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My Week In Photos 17


Hello Everyone,

First I’d like to say a big yay! It’s the Summer holidays now so I get to do exciting things, lots of which are included in a slightly more fun packed week of pics than normal. I am definitely a little more snap happy in the holidays and have so many plans for the next few weeks. Let’s go!

Blue Skies – It’s just so lovely to have had blue skies for a while. Summer is rarely Summer here in the UK so when the sky is blue and the sun is shining my happiness rating is high!

I was cute once – Throw back Thursday brought a photo of me at my Aunts wedding when I was younger, back when I was actually quite cute.

The Amazing Cake – Huge thanks to a lovely parent at school that made this amazing cake for me to say thanks. Using the class photo she hade this fabulous treat. Big Smiles all round.

Summer Supper – When the sun is out I love a light dinner. One of our faves is collecting lots of bits together from the fridge and popping them on a plate, Scrummy!

Sunset Sensation – My last post showcased my favourite sunny nail polishes. Here are the colours on my sample wheel. Check out the post from the sidebar 🙂

Sunny Me – With oranges in mind from my nail polish post, I delved into my Summer wardrobe for some matching attire. I love bright and cheerful outfits.

Grams & Ness – I spent most of the weekend with my family. WE enjoyed a bbq, a bit of fence painting and chatting. Grams even tried to make friends with Ness pupp.

Picking Blackcurrants – My little garden is coming together, and it was picking day for the blackcurrants. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet, so any ideas would be great!

Pinned It! – I thought I would include a favourite Pinterest pin from my week. This one made me chuckle as it is so true!

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Happy Blogging All, xxx


Get The Look – Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester1Click Here for more details on the products used in this look.

Hello Everyone,

I really enjoyed making my last ‘Get The Look’ post so decided to it a regular. I love using Polyvore to choose a stunning celeb and then picking their look apart, deciding which makeup products would best create it.

These are all products that I enjoy using, some high-end and some drugstore, but they all work really well together. I love that Leighton seems to reflect her Gossip Girl character off screen. Just like Blair, Leighton has two main looks; the natural beauty and the smoky eyed sex bomb. I chose this brown smoky eye look with a peachy lip as I think it would be a really fun one to do.

Let me know what you think of the look and the products I have chosen either in the comment box below or via my twitter page. I love a good tweet! 🙂

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Sunset Sensation – My Fave Nail Polishes

sunset polishes1

Hello Everyone,

I really wanted to show you all some of my favourite polishes today but the quite frankly absurd amount of polishes I own means I have far too many favourites. I decided to go along a colour theme and to showcase my favourite colours and brands from within that collection. This also gives me the opportunity to look at other themes for more posts later on. Due to surprisingly hot weather we have had here in the UK I have gone for something Summery and fun: Sunset Sensation.


With an array of yellows, oranges, corals and pinks, even choosing for this collection was difficult, but in the end I cam up with my five favourites, that not only display my favourite colours, but five different brands that I love too. Let’s take a closer look.

DSCF2299Revlon Colortstay – 090 Sorbet

This is my number on orange nail polish. It doesn’t look garish or cheap which is always a worry for me when buying yellow/orange products. It really is the colour of a very refreshing orange sorbet and looks very delicate and light on the nails. I love this formula as it glides on with the wider brush in three strokes, lasts a long time, especially with its matching topcoat, and you can even get away with one coat if you are in a rush.

DSCF2303Rimmel Pro Finish – 440 Orange Bliss

This is the perfect peachy orange. The formula is one of my favourites and dries very quickly. I am a fan of a wide brush so for me this applies beautifully. I have used this for ombre nails in the past which looks really nice.

DSCF2308Ciate – The Glossip

This is a newbie on my faves brand list. It recently arrived in my July Glossybox and I have work it every day since. The formula is amazing as it applies very evenly, dries incredibly quickly and is so pigmented that you really can do with just one coat. The polish does chip easily but I always where a topcoat which has kept this beauty on for a week. Love it!

