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My Week In Instagram 4

instagram week 4

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a long week but a fun and busy one. My boyfriend Tink is away for work so I have had the house and Nessie all to myself. I’m definitely not cut out to be a single mum haha. As I have spent so much time with the pupp, she features well in this week’s pictures.

Goodnight Products РThe items on my bedside table differ from week to week but recently I have had some bits that have stayed by my side at night: Lavender Sleep Spray, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (for my lips), Estee Lauder Night Serum and eye serum, Revlon Polish in Sorbet.

Daffodils – This bunch was so perfect they didn’t look real. In a bright green vase they gave such a Summery feeling to my living room. Huge like!

Playing – It’s been a week of entertaining the dog and we have had lots of fun tumbling around on the carpet. I sent this one to Tink. ūüôā

Buttons РI love button, and this £1.99 tin from B&M is the cutest. Now I just need to decide what to do with it.

Calm Time – I don;t know if her eyesight is getting better but Nessie has started to enjoy a good watch recently. First the football on TV and a good people watch out of the window.

Home Sweet Home –¬†After buying a new bench with heart-shaped¬†cut outs this a few weeks ago, I couldn’t¬†resist this little bird-cage¬†from Dunelm.

Bed Head – After a nap, Ness looked so cute and fluffy!

Daisy Chain РThis beautiful necklace from Buttonsy with real flowers in was featured on my last post. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Femergy? РIf anyone has used this product I would love to know. Through a joke conversation at work I am now trialling this energy (all natural, caffeine free) tablet. I haven;t been taking it long enough to review but if it works out well I shall let you know.

That about sums up my week in pics. Lots of time has also been spent with friends but somehow I didn’t manage to get any pictures of that. Next time!

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Spring Necklace HAUL

Hello Everyone,

I am really enjoying wearing simple tops with pretty necklaces at the moment. Spring has finally arrived here in the UK and the sun has brought out the pastels and florals. I have three new purchases to show you. They are each very different and I love them!

jewelery haul me

In my last jewellery HAUL¬†post I included a very cute badger necklace by a small online company called Buttonsy. I spotted this beautiful real flower daisy necklace on-line a couple of days ago and it arrived today. I just think it is the prettiest thing ever! I think having a real flower preserved in this way is stunning, and I can’t wait to wear it all Summer.

haul april1

This necklace from Accessorize featured in my Week In¬†Instagram ¬†last Sunday. I love gold but some of the jewellery like this at the moment is a little too ‘spiky’ for me . This reminds me of bunting and looks very elegant under a pastel collared shirt. It also works well against a black top in the evening.

haul april

I think the detail on this Accessorize necklace is gorgeous. Still pretty, but a little less girly for the days I want to sling on a loose shirt or want to jazz up a plain top. Lots of necklaces like this in the shops are very long but I like where this sits around my neck.

Let me know what you think of my little collection. I have seen so many lovely bits on blogs and have to restrain my self from buying them myself. However, if you have some pictures on your blog of some of your pretty buys, please do comment below so I can go and have a peek.

I am also on Instagram and Twitter (button in sidebar). Come and join me! ūüôā

Happy Blogging All,xxx

Daring Dupes – MAC’s Girl About Town


Hello Everyone,

One of my most popular posts is Cheeky Dupes, a post I added a while back when trying to cheaper/available version of MAC’s Stereo Rose. I really enjoyed searching through the net and shop shelves to find the closest possible dupes.

This week¬†I went for a daring pink lip. I love my Revlon¬†Lip Butter¬†in Raspberry Pie and my new L’Oreal¬†lip stain in Marylin, but always have my eye on the slightly more pigmented¬†MAC’s bright, blue toned pink in Girl About Town¬†¬£14. This got me wondering if there were any good dupes out there that I could tell you about. Sometimes buying the real thing is too much fun, but incase you want a cheaper product for your fuchsia days,this is what I found:

Rimmel¬†Apocolips¬†in Apocoliptic ¬£4.99¬†–¬†I have a couple of these bright lacquers. This colour is particularly bright and is a¬†glossy version¬†of the MAC lipstick for those that fancy the colour but want a less matte lippy.

Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Fuchsia £4.99 РI love these lipsticks (review here). They apply so effortlessly and are extremely pigmented. I always seem to have to buy them online though as have not yet seen them in a UK store.

Barry M in Punky Pink ¬£4.47- I don’t own a Barry M¬†lipstick but this shade came up on most searches as a dupe. Do let¬†me¬†know what you think of their lippies.

Now I just need to decide which one to get. The real deal or one of the daring dupes.

What is your favourite magenta lipstick?

Happy Blogging All, xxx




My Week In Instagram 3


Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy week going back to work but the sun has finally decided to shine so much of the week has been about celebrating that!

