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Hello Everyone,

Last Summer I discovered bright lipsticks. I had never really worn anything other than pearly pink and  neutrals, but as  I started to watch more vlogs, and  soon discovered that bright lips were on trend, and that it was about time I ventured into braver lip colours.

This soon started an obsession, and I bought quite a few coral pinks and reds, which as the Winter came, turned into dark plums and mauves. Now the Spring has returned and I am tackling the lippies head on. I love coral, especially red/orange toned rather than more pink ones.

These four lipsticks were all ordered online, as for some reason I couldn’t get hold of the colorburst lipsticks in store anywhere near me.

I have tried them all on and I love them!

Revlon Lipbutter – Tutti Frutti


I already have most of the other colours of these. They are so easy to apply, extremely moisturising, and are perfect for those days where you want a bright colour but don’t want a dramatic look.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick – Coral 


These are my first colorburst lipsticks, and I love them already. They glide on beautifully and feel so soft and moisturising. This colour is a dramatic red/orange and reminds me of a blodd orange.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick – Raspberry


As soon as I saw a swatch of this online I knew it was the colour for me. It is a  juicy pink/red that I think is perfect for Spring and Summer evenings when you want a slightly darker lip without looking too Autumnal.

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss – Papaya


This sweety coral is so pretty. I like that it is quite sheer but still gives my lips a coral tint. It isn’t too stcky and will look great over any coral lipstick.


I am so excited about these! Now I just ned to put together the perfect outfit to go with them.

Question: What eyeshadows do you pair with coral lips? 

Happy Blogging All, xxx



10 thoughts on “REVLON Lip HAUL

  1. Samantha

    This was a nice little overview! I really like the coral on you. It seems that orange lipsticks are back on the rise. Personally, I have never gave lip trends much attention. I mean, everyone should just wear the shades that look best on them or they feel comfortable wearing. You know what I mean?

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