DSCF2312Maybelline Forever Strong Pro- Rose Salsa

This is the brightest of the bunch and packs a punch of neon coral. I love wearing it with denim and bright accessories. I discovered this formula when I needed a polish in Paris. I have since bought it in many colours, including this favourite of mine. The polish is very long-lasting, even without a topcoat and applies very evenly. Fabulous!

DSCF2317Essie – Cute As A Button

I realise that Essie don’t use the best formula for their polishes and that often a few coats is needed to get an even pop of colour. However, the colour range is so extensive that a slightly longer application time is worth it for me. I love this pretty coral colour as it manages vibrancy and elegance at the same time. I love some of the softer corals in the range to but this is definitely my most worn and loved. Beautiful!

So there you have it, my sunset sensation. I actually think they look really good together and am tempted to paint each nail in each polish as I have done with my tester fan.

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Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Photos 16

libs wedding3

Hello Everyone,

Apologies that my weekly pics weren’t posted on Sunday this week, but there was a reason for this. This weekend I was lucky enough to celebrate the marriage of two of our friends. It was the most beautiful wedding and I decided that for my photo’s this week I would show you some pictures from the wedding weekend.

The marriage of Mr and Mrs Hughes was amazing! I have never been to such a stunning celebration that represented the couple so magnificently.  Held in a huge secluded field, the vows took place under a beautiful flower arch, friends and family sat on hay bales and the bride arrived on the back of a farm truck. The big tipi full of cute benches, country decorations and the most wonderful selection of cakes was all to die for. We ate, drank and danced the day away. When night time arrived we slept comfortably in a collection of tipis, all labelled with band names in fitting with the couple’s love for music. The best part for me was the chance to get together with all our school friends. These days it’s rare to get the chance to all come together and whenever we do I remember how much fun we all have together.

Thank you Libby and Pete, for such a wonderful day!

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Summer Accessory HAUL


Hello Everyone,

It has been so long since I posted something fashion related. This weekend I went on a hunt for some bits to wear for a friend’s wedding. Eventually, after a long day of shop crawling I found a simple white/tan dress that just needed perking up with some fabulous accessories. This part was easy. A trip to my fave, Accessorize, and a few other stores lead me to the perfect accompaniments to the dress. Let’s take a closer look.


I wanted some nude sandals that held my feet well. These are perfect and seriously comfortable. I’m not very good with straps between toes so these hold my foot in all the right places. I love the little gold stud detailing too.


This so very pretty. I adore the colour of the stones, and this will liven and glam up the dress perfectly. I think I will be wearing this a lot this year.

haul 1

I actually picked this one up first, before I spotted the blue stone one, but decided that I loved it enough to buy it too. I am really enjoying the tribal look this year, and this goes perfectly with my other distressed gold accessories.


I have to admit that this is the first ever clutch/strapless bag I have ever bought. I always have to buy a bag that has a long strap to make sure I don’t put my bag down and leave it there. I shall let you know if I do actually return with this one after the wedding, hehe. This tribal gold/blue metal studded bag draws the shoes and the necklace together. It’s nice and big so I can fit my vast amounts of goods in it too.


Finally, to top it all of some little blue stoned earrings. It is crazy hot this end, so something simple to go with a half up/down hair do will work well I think.

Do let me know what you think  of my little purchases, and if jewellery is something you would like to see more of as I have a stupid amount of it hanging on various pretty stands.

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Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Photos 15

week 15

Hello Everyone,

What a lovely week we’ve had with the hot weather in the UK. I’ve spent lots of time eating, drinking and chatting which is the perfect way tot spend the evenings leading up to the end of school term.

It’s Your Prime – I am loving my little random purchase from smashbox this week. The primer set has been perfect in this heat and I shall be wearing it for the rest of the Summer. I particularly like the eye primers (see review here) 🙂

Cherry – Earlier on in the year my week in photos featured a picture of the pretty cherry blossom on my little garden tree. This week the little cherries have ripened and look so cute hanging alone on their branches.

