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Day 7 – As Sweet As Shopping

Hello Everyone,

As promised, the boyfriend agreed to following me around some beauty shops today! The shops here are fantastic, all types of stores selling a huge variety of things, all lined up in the lovely old buildings.

Amongst them, some familiar beauty stores caught my eye. I had a good nose, and was extremely tempted to buy lots of bits but unfortunately, with the current exchange, makeup is by no means cheaper here.

The local chemists however, stock an amazing array of skincare that in most cases came up as nearly half the price. Some of my favourite brands filled the shelves.

I didn’t go completely without. I bought some must have bioderma bottles at a great price, a makeup brush and a polish. I will review these properly when I return home.

Just when I thought there was nothing as sweet as shopping, we made our daily pass by a patisserie window that boasts the most inviting treats. Today, we went in! I can’t even explain how excited I was and how extremely scrumptious these were.

Today was our last in La Rochelle. We dined French with, croissant, coffee, mussels and wine. Tomorrow we head North towards home with one stop left; St Marlo.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Summer Accessory HAUL


Hello Everyone,

It has been so long since I posted something fashion related. This weekend I went on a hunt for some bits to wear for a friend’s wedding. Eventually, after a long day of shop crawling I found a simple white/tan dress that just needed perking up with some fabulous accessories. This part was easy. A trip to my fave, Accessorize, and a few other stores lead me to the perfect accompaniments to the dress. Let’s take a closer look.


I wanted some nude sandals that held my feet well. These are perfect and seriously comfortable. I’m not very good with straps between toes so these hold my foot in all the right places. I love the little gold stud detailing too.


This so very pretty. I adore the colour of the stones, and this will liven and glam up the dress perfectly. I think I will be wearing this a lot this year.

haul 1

I actually picked this one up first, before I spotted the blue stone one, but decided that I loved it enough to buy it too. I am really enjoying the tribal look this year, and this goes perfectly with my other distressed gold accessories.


I have to admit that this is the first ever clutch/strapless bag I have ever bought. I always have to buy a bag that has a long strap to make sure I don’t put my bag down and leave it there. I shall let you know if I do actually return with this one after the wedding, hehe. This tribal gold/blue metal studded bag draws the shoes and the necklace together. It’s nice and big so I can fit my vast amounts of goods in it too.


Finally, to top it all of some little blue stoned earrings. It is crazy hot this end, so something simple to go with a half up/down hair do will work well I think.

Do let me know what you think  of my little purchases, and if jewellery is something you would like to see more of as I have a stupid amount of it hanging on various pretty stands.

Also, follow me on twitter, come and say and send me your links.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Mini Makeup HAUL – Real Techniques, Sleek, NXY, Lord & Berry


Hello Everyone,

I had a little splurge online this week and thought I’d share the products with you. Some of them are items I’ve been wanting for a while, while others are new brands to me. They were all really reasonably priced too which is always a bonus. 🙂

haul juneLord & Berry –

Smudge Proof Eyeliner in Black £7.50             Lipstick Pencil in Cherry £8

I have never owned any products from this brand but had seen the lipstick pencils on vloggers videos and heard lots about the eyeliner too. The pencil is an amazingly pigmented lipstick. The formula is matte and opaque but isn’t at all dry on the lips. The lasting wear isn’t amazing but I always enjoy re-applying on a night out anyway. Honestly though, it’s the vibrant colour red/pink colour that I love so much about it. It sure does pack a punch.

As for the eyeliner, it wears well without smudging or disappearing. The texture of the pencil is quite soft, so if you’re looking for a fine line I wouldn’t choose this. I’m sure I’ll be looking up more of their products soon.

haul june3

Sleek – I-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in, Au Naturel £7.70

I can never get over the fantastic pricing of Sleek products. They are always extremely pigmented, last a long time and come in such a variety of shades and styles. I already own the infamous Storm Palette but as I’ve been wearing brighter lips and cheeks recently I wanted a good natural shaded palette. Au Naturel seemed perfect for that. It has every neutral shade you could ask for, including a mixture of matte and shimmers. I love the shades taupe and cappuccino with mineral earth blended into the crease. There’s also got a good white for the corner of the eye and a black for lining. Perfect!

haul june4

NYX – Blush in Red £7.00

I can’t believe I don’t own any NYX products! I searched the web for a dupe blush for Mac’s Frankley Scarlet this weekend and this was the best I found. I love it! It’s the perfect balance of pink and red, is pigmented and wonderfully blendable. It also matched my new lippy! Most of my blushes are pinks or coral so a red toned one is a perfect addition to ever0growing collection. I had to buy this online so I’m not sure if the prices are cheaper in the shops but I was quite happy to pay this amount for a lovely blush.

haul june6Real Techniques –

Your eyes/enhanced starter brush set £17.85     Fine Liner Brush £5.95     

I am a huge fan of the real techniques brushes and already won most of the orange (face) collection. If you want a reasonably priced brush set, this is definitely the one to buy as the brushes look great and are easy to use. Although I use my Mac 217 I don’t really own any decent eye brushes. I love this little collection as it has everything I need. I did also buy the fine liner brush too as I think the one in the kit will be a little thick for the liner I usually wear.

