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BOOTS Beauty HAUL – pay day treats


Hello Everyone,

After posting my wishlist this week, before pay day, I tried incredibly hard not to dart out to the shops and buy the products straight away. Fail? Yes! Come on, it was only a few days away so I don’t think my bank will know any different.

So yes, I did fly out to boots to buy some things, and yes I did manage to find and buy most of the items on my wish list (and more). Infact I may have even visited the MAC website that very same day and ordered the remaining items from my wishes, online!
So now I have lots of products to show you, more in the post, and do I feel guilty? Nope, not really! Sadly the only item I didn’t manage to buy ( purse relieved) was the Dior amber Diamond highlighter. Everywhere online has it on their site but not in stock. Is a the rumour that it is discontinued false? I hope not.

Moving on to happier things, the HAUL!

17 Va Va Voom Mascara- £6.29

I can’t remember the last time I bought a 17 product, but for some reason this mascara caught my eye, and in need of a cheaper daily black, I thought I would have a go. Now, I may have fallen into the trap of being seduced by a large wand. But as we all know girls, just because it has a large wand, doesn’t mean it can do the job properly 😉
I haven’t decided if I am impressed with this or not. At first I was put off because the bristles don’t actually comb through your lashes as they are all too close together so it just feels like you are rolling the wand against them. But after a couple of layers and a step back from the mirror, it had managed to create quite dramatic volume so I can’t really complain, so I won’t. A cheap and cheerful 6/10

Bourjois Healthy Mix, serum foundation £10.99

I have been using the sister to this product for a while so thought I would try out this version. In honesty they are quite similar, but I love the other healthy mix and am now a huge fan of this one too! The coverage is perfect for me; not too heavy but covers my current rubbish skin blemishes. The formula is very soft and moist which is perfect for a semi glow. Sometimes I find foundations are either too dry and cakey or too wet and shiny. This one sits beautifully inbetween. A small amount buffed in using my Real Techniques brush and my skin looks healthy, just like it says on the tin! I use the colour 52 which is light, but think that is because it is winter still here in the UK. A lovely 9/10

La Roche-Posay, Effaclar duo £13

This product is raved about across blogs and vlogs and with the skin I am experiencing this month I had to give it a go. My first ‘yay‘ moment was when I saw the price as I had expected such a talked about product to empty my purse. I have been using the product for only a couple of days so cannot vouch for its healing properties but I do like the medical scent and feel it gives my skin. Fingers crossed! I shall post a full review in a fee weeks.
A hopeful 8/10

Sanctuary Spa, 5 minute thermal detox mask £2.50

I love a face mask and enjoy trying out new ones. So when I spotted this charcoal based treat I had to pop it in the basket. I haven’t used it yet so can’t really review it, but if it turns out be a winner I will let you know!

Rimmel, Wake Me Up concealer £5.49

My first thought is that this is very similar to my collection 2000 concealer that I adore, but more expensive. I love the foundation that matches this and have been using it for a while so decided that buying this popular concealer to go with it would be a grand idea. I like it! Good coverage, no creases, brightening. What more could you want? Great stuff 9/10

Revlon, Just Bittwn Kissable balm stain in Honey Douce

Revlon has to be my favourite high street brand an after the success of the lip butter I don’t know how I didn’t already have on of these. The balm feels so lovely on the lips and gives a great colour, well pigmented, glides on and looks lovely. It doesn’t stay on all that long but a balm is not a lipstick and I do enjoy re- applying. I want more, 9/10

Well, I must say I am really pleased with the little shopping trip and the goodies I came home with. I wore all of these products last night and felt really good.

Can’t wait for my MAC products to arrive now! 🙂
Happy Blogging xxx


New Year Beauty Wishes


Hello Everyone,

I know it’s a little late, but after getting the Internet back ( big yay) I spent some time catching up on my fave beauty vloggers. Of course this then lead to a list of things I must have. I haven’t spent any money on beauty products for while now, so who knows, maybe I may even treat myself to some of these this month. If I do, I’ll be sure to blog all about them.

1.Dior – Amber Diamond Highlighter
2.MAC – Well Dressed Blush
3.MAC – Coffee Eye Pencil
4.MAC – Concrete Eye Shadow
5.RImmel – Wake Me Up Concealer
6.La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo
7.Bourjois- Healthy Mix l Foundation

Does anyone have any of these and love them? I have heard that the Dior highlighter is discontinued which is very sad as I have wanted it for a while now ( sad face)

Happy Blogging, xxx

GLOSSYBOX January 2013!

Glossybox jan 2013

Hello Everyone,

Oh my does it feel good to be back. After finishing my Advent posts I was told by my phone network that I had gone over my internet download limit by quite a bit (oops). So I had to lay off the 3G blogging. This mean waiting impatiently for the internet to be installed in my new house. Today it was, and I am so excited to be able to blog again.

In perfect time for this, my GLOSSYBOX arrived! It feels like ages since I got the last one, and I was so pleased to see the pink little box sitting there waiting to be opened.

If I’m honest, with the craziness of the new house and puppy, all beauty thoughts and attempts have gone out the window, so it wa a lovely prompt back into putting effort into my appearance again.