Sun Dress – I just love being able to dress for Summer. I have so many dresses and skirts that are scarcely worn it’s about time they got to enjoy the sun.

Ooops! – When one decides to take a dear friend out to cheer them up, a naughty treat is essential. This was the most scrumptious banana and pecan waffle.

Alpha H – Seriously, it’s getting to the point where I think I should join the Alpha H marketing team I discuss it so much with random people. Today I persuaded the young girl on the Dior counter that all her problems would be solved with the wonder that is ‘liquid gold’.

Drinks – I’ve never been one for drinks, but recently  little fruity cocktails have taken my fancy. What’s more, it means fun times with lovely friends too.

I need shade! – Little Ness is struggling a little in the heat bless her. She keeps flopping onto the ground, tongue hanging out, edging towards the shade.

Girls – However hectic and tiring life gets there is always fun to be had. This weekend was a lovely evening out with my holiday girls. Holiday soon to come!

GLOSSYBOX – I am loving the box delivered to me this weekend. Pop over and have a look at the treats inside here.

Fingers crossed for plenty more sunshine,

Happy Blogging All, xxx



Hello Everyone,

It’s been a very hot week here in the UK, and my July GLOSSYBOX – Seaside Splash couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Of course this Summer addition of the beauty box is packed with colour and skin care for sunny days on the beach. I know I’m going to love a few of these products and have my fingers crossed for the rest. Let’s get going!

july7Ciate London – Paint Pot in The Glossip, Full Size £9.00

This polish is lovely! The formula is extremely pigmented and I think in a hurry you could definitely get away with one coat. It also dried pretty quick and the colour is a  gorgeously bright coral. I’m really excited about this beauty.

july6Sleek – Pout Paint in Pinkini & Lava, Full Size £4.99 each

Wowza these sure do pack a punch of colour! I tried this on a good while back and didn’t get any as at the time I wasn’t such a brave lipstick wearer. Now however, they are a fantastic addition to on growing collection of lip products. The formula really is like a paint (be careful with clothes and furniture, this is a bad boy to wash out). The formula is matte and extremely pigmented which at first can appear a little scary. You can blend a tiny amount onto your lips for a more subtle colour though and they do last a very long time. I like that you can mix the colours together to create your own shades. I can’t wait to mix up a bright coral with these two.


Alterna Haircare – Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist, Full Size £23.00

What a mouthful! I’ve not come across this brand before, but then I’m not very good with hair products. I do have a salt spray which I assume is similar to this texturizing mist and have to admit I use it very rarely. I just don’t have the hair for a good ‘messy’ look. I shall however, give it a go and for those of you with a natural kink in your hair I’m sure it would be very fun to have a play around with.

july4Coola – Organic Suncare Face SPF30 cucumber moisturizer, full size £25.99

With a full size tube at that price I shall be making the most of this little one. I don’t actually own a sun cream specifically designed for the face as I tend to splatter my general one all over, and lots of my foundations and bb creams have spf in too. I like the idea of this yummy cucumber scented cream. I think I’ll have a go at wearing it underneath my foundation in the hot weather next week and see if it does the job well.

july3Anatomicals – Spray Misty for me facial spritz, full size £6.00

I feel a little ‘meh’ about this product. I’m not a fan of face mists and this one doesn’t have any particular draw for me either. The scent is ok, the spray a little uneven and the packaging isn’t to my taste, but I shall pop it in my bag if I ever get a chance to lie by a pool this Summer.

