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Day 7 – As Sweet As Shopping

Hello Everyone,

As promised, the boyfriend agreed to following me around some beauty shops today! The shops here are fantastic, all types of stores selling a huge variety of things, all lined up in the lovely old buildings.

Amongst them, some familiar beauty stores caught my eye. I had a good nose, and was extremely tempted to buy lots of bits but unfortunately, with the current exchange, makeup is by no means cheaper here.

The local chemists however, stock an amazing array of skincare that in most cases came up as nearly half the price. Some of my favourite brands filled the shelves.

I didn’t go completely without. I bought some must have bioderma bottles at a great price, a makeup brush and a polish. I will review these properly when I return home.

Just when I thought there was nothing as sweet as shopping, we made our daily pass by a patisserie window that boasts the most inviting treats. Today, we went in! I can’t even explain how excited I was and how extremely scrumptious these were.

Today was our last in La Rochelle. We dined French with, croissant, coffee, mussels and wine. Tomorrow we head North towards home with one stop left; St Marlo.

Happy Blogging All, xxx




Hello Everyone,

It’s been a very hot week here in the UK, and my July GLOSSYBOX – Seaside Splash couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Of course this Summer addition of the beauty box is packed with colour and skin care for sunny days on the beach. I know I’m going to love a few of these products and have my fingers crossed for the rest. Let’s get going!

july7Ciate London – Paint Pot in The Glossip, Full Size £9.00

This polish is lovely! The formula is extremely pigmented and I think in a hurry you could definitely get away with one coat. It also dried pretty quick and the colour is a  gorgeously bright coral. I’m really excited about this beauty.

july6Sleek – Pout Paint in Pinkini & Lava, Full Size £4.99 each

Wowza these sure do pack a punch of colour! I tried this on a good while back and didn’t get any as at the time I wasn’t such a brave lipstick wearer. Now however, they are a fantastic addition to on growing collection of lip products. The formula really is like a paint (be careful with clothes and furniture, this is a bad boy to wash out). The formula is matte and extremely pigmented which at first can appear a little scary. You can blend a tiny amount onto your lips for a more subtle colour though and they do last a very long time. I like that you can mix the colours together to create your own shades. I can’t wait to mix up a bright coral with these two.


Alterna Haircare – Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist, Full Size £23.00

What a mouthful! I’ve not come across this brand before, but then I’m not very good with hair products. I do have a salt spray which I assume is similar to this texturizing mist and have to admit I use it very rarely. I just don’t have the hair for a good ‘messy’ look. I shall however, give it a go and for those of you with a natural kink in your hair I’m sure it would be very fun to have a play around with.

july4Coola – Organic Suncare Face SPF30 cucumber moisturizer, full size £25.99

With a full size tube at that price I shall be making the most of this little one. I don’t actually own a sun cream specifically designed for the face as I tend to splatter my general one all over, and lots of my foundations and bb creams have spf in too. I like the idea of this yummy cucumber scented cream. I think I’ll have a go at wearing it underneath my foundation in the hot weather next week and see if it does the job well.

july3Anatomicals – Spray Misty for me facial spritz, full size £6.00

I feel a little ‘meh’ about this product. I’m not a fan of face mists and this one doesn’t have any particular draw for me either. The scent is ok, the spray a little uneven and the packaging isn’t to my taste, but I shall pop it in my bag if I ever get a chance to lie by a pool this Summer.

I have to say I’m very impressed with this month’s box and am quite excited about the products inside. Just taking a quick look back at last month’s box, I thought I would share my fave. I have worn this Nuxe oil on the top of my cheek bones an awful lot this month. It leaves such a lovely golden glow to the skin. june2

If you fancy a look at any of my past boxes, pop over to my Glossybox posts using the menu at the top of the page, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter, making sure to come say hi and have a chat.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Get The Look – Audrey Hepburn


Hello Everyone,

After enjoying a vintage night out this weekend, I thought I would share this Audrey Hepburn look that I created with you.

Flawless skin, perfectly lined eyes and a nude pout. Lovely!