  • Blue Moon Experimenting with the ‘third finger alternative polish’ trend I popped on some happy Barry M in Blue moon. That third finger is topped off with some Topshop Glitter Polish.
  • Angel Yeh right! Nessie pupp is good at the old I’m an angel face. Cheeky thing!
  • Throw Back Friday A first for me but happen to join the bandwagon. This is a picture of me and my little friend Ben. My hair is no longer blonde but my cheeks are still as round.
  • Really Good Rice Pot This lovely pot is a fool-proof¬†wonder for cooking rice. Bought at a Jamie Oliver party I can’t wait to cook some more inventive Summer meals with this baby.Buy one here.
  • Sunny Sky The first time I have been able to enjoy my new garden. Not a cloud in site. Good times.
  • GlossyBox Love The most beautiful edition of the beauty box was delivered this week. See my review here.
  • Gold Love my pretty new¬†necklace from Accessorize. Sunshine and bunting all in one. Buy one here.
  • Dip it! After enjoying a somewhat BBQ with friends and realising I had no desert¬†(sin), I fashioned this little platter of chocolate dipped strawberries, marshmallows and popcorn. Yum!
  • Too Cute Little Nessie playing with her favourite bear. Cute!

Thanks for reading. It is really fun to look back over the week and remember fun times. Follow me on Instagram here. I love finding new people to follow and enjoy your thoughts.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Must Have – L’Oreal Lip Stain Review

Hello Everyone,

I have made a wonderful discovery! These¬†L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Stain Splash are a mouth full to say, but they are worth the effort.

I own a few lip glosses but rarely wear them as they tend not to give too much colour and are often a little too shiny for everyday wear. These beauties are amazing. Not only do they come in the most gorgeous¬†colours, they are extremely pigmented, stain incredibly, smell yummy and shine fantastically. Now I have run out of adjectives I think it’s time for some photos.


loreal lipstains

There are a few colours ni the range. I had to force myself to leave the orange one behind as my coral/orange obsession is becoming as bad as my lipstick one so instead I picked up these.

Lolita gives is a pretty neutral dusky pink. As the stain sets, my lips became a darker and shinier. A great one for days when your eyes are the center of attention but you want your lips to look good too.

Juliet¬†is amazing! The colour is very vibrant. A very pinky red. The stain power on this will require a good Bioderma¬†scrub before bedtime but it will last all day and aswell as being very easy apply, doesn’t look harsh around the edges as some red lipsticks do. This takes the just bitten look to another level.

Marilyn I own a couple of fuscia pink lippies and they are so much fun to wear. This blue toned one is so bright but looks elegant too. I wore this out for a meal that included soup, ice-cream and a few drinks and still had pink lips when I got home.

I am a huge fan of these (must resist the orange one). They are¬†2 for 1 in BOOTS at the moment so go on out and get yourself one… or three!

Happy Blogging All. xxx

GLOSSYBOX April 2013


Hello Everyone,

My long-awaited GLOSSYBOX is here! I try so hard not to look at posts before mine arrives (often days after others), but this time I may have caught sight of the deliciously vintage style box and had my fingers crossed for a few items. I like that everyone gets a different selection of goodies, that is untill someone gets something that I would have loved.


I am really pleased with this month’s box. Aswell as the stunning box, which I will be using as storage for my ever-growing¬†makeup stash, the five items inside are lovely! Some are more than lovely, and I did jump up and down at one. The sun¬†briefly¬†popped its head out¬†today, so I ran outside to take some snaps before it went back into hiding.¬†Let’s get started.

aprilnail6Essie Nail Lacquer РNice is Nice

I have to start with the cream of the crop. I mean who doesn;t adore an Essie polish? Out of the fifteen possible shades I received this beautiful lilac. I own two other purple polishes, one very vibrant and the other extremely light. This shade fits perfectly between the two. I love pastels that have a grey tone to them. This is verging on mink. Lovely!

april1NIP + FAB –¬†Dry Skin Body Butter in Pistachio

 I often see this brand in shops but have never bought anything. Aside from the fact that it looks a little bit like a tub of snot or putty, and I would have loved the mango, this is a great product. It smells yummy and it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Any other recommendations from the brand?

april3MODELCO РCheek + Lip Tint in Rosey Red

This little tube is usually a pricey one at ¬£15 so I expect it to work well. I¬†was once tempted to by a Benefit product that looks similar to this but wasn’t brave enough.¬†I’m not sure the shade is particularly Spring like, and rubbed into to my hand it does resemble a bruise, but on the cheeks and lips it stains well (Bioderma needed) and I look forward to giving it a go, maybe for an evening look.

aprilperf5YVES ROCHER FRANCE РEau De Parfum

This is a popular brand with GLOSSYBOX. They are a great company for giving free bit away and the catalogue¬†that arrives each month is always full of offers. I absolutely love their Sexy Pulp Mascara, but haven’t yet bought anything else from them that GLOSSYBOX have tempted me with. I do love that this taster actually comes in a mini bottle, unlike the normal testers that come in the tiny tube sprays. If I say it just smells like perfume, pro perfume buyers will probably be disgusted at my lack of sniffing skills, but it does. It smells how I imagine the average perfume to smells; floral and strong.

aprilspf4SUNSENSE- Daily Face SPF

I have never come across this brand before but a tinted SPF face cream is always handy. It is very light in colour but smooths out almost transparent anyway. My main concern is the lack of lid. It is a small tube but I don’t see myself using it up in one go. Once that top is snapped off, that seems to be it.