I have to say I’m very impressed with this month’s box and am quite excited about the products inside. Just taking a quick look back at last month’s box, I thought I would share my fave. I have worn this Nuxe oil on the top of my cheek bones an awful lot this month. It leaves such a lovely golden glow to the skin. june2

If you fancy a look at any of my past boxes, pop over to my Glossybox posts using the menu at the top of the page, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter, making sure to come say hi and have a chat.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

smashbox -It’s Your Prime

smashbox primers

Hello Everyone,

I did the extremely silly thing of picking a product up from the shelves in the beauty store queue last week – ooops! However, turns out is was a good, silly thing after all. I do have a couple of primers, including Urban Decay’s Eye Primer and Benefit’s face primer, but saw this little trio on offer at £14 and thought I would give some new primer products a go. Interestingly this set contains an under eye primer, which I found intriguing as this is a sad area for me, All in all I’m pretty pleased with the purchase and have been using them all week.

Collages15smashbox, photo finish foundation primer – travel size

Considering this is a mini bottle there is a considerable amount of product. This is very similar to the Benefit primer which I like. It is a little less grainy and feels less obvious on my skin which I like as sometimes I feel primers dry my skin out a little.

Collages16smash, photo finish lid primer – mini

I really like this. It sets very quickly so you can apply eyeshadow almost straight away and the tone is perfect for my skin, covering any blue areas of skin. I’m quite useless at using eye primer but have been popping this on everyday this week and have noticed a dramatic difference in the staying power of my eye makeup.

smashbox primers1smashbox, hydrating under eye primer

This is a lovely little product. The formula is not thick so no caking at all, and the light tone lightens under the eyes. I have noticed the length of time my concealer has stayed on during the day too which is great.

I would definitely recommend this little set to anyone that hasn’t used primers before or doesn’t use them very often. My product of the week for sure. If you fancy hearing about other products I am loving, be sure to follow me on twitter and join me in a little beauty chat. 🙂

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Get The Look – Audrey Hepburn


Hello Everyone,

After enjoying a vintage night out this weekend, I thought I would share this Audrey Hepburn look that I created with you.

Flawless skin, perfectly lined eyes and a nude pout. Lovely!

Visit this polyvore link for details 🙂 Get The Look – Audrey Hepburn


My Week In Photos 14


Hello Everyone,

This may be a little naughty but I’ve decided to change the title of this weekly post, mainly as I have anew camera and these pictures don’t actually go onto my Instagram. It feels like cheating to name entitle my post as before, when not all of the pics are actually on it. I also think this will give me more opportunity to share some more interesting/high quality photos with you.

Cats & Drinks – This week I had a fantastic evening with my work friends watching Cats at the theatre, We had some naughty food before hand and these fruity drinks looked too pretty not to snap.

Basket Case – My little pup is completely barking, hehe. Here she is cooling herself down in the wash basket.

Me? – This is definitely Nessie’s “who me?” face. Like butter wouldn’t melt.

50’s Hen – Here I am celebrating the hen do of a long life bestie. It was such a fab 50’s evening of housewifery and cake.

Milkshake Cake – A little pic of one of the cakes that I made for the hen do. I love the idea of making the cakes look like diner milkshakes using paper straws and a fake Malteser cherry. Check out the cake post for these here.

Mini Makeup HAUL –  I had a little splurge this week. Nothing crazy but I’m loving the bits that I bought. Take a closer look here.

My Sugar Crush Crush – Already a fan of the Soap & Glory shower cream and body scrub, I had to add this to my collection. It smells amazing! I will be posting a skin care HAUL with this and some other products in the week. 🙂

DIY Vintage Flowers – I stole one of these beauties from the hen do. What an easy way to make something very pretty. I like the touch of the little rosy doyley too. Considering some kind of vintage DIY post soon. What do you think?

Jealous – Technically this isn’t my photo,  but it is one my boyfriend sent me of his weekend fun. I’m very jealous of his opportunity to hang along side Jenson Button and the McLaren team this weekend at the F1,

Let me know what you think of my title change and the photos I’ve accumulated this week. Lots of posts coming soon but in the meantime pop over to my twitter (button in sidebar) and say hello. I love chatting to you guys on there.

Happy Blogging All, xxx