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Christmas Advent…24!


Hello Everyone,

It’s Christmas eve! I am not ready atall, but it’s a bit late now!
Yesterday I showed you my beauty HAUL, so today I thought I would show you an OOTD for my Christmas eve.


I just couldn’t resist this top from Vouleg Vousat BHS( somewhere I rarely shop. The sleeves are three quarter length and tight while the body is baggy, and I love the pattern. Christmas eve has to be comfortable with all the running around, so this jumper is perfect.

I paired the jumper up with my Super Skinny Primark jeans.

Cosy ankle sock, simple hair and no jewellery made this outfit effortless, casual and comfy, but I also like how it looks.

I hope you all have an amazing time tomorrow and I wish you a very merry Christmas!!!

Happy Blogging! 🙂 xxx

Christmas Advent…23!


Hello Everyone,

Only two more sleeps til Santa! I did my final day of Christmas shopping today and now feel ready for Tuesday. Of course, whilst shopping for others I had to pick up a couple of bots for myself. I got a few clothing items but thought I would show you the beauty bits I got, in today’s post.

These were all things that i needed, and that is about as far as my excuse goes!


Loreal – Cast Creme Gloss Although this isn’t my favourite brand of hair dye ( I <;3 clairol ), I really love this colour. After having a coppery colour all Summer, I opted for a more natural, darker brown for the Winter, and this medium brown is a good colour for me. The only negative is that I feel a little pale without makeup when my hair is darker. More reason for makeup though!

Maybelline – BB Cream, medium I have reached an annoying point where my selection of foundations have all withered away and I used the last drops of my faves this week. I wore, and love this BB cream throughout the Summer and went back to my fuller coverage foundations for the Autumn/Winter as my tan faded. With the cold weather my skin has felt a little sad, so instead of paying up for a new foundation i repurchased this BB to try and add some moisture to my skin and to save a few pennies until after Christmas.

Charles Worthington – Soft & Silky I have been using the volume edition of this for a while and I love it as I have very thin hair. My hair has been a little dry this week, so I thought I would try this soft and silky version to give my hair a moisturising treat.

See… All purchases compulsory! 😉

Happy Blogging xxx

Christmas Advent…22!


Hello Everyone,

So excited for Christmas! I have finally got some presents wrapped. I just need one more shopping trip and then I will be ready for the festivities. This year we are having Christmas day in our new home with family. Most of the house is now organised enough for visitors and some rooms even look like rooms.

I am really enjoying my new bathroom. As everything is new I am trying to keep necessary items out and hiding others away. I thought I would show you my chosen items. I often see posts of ‘What’s on my bedside table, but not very often ‘What’s on my sink’.


I don’t actually have all of these products squidged onto the sink edge, most of them sit on the sill, but for picture purposes I popped them together.

In order from left to right:

•Large Baby Cotton pads in a jarThe perfect pads for applying toners. I love having them at hand in a pretty jar.
Alpha H, Liquid Gold Couldn’t live without this product. It has dobe wonders for my skin ( see old post review)
Liz Earle, hot cloth cleanser special lavender edition I can’t believe this is still going, I seem to have had it for ages and I use it every night. I haven’t found a cleanser I love as much as this one yet!
Blanx Whitening tootpaste I have been using this prodct for a while, and although I have no idea if it has whitened ny teeth or not, I love the taste and the feel it gives me teeth.
Betty Walters, hand wash and cream My new set that smells so good and feels lovely!

I need a candle or fragrance stick of some kind to add to this pretty room. Any suggestions?

Happy Blogging! 🙂 xxx

Christmas Advent …21!

Hello Everyone,

Today I noticed I had been mentioned in a twitter that included the tag #ff. Now, I had no idea what this meant and had neer seen it before but google tells me it stands for Follow Friday. I am sure you already all know this and I am way behind but I thought it was a really fun idea. I of course have limited knowledge of the in and outs and am not sure if I am meant to recipiate or wether I would need to find different people to announce every week. Please do let me know in the comments below. Until then I shall make up my own rules.

I do have a few beauty & fashion people that I follow on twitter, although most are here on wordpress. I love that twitter gives me an insight into other peoples’ lives. Very nosey indeed! I like to see the pic people pop up and the replies readers write.

Here are some of the people/companies I love reading tweets from at the moment:



Ooo it was fun choosing those! These are all people that tweet regulaly and ones that I always pause at to have a read. I love replying to their comments and am starting to get the hang if favouriting and retweeting too!

Goodnight all,

Happy Blogging!

Christmas Advent… 20!

Hello Everyone,

Christmas day is getting oh so much closer and I have begun to shop after my move…about time too!

Yesterday I took advantage of the Boots store 3 for 2 offer. The first item I bought was a present so I can’t tell you about that but the other two items were sets of hand wash and lotion/cream.Is it sad that I have always wanted a wash/cream combo in my bathroom. They always remind me of posh restaurants and big old houses. I wanted one for my kitchen and another for my bathroom.

