my full glossy review in my last post.

Pretty Find I found this little beauty at a silver stall in Somerset. I tried it on while a friend was browsing and I then ended up being the one to purchase something. I love the colour of the stones and that is vintage looking.

Bluebells Nessie is tiny but somehow managed to explore miles and miles of difficult walking. Here she is enjoying a well deserved rest amongst the bluebells.

Strawberries & Cream Along the roadside we bagged a few of these delicious berries to take home. I forgot how much nicer freshley picked fruit is than in the supermarkets.

Hello!The perfect evening walk on the sand.

Sand Nessie’s first trip to the beach was a great success!

Happy Days Tink and I, 🙂

Say Cheese! When visiting cheddar one must of course sample the local cheese. Yum!

Smiles all round What a lovely weekend away! We’ll be back soon.

Happy Blogging All xxx

Give me some BLOGLOVIN’


Hello Everyone,

I am so overwhelmed with the followers I have on this blog and wanted to say a big thanks, especially to those who often like and comment. As a beginner blogger it is always hard to know if your posts are translating in the way you hope. Comments and likes are key to this, and of course it is just lovely to receive a comment to which you can start a social family. Every time someone compliments a post or product on my blog or asks me a question I get so giddy!

I would love it if any followers could add me on bloglovin’. I love the site, and discover most of the blogs that I follow there. If you have a blog and haven’t join then you must! 🙂

And if you fancy giving me some BLOGLOVIN’ just click on this link or the bloglovin button in my sidebar!
Happy Blogging All xxx