Visit this polyvore link for details 🙂 Get The Look – Audrey Hepburn


My Week In Photos 14


Hello Everyone,

This may be a little naughty but I’ve decided to change the title of this weekly post, mainly as I have anew camera and these pictures don’t actually go onto my Instagram. It feels like cheating to name entitle my post as before, when not all of the pics are actually on it. I also think this will give me more opportunity to share some more interesting/high quality photos with you.

Cats & Drinks – This week I had a fantastic evening with my work friends watching Cats at the theatre, We had some naughty food before hand and these fruity drinks looked too pretty not to snap.

Basket Case – My little pup is completely barking, hehe. Here she is cooling herself down in the wash basket.

Me? – This is definitely Nessie’s “who me?” face. Like butter wouldn’t melt.

50’s Hen – Here I am celebrating the hen do of a long life bestie. It was such a fab 50’s evening of housewifery and cake.

Milkshake Cake – A little pic of one of the cakes that I made for the hen do. I love the idea of making the cakes look like diner milkshakes using paper straws and a fake Malteser cherry. Check out the cake post for these here.

Mini Makeup HAUL –  I had a little splurge this week. Nothing crazy but I’m loving the bits that I bought. Take a closer look here.

My Sugar Crush Crush – Already a fan of the Soap & Glory shower cream and body scrub, I had to add this to my collection. It smells amazing! I will be posting a skin care HAUL with this and some other products in the week. 🙂

DIY Vintage Flowers – I stole one of these beauties from the hen do. What an easy way to make something very pretty. I like the touch of the little rosy doyley too. Considering some kind of vintage DIY post soon. What do you think?

Jealous – Technically this isn’t my photo,  but it is one my boyfriend sent me of his weekend fun. I’m very jealous of his opportunity to hang along side Jenson Button and the McLaren team this weekend at the F1,

Let me know what you think of my title change and the photos I’ve accumulated this week. Lots of posts coming soon but in the meantime pop over to my twitter (button in sidebar) and say hello. I love chatting to you guys on there.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

Dashing Dupes – MAC’s Satin Taupe

mac satin taupe

Hello Everyone,

I have written a few dupe posts in the past and have really enjoyed them. When I first started buying ridiculous amounts of makeup, I would spend hours looking through beauty store sites for products that looked similar to the high-end products I just couldn’t afford. I have to admit, that eventually I ended up buying some of them, but I think it’s great to know what dupes are out there, especially if a product is insanely priced and the dupe is just as good.

 I also love the research that goes into finding the right products. There are so many products out there and often blogs that I have read only give one alternative. I aim to show you four different ones, all more affordable, just as lovely and ones that are available from different corners of the world. This does mean that I don’t necessarily own all of the products but have tried, or tested them all.  If you fancy a look at my other dupe posts, just click on the dupe button in the menu at the top of my blog where you will find dupes for mac’s girl about town lipstick and macs’ stereo rose.

MAC Satin Taupe This is by far one of my favourite eye shadows and I know it is a popular choice for most beauty bloggers and readers. I love to pair it up with Mac’s Naked Lunch, popping it in the outer corner and crease. I realise that these days £10 for an eye shadow is not as crazy as some brands, but to some that is still too much or they can’t get hold of Mac products very easily. So here they are, my favourite dashing dupes:

Soap & Glory, Lid Stuff Quad Palette in What’s Nude £10 Why buy one gorgeous shade when you can buy a quad for the same price? The palette is made up of four velvety shades: Vanilla, Pink, Mudhoney and Aubersheen. The later is the dupe shade but as a whole set they create a wonderful eye shadow look. If I didn’t own Satin Taupe already and didn’t already have a good selection of nudes, I would definitely go for this option. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably have it by next month.

NYX, Iced Mocha £5 – This seems to be a popular shade amongst other bloggers. The colour match is very close and at half the price I would say it’s a good bet. The NYX shadows are very pigmented and are very buildable. Perfect for a smoky eye.

Wet & Wild, Nutty £5 or less – Prices vary on this product all over the net but are all very good value. It’s a little harder to get hold of here in the UK so would suggest the other products to them. The wet & wild formula is creamy and pigmented and is a great understudy for Satin Taupe.

L’Oreal, Bronzed Taupe £6.99 – This dupe is a little harder to find and does contain a little more shimmer than Satin Taupe; however, I think it looks amazing on the eye and really makes them pop.

