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New Brand – Phoenix Botanicals

I am very excited by this new brand spotted on a site given to me by a friend. I do love trying new things, especially if I get to them before a hype, hehe. As I am in a very giving mood, I thought I would share it with you too!

A new brand available from Etsy,Phoenix Botanicals sounds lovely. Full of natural products and my favourite scents, I will be purchasing something to try as soon as possible. The packaging looks so pretty too.


Who doesn’t adore a good lipbalm? These do look lovely, especially the wild rose one.
Here is the description from etsy’s of the product:

Nourishing and moisturizing lip balm with a subtle fresh rose scent.

I formulated this Wild Rose balm to absolute sensuousness and perfection.
Made with handpicked wild roses and rose hips, in nourishing organic olive oil and organic shea butter. Rose is a beautifying skin toner and moisturizer, with an uplifting fragrance. Rose and rose hips heal skin damage, scars, and irritation. Also lovely as a moisturizer for the face and eye area.

The company also do some other products which sound interesting. The little tubs and tubes are so cute, and who can argue when they are organic and the packaging is eco friendly!

What do you think? 🙂

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Thanks for reading! Xx


Maybelline- Then and Now

It wasn’t until I saw my mum post a picture of her teen mascara on pinterest that I realised how interesting advertising for makeup has been over the years and how it has changed. I have three sets of pictures, all maybelline, that I thought I would share with you.

Early advertising before the 60s shows beautiful women modelling the makeup look while drawings and instructions for the product are added underneath.

I think these late 60s to 80s pics are my fave! Very sexy bond girl. We still get the product description too which I quite like.

From the late 80s onwards advertising has a lot more colour, digital photography and the product details have been replaced with short sharp slogans and promises!

Which pic is your favourite?

Visit maybelline to browse their modern day treats! 🙂

To Jolie or Not To Jolie?


So I am am sitting on my sofa waiting for what can only be described as horrible clear gloop to dry on my face. Just one of Jolieboxes dissapointing products from this month’s box!
At first I thought that maybe my most recent Glossybox was just so awesome that it over shadowed this one, but now I have tried to use the one product that I thought should be ok, I am wondering if I want to continue with Jolie. I have only had two Jolieboxes (both not great) and am wondering if anyone who has had more in the past has had any better ones?

I will show you the very small and frankly pathetic items from my box.


I love … Face mask
Well firstly I do not Love! Now I love a face mask, and although I do normally go for clay based ones I am open to creamy or peely ones. This one describes itself as a peel mask but surely in order to peel a mask off it has to be able to spread across the face first! This gloopy mess reminds me of a putty I used to play with when I was young and was impossible to spread over my face. Yuk!

Balmi- lip balm
I get that these round lip balms are a fun gimick and yes it is cute and smells of strawberry but I wouldnt say it was amazing and am not sure I would choose to use it over my other balms. I will let you know about this one later on.


Twistband- hair tie
I feel like this is a made up product made from scrap elastic! Hmmm…

Dr bragi- bio marine exfoliant
I hope this product is amazing as the pea sized amount seems very stingey! Have a feeling I may lose it before I get the chance to try it!

Redken- align straightening lotion
I am banking on this being the star product of the box! Very hard to get lid off but smells good. I dont straighten my hair much but will try this out soon.

I feel like I have been a right meany this month! I am just not impressed. I am paying for it after all and it is a bit rubbish to not be wowed by something you wait a whole month to recieve!

Please do leave a comment below..What do you think?!
To Jolie or not to Jolie?

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Now peeling mask off… Owww!!

Fashion that caught my eye- Sass & Bide

“sass & bide is dedicated to the strong, the obscure & the beautiful.”

I have always loved clothes but only in recent years have realised that I also love fashion. Sadly I don’t have the lifestyle that compliments a designer wardrobe but that doesn’t stop me from ogling over pictures from shows & magazines.

London fashion week gave us many stunning designs this year but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the pieces bye Sass & Bide! Incase you didn’t get to see their work I thought I would give you a treat.


