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Thank You Moisturisers!


Hello Everyone,

It has been a bad Winter for my poor skin, but after a little care and attention it has pulled through.

I can’t say the solution lay purely in the hands of one particular product, but the moisturisers I have been using have done a fab job at keep my skin moisturised and refreshed.

These three products are all actually very different and I am excited to tell you about them 🙂

La Rocher- Posay, Effaclar Duo £13
I have already mentioned this in a past post but couldn’t write this post without inculding it. When I first heard about this product I walked into Boots expecting it to cost a fortune. In fact it is very reasonably priced in my opinion. I love the medical scent of this and the clear/white, gel like texture makes it easy to apply and you only need the tiniest amount to apply a thin layer to the whole face.
To begin with I only used this on the problem areas. Now they have cleared up I use this a few evenings a week to keep those areas and the rest of my face free from dry/red patches.

Alpha H, Daily Essential Moisturiser, £27
I am an absolute fan and preacher of the Aplha H Liquid Gold product and have praised its ability to cure my bumpy forehead issue. For those evenings where I don’t need the intense effectsliquid Gold on its own, I decided to partner it up with Alpha H’s </em. everyday moisturiser. I did only purchase a half size bottle as the product is pricey and I wanted to try it out first. I will definitely be purchasing this again! It pairs up beautifully with the Liquid Gold as it applies easily and sinks into the skin very quickly. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling particularly soft but does refresh it and gives it that feeling where you know something is happening to your skin for a while afterwards.

Clarins, Mulit Active Day Cream
This is only a sample bottle that I was given a few weeks back, but i have been really enjoying it. Every morning I have popped this onto my face before applying my makeup. The scent reminds me of my mums products when I was younger, fragrant and floral, but not overpowering. I like it. I am not sure if it is a definite purchase product but I will happily use up the rest and will keep it in mind.

So I certainly don’t need anymore face creams for a while, and now thanks to these my skin is back to normal again!

I would love to hear of you use any of these or which moisturiser you recommend.

Happy Blogging,


RiRi Hearts MAC Collection


Hello Everyone,

As I’m sure you have all seen, this year MAC will be pairing up with Rihanna for a special ‘RiRi Hearts MAC collection. It seems the star will be launching the products for her concerts and then additional products will be added later on.

The one image given so far shows a dark lip, a secret blush and a brown eyeshadow quad, but I couldn’t help imagining what else we could be in store for. So just for fun I looked at the three different styles Rihanna has worn so far and linked them to already available MAC products.



MAC’s Bare Study Paintpot, No3 Lashes and Viva Glam V lipglass can be used to create a beautiful natural glowy look, something seen throughout fashion week for Spring/Summer.
I have a feeling the special collection will want to give a little more Wow though.


Bright & Bold

I love the colour that Rihanna has used for some of her videos. The famous and frequently recreated yellow shadow with pink lips would give MAC a chance to bring out the bold. Try the popular Girl About Town Lipstick, Silver Glitter Pot and dark Veronica Nail Lacquer to create these looks.



These are the colours I think MAC are most likely to choose although they are not as Summery as the brighter looks. I would like to see people creating this dark, sexy look, and products like Gleeful Mineralize Blush, Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Quite The Thing and Black Gel Eyeliner. would be perfect.

So now I want to know:
Which look do you like the best?
Which would you be most likely to create yourself?
Have you used any of these products before?

Happy Blogging, xxxx

Face Of The Day – Dewy Glow

Hello Everyone,

It is so lovely to have such a free day to blog away! In the spirit of this I have introduced a new feature to my blog, yay! I haven’t posted a Face Of The Day before as I have a rubbish camera and dont really have the face for photos but hey I am embracing the day and going for it.

The products I wore today were so easy and fun to apply. I was inspired by London Fashion Week’s glowing looks. No powdered skin in sight just lots of glowing faces on the catwalk.