I am very much looking forward to experimenting with these. Now that I have posted I would love to see what other items and shades people got in their boxes. Please do comment with a link to your page if you have a GLOSSYBOX post this month.

Happy Spring All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 2

IMG_9859Hello Everyone,

I had a lovely second week to my Easter holidays. It is back to work tomorrow, but here is my second week in Instagram. Hope you enjoy.

  • Slouchin – Nessie found a spot just where she shouldn’t be to relax one afternoon. Cheeky!
  • Flowers – I have been loving the flowers again this week. Bright colours are my fave. ¬†I had a little ramble about them here.
  • Salmon Salad – It’s that time of year when the pie and mash goes and the salads come in! This simple salad of salmon fillet, baby leaf, watercress, new potatoes, green beans, ¬†sanfire and sour cream was delicious!
  • Naughty treats! – When no cupcakes have been made and there is no dessert in the fridge, a bowl of icecream, strawberries and sprinkles is a must!
  • 200 Followers! – Yay! So pleased to have reached 200 followers this week on my blog. I hope it will continue to entertain people. I think I need t do something on my blog to celebrate. Any ideas?
  • Fave post – My favourite post of the week was my nail rescue routine. Read it here.
  • Laid In Chelsea – I am a Made In Chelsea fan (UK TV), and this funny, easy read was great for my Easter holiday read with a good ol’ cuppa!
  • Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes – by far one of my favourite recipes. Check it out here.
  • Lazy Dog¬† – This naughty little thing often decides to stop walking and chill out on the pavement. Princess or what?

Happy Bloggin All, xxx

April Non-Beauty Wishlist


Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share with you some of the things I have on my non-beauty wish list. They are very random but I shall explain each one.

  1. Orla Kiely РBasil & Mint candle £28 (ouch) I smelt this in a shop the other day and it was amazing. I thought it was a citrus scent until I read the box. I think I will have to save up for this one though. Buy it here.
  2. Casetagram Iphone cover £16 РI saw this in a vlog I was watching, investigated and found this fun site where you can select photos to create your own case. I have already created mine so just need to pop it into the basket. Buy it here.
  3. Ikea Jars for 4 This isn’t as simple as me wanting jars. I have decided to pretty up my retro kitchen with a thin shelf holding lots of these jars full of my baking sprinkles. Like this.
  4. Cath Kidston Mug £5 I have three of these so definitely need a fourth to complete the collection. I like this blue one with a pretty floral pattern on. Buy it here.
  5. Bicycle I do actually own an old dutch bicycle. I bought it with intention of doing it up like the picture above but have yet to get round to it. I really want to for the Summer so I can cycle around with my dog in my new town. ūüôā
  6. Best Kept Secrets Candle Trio in Smoothie ¬£8 These 30 hour burn time candles are so cute and come complete in presentation box. The yummy fragrances include: Strawberry, Mango & Papaya and Lime & Coconut. I have wanted them for a while now so it’s about time I got them. Buy them at Gifts & Pieces.
  7. Waffle Iron I haven’t decided on a specific one, but recently I have been enjoying the waffle a lot! I think it is time I got my own iron and made some myself. Yum!

Do you have any of these? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Nail Rescue Routine

nails grow2

Hello Everyone,

A while back I watched a vlog by one of my faves EssieButton. She was discussing a product called Nail Envy. Due to her very persuasive speech, I decided it was about time I sorted out my sad nails and got them ready for my ridiculously huge collection of Spring polishes.

Off I popped to Boots, bought a regretful amount of  beauty items and headed home to start the daily regime. No word of a lie I tell you the stuff is a miracle! In just 3 weeks I have lengthened and strengthened my nails better than any attempt made before.

nails grow

Let’s have a little look at what I got up to each day:

nails grow1

1.Mavala Cuticle Remover I have had this stuff lying around in a draw for years probably . (I assume I got it from a Boots or Superdrug) I slather it onto my cuticles and leave. Note: Do note place fingers in mouth after use. I may have removed my tastes buds.

2. I have one of these million step nail files. File, even out, smooth, buff and shine. Honestly I didn’t use each side very often, maybe twice a week but it does do a good job of sprucing up icky nails.

3. Now the cuticles are all soft I gently push them back and scrape away any stragglers.

4. Nail Envy A layer of this works a treat. I have been using it as my bottom coat towards the end of my nail growing month. I can’t believe how much stronger my nails feel and how quickly they have grown.

5. Lanolips Hand Cream¬†This cream from Boots is a little pricey but well worth it. It’s mouse like texture soaks in very quickly, and it smell like baby talc (rose scented).

That¬†is it! It takes about 5 minutes each evening, and has worked a treat for me. Now I can pop on the polishes I keep buying and enjoy have long elegant nails… until one snaps, I get cross and file them all off ūüėČPictures

Happy Blogging All, xxx

I baked – Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes


Helloi Everyone,

I enjoyed a happy day of baking today! I decided to make some cupcakes for my boyfriend to take to work. They are so fluffy, dark and delicious! If you fancy having a go, head over to my home blog for the recipe. If not, just enjoy my little pics instead. ūüôā


Happy Blogging All, xxx