I love Soap & Glory products as they always smell amazing and seem to do a good job. I love their lip balms and sugar srubs and had heard about Hand Food from other beauty bloggers.


I like the carry case these came in. TheSoap & Glory retro theme fits in with my kitchen, and looks very funky against the white brick tiles. The Hand Wash smells so good. It is fruity but not too sweet and the formula lathers well. My favourite of the two has to be the Hand Food though. The cream soaks in well and smells yummy, but I am most impressed with the way it leaves my hands feeling. It give the same softness and baby talc. Love it!

I haven’t heard of Betty & Walter before. I admit it was the packaging and cream french/chic stand that took my fancy to begin with, then I noticed the scent: Elderlower and lemon. I love lemon scented things. I burn a lemon Yankee candle often and mixing lemon with elderflower sounded wonderful!

The product does smell amazing and both wash and lotion do a great job! They look gorgeous sitting in my shabby chic bathroom. Almost too pretty to use! 🙂

Now I have a bit of a thing for hand combos I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any must haves! Let me know if you have a gooden.

Happy Blogging!

Christmas Advent…19!


Hello Everyone,

This week I have been wearing clothes straight from my packing boxes as I do not have a wardrobe yet 😦
The great thing about moving clothes is that you find lots of items that you forgot about. I found a blouse this morning that I definitely have not made the most of. Here is an outfit of the day for you. Everything I wore today was bought from an inexpensive high street store. The whole outfit cost less than £80.
I am not a fan of seeing myself in pics and therefore find it difficult to take a serious photo without feeling silly, hence the very un-modelesque pose but I hope you enjoy the outfit all the same. :p


Khaki Green Trousers Primark £11
Bird pattern Blouse Sainsburys £16
Gingernut Blazer Select £30
Tan knee high Boots Primark £20
Hair High large bun.

Not long to go until Christmas day! Yay! Must start thinking of what to wear. 🙂

Happy Blogging, xxx

Christmas Advent…18!


Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to share a non beauty favourite with you. As you may know, I have only recently fallen in love with scented candles. My initial mini haul of Yankee tasters turned into a larger obsession and now each room has a candle of some kind.

Moving into a new home has meant new smells (especially with a puppy too) To make the place smell more like home I have been burning my favourite Yankee selection. I love to layer scents with an array of minis and the yankee sample size are perfect for this. I always choose either rosey or fruity scents. My favourite has to be the passion fruit.

In my kitchen I have a clean scentedYankee in Sicilian Lemon which flickers beautifully in its large flass jar.

Pride of place in my new living room is my new Melt candle that smells divine! I will write a full review on this candle soon as I am mega impressed!


All if the candles that I love seem to be quite pricey and cheaper ones I have tried smel either too harsh or don’t smell atall. If anyone has any recommendations for a cheaper inpressive candle please do let me know.

Happy Blogging,


Christmas Advent…17!


Hello Everyone,

I have posted lots of party themed makeup ideas recently, and only realised this evening that I haven’t even mentioned hair! Because I have very thin hair, it is hard for me to do anything too spectacular with it. One of my favorite ways to spruce my hair up and add some volune and glamour is to curl or wave it. With the red lip and eyeliner look I have been loving recently, a vintage tighter curl, pinned around the face looks lovely. I also adore a looser, neat wave and a style where the hair follows the same curl all the way down.

There are so many different ways to get a good curl or wave. Here are my top 5:

1. Waving Wand This is a new find for me. I don’t own one but have used my friend’s. It is great for a loose curl/wave and is very easy to use.
2.Hair Straighteners Opposing its name, these are always my trusty go to when I want to curl my hair quickly and easily. Starting bear the too of the hair, turning the straighteners whilst gliding it theough the hair creates a tight curl that can be sprayed in place or left to fall out into a loose curl.
Large Barrel Curling tongs If you have ling hair and you want a loose curl, this is the tool for you. My hair is not quite long enough to get the full effect but I do love the curl you can get from it.
Triple Barrel Curler I actually found this tool wuite difficult to use as placing my hair through the small gap with my hands behind my head left me in a bit of a cofuffle, but once used to it is definitely the best tool for creating a wave rather than a curl.
5. French Plait If you have time on your hands an you want an easy wave, plaiting your hair when it is wet and taking it out the next day is great, especially with longer hair.

Do you have a favourite way of styling your curls and waves?

Happy blogging all xxx

Christmas Advent…16!

Hello Everyone,

I recently posted my fave Christmas jumpers from the net. They were all quite fun but wearable. Last week at work, to raise money for CIN, we held a ‘Christmas Jumper Day’.

I wanted something cheap and cheerful and came across this little number (actually big) on the BooHoo website.

I did buy this expecting to wear it just the once as yes the colours are a little garish and it is not atall flattering, but oh my is it ridiculously comfortable and I have worn it with my new PJ’s the last few nights!

I suggest everyone go out and get a big, baggy, knitted, crazy jumper to snuggle up in in the evenings!

Happy Blogging,