Looking back over my purchases I’m very excited. Luckily I have the perfect hen weekend to play with them. Let me know if you want to see the look I come up with for that. Also don’t forget to add me on bloglovin, twitter and Instagram using the buttons at the top of my sidebar.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Spring Necklace HAUL

Hello Everyone,

I am really enjoying wearing simple tops with pretty necklaces at the moment. Spring has finally arrived here in the UK and the sun has brought out the pastels and florals. I have three new purchases to show you. They are each very different and I love them!

jewelery haul me

In my last jewellery HAUL post I included a very cute badger necklace by a small online company called Buttonsy. I spotted this beautiful real flower daisy necklace on-line a couple of days ago and it arrived today. I just think it is the prettiest thing ever! I think having a real flower preserved in this way is stunning, and I can’t wait to wear it all Summer.

haul april1

This necklace from Accessorize featured in my Week In Instagram  last Sunday. I love gold but some of the jewellery like this at the moment is a little too ‘spiky’ for me . This reminds me of bunting and looks very elegant under a pastel collared shirt. It also works well against a black top in the evening.

haul april

I think the detail on this Accessorize necklace is gorgeous. Still pretty, but a little less girly for the days I want to sling on a loose shirt or want to jazz up a plain top. Lots of necklaces like this in the shops are very long but I like where this sits around my neck.

Let me know what you think of my little collection. I have seen so many lovely bits on blogs and have to restrain my self from buying them myself. However, if you have some pictures on your blog of some of your pretty buys, please do comment below so I can go and have a peek.

I am also on Instagram and Twitter (button in sidebar). Come and join me! 🙂

Happy Blogging All,xxx

Must Have – L’Oreal Lip Stain Review

Hello Everyone,

I have made a wonderful discovery! These L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Stain Splash are a mouth full to say, but they are worth the effort.

I own a few lip glosses but rarely wear them as they tend not to give too much colour and are often a little too shiny for everyday wear. These beauties are amazing. Not only do they come in the most gorgeous colours, they are extremely pigmented, stain incredibly, smell yummy and shine fantastically. Now I have run out of adjectives I think it’s time for some photos.


loreal lipstains

There are a few colours ni the range. I had to force myself to leave the orange one behind as my coral/orange obsession is becoming as bad as my lipstick one so instead I picked up these.

Lolita gives is a pretty neutral dusky pink. As the stain sets, my lips became a darker and shinier. A great one for days when your eyes are the center of attention but you want your lips to look good too.

Juliet is amazing! The colour is very vibrant. A very pinky red. The stain power on this will require a good Bioderma scrub before bedtime but it will last all day and aswell as being very easy apply, doesn’t look harsh around the edges as some red lipsticks do. This takes the just bitten look to another level.

Marilyn I own a couple of fuscia pink lippies and they are so much fun to wear. This blue toned one is so bright but looks elegant too. I wore this out for a meal that included soup, ice-cream and a few drinks and still had pink lips when I got home.

I am a huge fan of these (must resist the orange one). They are 2 for 1 in BOOTS at the moment so go on out and get yourself one… or three!

Happy Blogging All. xxx

Pump it up – Shoe HAUL


Hello Everyone,

I’m in shock; the sun it out! Could Spring finally have made its way here? I hope so, as my new shoes were bought for this very season. after months and months of wearing boots, I decided it was about time I topped up on lighter footwear. Pumps aer a staple in my shoe collection but lots of them are a little tattered after last year so I felt a few new pairs were a good idea.

Anyone that knows me will already be aware of my ‘quantity over quality’ shoe rule. I’m not very good at buying expensive footwear as I like to have lots of different pairs and I also enjoy re-buying far too often to stretch my purse to the finer shoe. I look for comfort and cuteness generally, so the purchases I made yesterday were perfect.

First stop, New Look. Last year the pastel espadrilles were in and my yellow ones were worn so often I picked up two pairs of this years’ collection.

shoe owl

Sticking to black, white and navy, this year they are selling plain and patterned. I fell in love with this owl patterned pair, and as they were two for £10, bought a simple navy pair too.

shoe navy

My wardrobe for the Spring/Summer is full of t-shirt dresses, jeans and pastel tops, so casual pumps are something I can sling on to walk, shop, or relax. This grey pair from Primark are a complete bargain and are such a good fit.

shoe grey

Next up, H & M. I figure these ballet pumps will pair up nicely with my seasonal dresses. I do have a few lighter pastel shades already so these simple darker ones are perfect for evenings when I can’t cope with wearing heels, and let’s face it, for me that is most of the time.