• MAC Sculp Foundation in NW20
• Clarins Rose Shimmer
• Sleek Rose Gold Blush

• MAC Concealer NW15
• Eylure Eyebrow Pencil
• Maybelline Back To Bronze cream shadow
• MAC Coffee eye pencil
• Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

• Topshop Lipstick in Macaroon
• L’Oreal Glam Shine lipgloss in Mandarin

Let me know if you have a face of the day pic on your blog as I would love to see how it should be done 🙂

Happy Blogging All, xxx

High Street Fashion HAUL


Hello Everyone,

Went shopping yesterday and thought I would show what I got. There is a bit of a mixture here, I definitly didn’t buy an outfit, just some nice comfy pieces for the Winter/Spring transition.
Once again I apologise for the bad pics. I really need to save up for a better camera. I am also not a size 8 so the clothes don’t look as great as on the manequins.


•Green Owl & Grey Tribal Snoods – I bought a peach snood from Primark a while back and have worn it a lot since. I thought I would get a few more as they are very cute and are great for wearing with a Spring top when the weather isn’t quite performing.

• Sesame Street T-Shirt – This was actually from the mens section but I couldn’t resist it!

Oufit (Topshop & Dorothy Perkins

• Grey Leaf Skater Dress – This dress was on my wish list this month and I was so pleased to find it in store. The towel like material is soft and warm which which be perfect with leggings and a thin cardigan.

• Tan Leather High Tops – These are awesome! I have played with the idea of hightops for a while but kind of feel I am a little too old to pull then off. i spotted these tan ones and had to have them. I will make them work! Paired with my Sesame Street T and tan backpack I may look 15 again but I don’t feel any older so who cares.

• Silver/ Black tribal earrings – I have lots of gold tribal accessories from last Spring in my collection so these monochrome will be a great addition.I am looking forward to wearing them with a simple black top, blazer and heels.

M & S
• Grey Dotted Jumper – I haven’t bought anything from this shop before, clothes wise, as it isn’t somewhere I gravitate to for young fashion. This jumper was a lovely find though. It is a thin, light jumper covered in small cream dots and is ridiculously comfy. I did buy it in a large size so that I could wear it as a baggy top.

Let me know what you think?

Happy Blogging , xxx

Cheeky Dupes – MAC Stereo Rose


Hello Everyone,

After my plea for the location of a MAC Stereo Rose, I sadly had to accept that unless I wanted to spend double the money on EBay, I wasn’t going to get my hands on the blush. I finally caved in and decided to search for a dupe. Little had I realised but I had the perfect substitute under my own nose, or in my makeup draw at least. Hidden under my Autumn makeup stash I came across the Spring blush trio from Sleek. sat right in the middle was the blush Rose Gold. How I had forgotten about this I do not know, especially as I used it on my holiday a lot and even sent one to a follower in a give away.

Comparing it to images of Stereo Rose online, they do seem very similar. Both give a shimmering coral with an almost two tone golf effect. Beautiful! You do have to be a little light handed with the Sleek blush as it is so pigmented, but it really is stunning.

For anyone that wants a dupe to the Stereo Rose blush, I did do some more hunting and found some other alternatives for those that cannot get hold of Sleek products.
Nars Orgasm– A very popular blush but a little on the pricey side for me.
NYX Pinched– This looks very pretty and I think is easier to find in the US.

I will now be sure to make more use of the blushes I do have and really must remember to delve into hidden makeup once in a while to see what I can find.
Thanks to everyone that commented on my Stereo Rose wanted post. I am really enjoying receiving more comments on my blogs at the moment, and look forward to the next follower count milestone so that I have an excuse for another giveaway.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

WANTED – MAC Stereo Rose


Hello Everyone,

Just a little call out to see if anyone has seen a MAC mineralize skin finish in stereo rose in any shops anywhere. I love the idea of a blush that shimmers like this, and at the moment MAC stores ( even the website) don’t seem to have may any atall, even in their other colours like they have had on the past.

Hope you are all well, xxx

Topshop Makeup HAUL


Hello Everyone,

Oops, I went shopping! I have lots of bits to show you guys but thought I would start with some makeup products that I picked up from Topshop.