Visiting their website I also found some beautiful dresses and jewellery.
Their new collection has so many of my fashion faves:
Coral I love corals and oranges and it is lovely to see they have been used again after this Summer. Paired with black I think it looks stunning.
Flattering structure Clothes that use pattern and lines to flatter the figure are a must for me. The lines of these dresses are beautiful.
Chunky Gold Many of my Summer accessories this year were chunky and gold. The shoes, rings and bracelets all stand out to me; powerful and elegant.

Go take a look!


Goodbye Summer Wardrobe – Fave Outfit!

The air is cooling and it is time to hide away my Summer wardrobe. Sad times!
Before I say goodbye I thought I would show you one of my fave outfits from this year as I will miss it!

This Summer was all about the pastels and the corals. Coral is one of my favourite colours and I took advantage of it being on trend by having it in my wardrobe and my make up collection.

This dress was a bargain buy from Primark and was probably my most worn item of the season. With a coral mini cardigan, plaited belt, comfy coral pumps and matching accessories I felt so summery and happy in this outfit!

I am now looking forward to switching back to my darker teals, plums and browns paired with big wooly boyfriend cardigans! Autumn and Winter here I come! 🙂



September Glossy Box- My Thoughts

I am very pleased to announce my excitement for this month’s GlossyBox!
Last month I was a little disappointed and sadly do not have an item to show you from it that I enjoyed and would buy again!
This box however pleases me greatly, and I haven’t even used it all yet! Every item is high end and luxurious. I have already used some of them and am very eager to indulge in the rest!
The box is also very very pretty! 🙂
Let’s have a look:
Maghrabian hair oil
I am having a real go at using natural products in my hair at the moment (see previous posts) and although this isn’t quite that, it is a hair oil which I have found is a great product for sorting out dry and damaged hair and helps growth.I haven’t tried this yet but is has quite a pleasent smell and I look forward to enjoying the treat!

Vichy – Idealia day care cream
I am very excited about this! I have heard about this brand before and it has always been a little out of my price range. I have used it a couple of times now and love it! The smell is subtle and rosey and the texture is light and soft. A definate winner!

Balance Me- wonder eue cream
Another expensive brand that has impressed me so far! Although I haven’t used enough yet to judge its ‘wonder’ for the eyes, it does apply lightly around the eye and leaves a soft cool feeling behind.

Lady Gaga- Fame fragrance
Im not sure what I expected this to smell like and I am not usually a fan of strong floral scents but this is such a Wow frangrance! It is a very sexy, deep scent and to me it smells ‘expensive’. I think this will be my new ‘going out’ perfume!

Rodial- Glamaxy Snake serum & 5 minute facial
I have never heard of this brand (should I have?) but it sounds interesting and I do love a clay based face mask!

I am thoroughly impressed with this months box and have a feeling I will be reporting back some favourites very soon!

Did you get this box? What do you think of the products?

I would love to hear what your thoughts are so please take a sec to let me know!

Back soon,

Beauty is Being Happy!?

I hope it is fair to say that the people around me think of me as a ‘happy’ person. This is obviously a lovely thing but of course noone can be happy all the time and I have undoubtedly had my ups and downs.
Generally though, I do feel high spirited and like to think that this, in its own way, makes me more beautiful than I would be otherwise!

There are a few main aspects of my life that I think contribute greatly to my happiness. I have read many blogs about happiness and how people manage theirs, but I think mine may differ to most. Of course I love friends, family,my boyfriend and making others smile, but without the following four points, I don’t think I would ever be quite as happy within myself.
To others they may seem shallow or random but here goes…


1. Being silly and laughing- a lot!!
I am, and always have been completely bonkers! There is nothing more uplifting to me than spending some time being extremely silly! Generally embarrasing myself in public without even realising it is the way I work and to be honest I don’t mind what others think, and only hope they will join in!
Mad as a hatter, that’s me! Having a giggle, when let’s face it life is hard, can make anything that little bit better!