Thanks to a long-awaited sunny day in the garden, taking photos was fun today!

What shoes will you be wearing this season? I would love links to any heels HAULs so that I can ogle over them and wish I could wear them!

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Spring Jewellery HAUL

jewellery haul

Hello Everyone.

It’s the Easter holidays for me this week, so a little shopping had to be done. As well as some Spring wardrobe additions (saving for another post), I got myself a few extra treats to accessorise my Spring outfits. As you can see from my jewellery stands in my Mirror Mirror… post, I am already drowning in an abundance of trinkets, but this is a collection I have been building over many years, so a little more won’t hurt… right?

My first stop was Forever 21, a site that I have to admit, I had not ventured onto before now. Ooo so may pretty things! I think I ended up with a basket full to the brim that I then had to sadly slim down dramatically. So here they are, the chosen few:


I have a similar pair to this in studs, which I wore so often last Summer.

I thought these would look great with a maxi dress or a simple black top and trousers.


I can’t quite seem to get into the pointy stud trend. Maybe it’s my age but it just seems a little scary to me and I don’t think I would pull it off.

 I do however like these little pyramids that I think will go with any of my simple or colourful outfits.


I just can’t get enough of the Spring pastel trend.

Mint green and Coral are ultimate faves, and I couldn’t resist these cute little knots to pair up with my dresses this season.

haul jew 1

I don’t actually own many statement necklaces, so thought it was about time I did.

This necklace seemed perfect for the job as the colour would go with anything and the elegant shape suits my body shape.

A while back when I started my blog, I added a cute necklace to my wish list from a small company called Buttonsy. I love the ideas of buying bits that nor many people will have and this is the perfect site for that. They make the most adorable accessories, and at last I decided I had to have a few of their pieces. I chose the following, and will be visiting them again shortly I’m sure:

haul jew 11

Woodland animals seem to be popular at the moment.

I love this badger with his fabric like ears.


 I have seen this style of bird all over the Etsy shops.

These are too sweet for words.

Finally, I made my way into a store called Outfit. I hadn’t seen it until it appeared in my local retail park. The shop stocks a variety of brands including many of my favourites: Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and many more. I tried this necklace on with a dress I was buying but then left it in the dressing room and forgot about it. I then did a loop of Boots (as you do), and decided that I had to go back and get it.


I like the how chunky this is without being too over the top.

It stands out against the black which I think will work well if I group it with some other necklaces to create a statement piece.

So there you go! I think I need to go and have a lie down now. I mustn’t pick up the iPad and browse any more shops. Not for a few days anyway 😉

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Oh My Bioderma!

Hello Everyone,

For the past year I have been expreimenting with different makeup removers. I always used to use face wipes until I started using Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish. I still use this cleanser now and do love it, but needed something to remove the makeup from my eyes before using it. I tried various products, some of may favourites included the Liz Earle Eye Lotion and Botanics Eye Makeup Remover, both of which I assumed were doing a good job.

Of course I had heard of Bioderma. As with many products I wondered if the product was worth the hype, especially as it appeared to be quite hard to get in the UK. Then, my other removers ran out. I popped onto my old friend Ebay, and spontaneously ordered myself a 500ml bottle of Bioderma Water.


Oh my! Now, to say this stuff works is an understatement! Along with my giant babies cotton pads (you must get), the water… Yes water, not only removes every tiddly bit of makeup from my eyes, but is completely smudge free and leaves no oily texture behind. As far I can tell from the ingredients it seems to be water and cucumber mixed with some words I cannot pronounce… but this is clever!

There are a couple of different types although this seems to be the classic one that everyone uses. I would be interested to know if anyone has used one of the others, and if this is their only magic product.

With a fresh clean face, I bid you farewell,

Happy Blogging All xxx

Mirror Mirror…


Hello Everyone,

Now that my spare room is all sorted, I can finally use it as my little dressing room.My jewellery is sorted in various pretty ways, my clothes are tucked away nicely, and my makeup is arranged into draws in my ever so handy GlossyBox boxes.

This week I popped into BOOTS, as you do, and aswell as purchasing a few naughty makeup products, I spotted this No7 mirror in the sale. I had seen it in various vloggers videos and had wanted it for while. It’s £50 price tag had put me off, telling myself that I didn’t really need it. I was delighted to see that it was reduced to £20, yay!

mirror 3

The mirror has this handy light around the edge which really does make the difference in a badly lit room, although it does flicker a little when the head it tilted sometimes.
mirror 2

I love how sturdy this is. The head is thick and heavy and the base holds firm. No mirror toppling here! The rotation of the head, so that you can view yourself in x1 or x5 (scary), is quite stiff which means the mirror doesn’t randomly spin round during use.

Overall I’m really pleased with it. I like how it looks and what it does.
Thumbs up! 🙂

Happy Blogging All xxx