First impressions are good. Straight away I have spotted a couple of products that I know I will enjoy using and they all look interestingperfume

LACOSTE – Eau de Lacoste

30ml – £33

Who doesn’t love a perfume to add to the collection. I have a little hord from past boxes and do enjoying picking one to match an outfit I am wearin. This a very clean smelling perfume, great for sporty people, with a slight floral scent. It is nice.


MONU- Micro Exfoliant

100ml – £14.50

Please excuse the photo, I really must save up and get a decent camera (any suggestions?). Glossybox have given me a MONU product before. I did enjoy the body cream/butter and it smelt lovely so I am looking forward to trying this out. My skin is a little dodgy at the moment so we shall see if this little number helps.

Picture 008

MURAD – HydroDynamicTM Ultimate Moisture for eyes

15ml – £57

Well, the ridiculously long title and high price tag promise a lot with this product so I am eager to try it out and see if it walks the walk. I will update you on this one in the near future.

Picture 009

BM BEAUTY- Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder

4g – £8

First of all, the photo darkens this product. It is actually a lovely light colour that has a slight shimmer running through it to give it the dewy look. The powder feels very soft on the skin and I will be trying this out over my foundation this evening. The only issue I think I will have, as I did have it with the bronzer sent before, is that I found it very difficult to get my huge brush into the tiny pot without taking too much/not enough.

Picture 007

SANCTUARY SPA- Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask

Full Size- £27

I have always loved SANCTUARY products, especially their exfoliating shower gel, and can’t wait to try this one out.  It does sound a little scary with all the comparisons to ‘cosmetic injections’, but I will enjoy lying in the bath with on very soon.

Picture 005

Another little GLOSSY extra, an eye mask. Has anyone ever actually used one of these?

So there you have it. A sneaky peek inside my box this month. Just to end, I thought I would show you a product from a past beauty box that I used recently and loved!

The WEI face mask was amazing! A mask, soaked in cool product stretched perfectly across my face and after a relaxing 10 minutes left my face fresh and revived. If I could afford it, I would buy some more!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their new year, and I promise to be back really soon,

Happy Blogging, xxx


… And Relax!

Bubble Bath

Hello Everyone,

Wow what a crazy couple of weeks it has been. I haven’t stopped since the move in December and I now it is the weekend and I will be back to work on Monday. With moving, sorting, shopping, Chritsmas, visits and puppy, there hasn’t been a moment to stop and do nothing. So I thought it about time that I made the most of my pretty, new bathroom and had a long,relaxng bubble bath…lovely!

Generally I shower,mainly just to keep clean but I really enjoy a good bath. If I take the time to have one, I make sure to do it properly and choosing the products to have at hand is one of my favourite parts. I really wanted to treat myself and have a very bubbly, calming bath whilst spoiling my skin and hair too.

Bubble Bath Products

Soap & Glory – Shower gel & Sugar scrub.
I can’t believe that I didnt own any of these prodcust until recently. I had heard of them of course, but had so many other favourite bath time treats, I didn’t feel the need. Tink got me these for Christmas, and I am in love! The sugar scrub must be one of the most delicious smelling prodcuts I have ever owned. It literally smells like a sweety shop. I think it is the lime that makes the scent so fresh and the sugary almonds that give it the sweetness. The bath needs a good clean after use as all the exfoliant bits fall to the bottom, but that is not a complaint. The shower cream also smells yummy and feels beautiful on the skin.

Burt’s Bees Grapefruit Shampoo
I have had this Burt’s mini set for a while now, and every now again I treat myself to using them. The shampoo is lovely and moisturising and is my favourite garpefruit scent. I may need to buy myself the full size bottle sometime soon. Any reccomendations on shampoos? I have never quite found the perfect one for my very fine hair. If I use a volumising one my hair doesn’t feel silky, anf I use moisturising one, my hair is limp. Sad times for the hair.

Charles Worthington Soft & Silky Conditioner
This conditioner does leave my hair feeling skily anf light but I also like their volumising one too. I need an inbetween I think!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish and Treatment Mask
These products have featured so often on my blog. All I can say is that I couldn’t be without my cleanser, and the clay face mask is amazing for clearing out thsoe pores. Perfect for a soak in the bath. Pop it on when you get in and then wipe away before you get out. I leaves my skin feeling so smooth and clean.

Lily-Flame Fairy dust candle
I grew up with these candles in my house. For a cheaper candle they do smell really good and they all look so pretty. This rosey scented one was a gift for my birthday and I have been waiting for the perfect time to light it. (They top is so pretty I never want to ruin it.)

TreacleMoon Raspberry Kiss bath & shower gel
I have written a post about this product before. I normally just use it in the shower but this time I tried it out in the bath as the smell is so fruity and sweet I thought it would go with my other products well. It made lovely bubble and did the job perfectly.

I suggest anyone that has had a crazy, busy day, grabs their fave products and enjoys a bath too.I would love you to send me a pic of your bath scene or let me know what products you use. I am always looking for new fun things to try.

Happy Blogging, xxx