I love singing, to the point where I spend so much of my day doing it that I am very unaware of when I am humming a tune in a silent room. This includes the amount of times I have been recognised in a toilet cubicle due to my humming!
Singing, no matter how good or bad you are at it, is an awesome thing! Music helps us deal with every emotion, and If I had it my way, my day to day life would be a musical, played out by myself and all the people around me!
There are others like me too!
This year I joined a local choir where most of the members seem as positive, as crazy and as in love with music as me! How fantastic!

3. Food
Oh Gosh! Food is amazing! When people ask me what my hobbie is, I tend to saying eating! I love ‘real’ food and have made the decision that food is something important enough to me to set quite a large part of my monthly budget aside for it!
I do also enjoy baking, mainly cupcakes, as they can be made to look very pretty, which always makes me smile. This also leads me onto my final point.

4. Pretty, colourful things!
Everything in my life involves a lot of colour and prettiness; My classroom, house and wardrobe are bright and cheerful, which I believe makes a great contribution to the way i feel! Creating or making anything colourful excites me. I think this is why I love fashion and makeup so much!

Let me know what makes you happy!

ebay HAUL

I love to shop! Really, really love to shop. If I can’t find the time to leave the house to do it, I still manage indulge online!
I have never been very good at buying expensive items. I always hunger for them but seem to question them when I get them home; Do they fit perfectly? Will I wear them enough?
Although I have got a little better at going for quality over quantity, I can’t help but enjoy buying lots of cheaper items for less!
Gaining an ipad this year has created a downward spiral of spending on sites like Amazon, ASOS & forever21 but my most recent HAUL comes from ebay!
The ridiculously cheap prices made me a little wary, however, I was very pleased with my items. Obviously they were not of high quality but look funky all the same and the compliments I have recieved have all been followed by a shocked response when I revealed the shop and price!

So what do you think?

Lovely Lip Combo!

Don’t you just love it when you rediscover a beauty product that has been sitting under a pile of new buys and you remember how much you loved it!
This week, with Autumn colours returning, I came across a pretty brown toned lipgloss by maybelline. Now normally I am not a lipgloss gal but this one was such a lovely pinky brown shimmery colour that I had to have a go. My summer lipsticks have been very bright and wouldn’t go underneath it so I delved deep into the abyss of older lippies in my box and came across the perfect match for my new gloss.
The colours are quite similar and as the lipstick is shimmery but not moist, the gloss is the perfect top coat to compliment it!
I am looking forward to wearing this combo with my new Autumn wardrobe!

maybelline lipstick- brown attitude £3.25

maybelline cream gloss- coffee kiss £6.19

I would love to hear your favourite lipstick/lipgloss combos!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Perfect Perfume!

I have never been one to wear a lot of perfume. Most girls I know seem to have a small collection but I have one! Although I do love certain floral scents like rose and lavender in my skincare, I have never been keen on floral tones in perfumes and as a teen never found one that sayed put.

I love it when I go shopping and I walk past someone that smells delicious. I always want to ask then what they are wearing but have never mustered the courage to do so.

One day when watching an online vlog, the beautiful girl ( sadly I cannot remember her name) mentioned a perfume that sounded perfect for me. Not floral but fruity, subtle yet long lasting. I had to try it, I did and I love it!

Dolce & Gabbana D&G 3 L’Imperatrice is definately my fave smell in the collection. It is filled with rhubarb, red currant and juicy kiwi accord, over a pretty heart of pink cyclamen, fresh watermelon accord and jasmine petal. Dolce & Gabbana D&G 3 L’Imperatrice has a subtle and lasting base of musk notes, sandalwood and grapefruit wood. The grapefruit tone is the smell that is most recognisable to me and it is so yummy!

It is very hard to describe how lovely a fragrance is in words, so next time you walk past the perfume area in a store, take a sample and let me know what you think!

My other must have is the Travalo. It is a small perfume dispenser that looks mega cute and lets you top up your favourite scent when on the go!