I already had their lipstick in Macaroon on my wish list this week as it is a beautiful bright pinky coral colour, ready for the approaching Spring.

Of course I couldn’t buy just that one item so I also grabbed a more neutral peachy lippie called Whimsical. It is quite a pale colour for me but it looks so pretty I am detemined to pull it off. The Topshop lipsticks are a great soft, matt formula that applies well,as long as your lips aren’t too dry. This is a good insentive for me to sort out my winter dry lips and get moisturising.

I don’t seem to be very good at concentrating on more than one part of my body and something always gets left out. Nails are my focus one minute, then my skin, then lips etc. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe I need more of a routine to make sure everything gets looked after all at once?

I have never bought a Topshop eyeshadow before but I just couldn’t resist this eye palette in Tawny. The shadows are so soft and silky with plenty of shimmer, and the four colours, cream, golden brown, dark green and dark ash brown are perfect for both single looks and for creating a smokey eye. They are extremely pigmented and I can’t wait to play with them this week.

Lots more HAULing coming this way soon. Until then I would love to hear from you.
Has anyone else used a Topshop eyeshadow?
What are your thoughts?

Happy Blogging, xxx

Have to Have Hand Creams


Hello Everyone,

Winter was not a friend of my hands this year! All of this cold, rainy, snowy weather made my skin very sad. Because of this, I had hand cream at the ready in everyone room, bag and place I went to combat the problem.

There were three products that I stuck to, each for their different strengths. Here they are in all their glory:


Lanolips Hand Cream for very dry hands
I love this so much! I bought it a while back in Boots when I had very dry hands, used it a few times then forgot about it. It then became a little more well known, and after seeing it appear on a few blogs I remembered I had it and put it into my bedside draw. It is a great cream for night time as the thick, rich, well absorbing formula is amazing at moisturising deep into the skin. I also love the scent. It reminds me of talc. My boyfriend had a really bad problem with his skin and used up my whole tube because it soothed his skin si much. Don’t worry, he bought me a new one! 🙂

L’occitane Date bouquet
This smells so so good and is my fave handbag cream. I think most people enjoy an old school metal tube as it feels luxurious yet somehow medical. The formula is non greasy and soaks in quickly, leaving my hands soft and scented.

Soap & Glory Hand Food
I had read an hearx about this for a long time but hadn’t got round to buying it. When I moved into my new house I wanted a twin soap/cream set for my kitchen sink and the Soap & Glory one was on offer. This hand cream, like all of their products smells amazing! After washing up this is the perfect cream as it is light, absorbs quickly and leaves a talc like softness behind.

Do you have a favourite hand cream?
Is there a fabulous one I should be using? Let me know 🙂

Happy Blogging xxx

Valentine’s Cupcakes for Pink Ribbon Foundation


Hello Everyone,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know this is my beauty blog and originally I was going to post a Valentine makeup look but sometimes there are more important things than beauty and this is one of those times, so I wanted to post this on both my home and beauty blogs.

This evening I have been busy making cupcakes to sell at work to raise money for the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation, so my man has had to share me with my other love this Valentine’s…but what a good cause!

For the cakes I used my favourite toffee cupcake recipe ( see my baby shower recipe) and went crazy with the pink in fitting with the Cancer Charity colour and the Valentine theme.

After baking the cakes I filled them with yummy chocolate sauce and topped them with candyfloss pink cream cheese icing.

I went completely mad with the pink decoration, pulling every pink topper, spinkle and glitter out from my collection.

Hopefully they will put a smile on everyones face, fill up their bellies and raise some money! 🙂

Happy Blogging All xxxx

February Wishlist!


Hello Everyone,

Although the snow still seems to be falling here in the UK, my wishlist today is in anticipation of a brighter Spring coming.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 01

Topshop Lipstick Macaroon

Alpha H Daily Moisturiser

Topshop Skater SkirtCoral

MACPro Palette

Topshop Skater DressGrey Floral/Leaves

ButtonsyBadger Necklace

Happy Wishing xxx