There you have it, my dashing dupes. Hopefully I’ve helped those on a budget, in a distant location or anyone that hasn’t yet treated themselves to any Satin Taupe style shade. It is a must for the make up bag!

Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 13


Hello Everyone,

It may have been payday this week, and after a stressful few days I felt it necessary to go shopping of course! So do excuse me if my pictures seem rather thrifty this week. 🙂

June Favourites – The month draws to a close and I have popped up my monthly favourites post here. Go take a look if you fancy peeking at the products that I’ve been reaching for.

Polish Me – I bought this little acrylic nail polish stand on Ebay this week. It cost a lovely £8 and arrived very quickly. I’m considering a beauty storage post. Let me know what you think.

New Look – I decided to spend some time revamping the blog this week. A new header and set of media buttons have refreshed nicely for the Summer. Please do let me know what you think!

Best Buy – My best buy of the week has to be the new Origins Ginzing moisturizer. It’s so refreshing! If you want to know more, head on over to my review post.

Sunbathing – The sun stayed out just about long enough for the UK to take a sunbath this weekend. Here is Nessie enjoying the garden. Cute!

Bronzed – My monthly faves featured this pic of me with a simple eye, sun kissed skin and a bright lip. I think I’ll be using this look throughout the Summer.

Snap! – My lovely Dad gave me his camera to use for a while. I am really excited as I’ve been wanting a new camera for a while now and this one is perfect for taking better shots for the blog. Happy Times. Say cheese!!

HAUL – As payday was kind to me, I decided a little shopping was in order. I had a great day out with a friend, topping up my wardrobe. I have decided not to show you any of the things I got for myself as I am going to do a HAUL post soon, but these are some amazingly cute bits that I bought for my friends baby from Primark.

Rest Up! –  This week was a toughie, so the PJ’s went on, the feet went up…and relax!

Now I’m ready for the week ahead. Remember to follow me on bloglovin, twitter and Instagram via my new buttons at the top of the sidebar.

Happy Blogging All, xxx




New In – Origins GinZing Moisturizer


ORIGINS GinZing Energy-boosting moisturizer 50ml £23

Hello Everyone,

I am so excited to share this product with you today. Origins are well renowned for their luxurious and refreshing skin care. The original GinZing eye cream is a favourite amongst many beauty bloggers which meant it was about time coming for this newbie. I had been considering an Origins face cream for a while now, and as soon as I saw this on the shelf my mind was made up.

I have to say it’s a huge winner for me. The oil-free, ginseng and coffee bean formula is very lightweight and soaks into the skin instantly. It smells fruity fresh and as soon as applied leaves my skin feeling cool and awake. Perfect for the Summer!

If you fancy it, pop along to your nearest Boots (or drugstore) and buy it. I have to say I’m very tempted to go out and get the matching eye cream myself now. If you have it, please do comment below letting me know how you got on with it.

Happy Blogging All, xxx

June Beauty Favourites


Hello Everyone,

I’ve had so much fun with makeup this month! There have been lots of opportunities to get dressed up as well as a few sunny days which always makes me feel more excited about popping on the brighter lips.

Looking at the picture now, the products look very black, but they have actually created a lovely bronzing, Summer look with a bright lip. Whenever I want to wear a vibrant lipstick, I always think a simple eye does the trick. This means neat, strong brows, butterfly lashes and a good contour colour on the cheeks. This is the look I have gone for most of this month. Here goes:


The Balm Concealer – I have really fallen for The Balm products recently. I have this concealer in two tones as the first one I got is a little dark for sun denied skin. Thankfully, the amazingly kind Balm customer services lady sent me a lighter one which is much better for now. The formula is very similar to the MAC sculpt concealer which gives high coverage, but doesn’t cake quite as much.

HD Brows – I got this a long while back in a GLOSSYBOX and loved it for some time. I then veered toward eyebrow pencils and left this little lot at the back of my makeup draw. This month I revived it as it gives a much stronger brow look than my pencil which is needed for a natural eye shadow look.

AVON Everlasting Mascara – I have definitely become a plastic wand convert this year and after starring my Dior mascara  last month I was surprised with my switch over to this new one. This cheap and cheerful product is great for separating my lashes and adding length. It is a good dupe for the Clinique mascara that seems popular around the blogs at the moment and in fact I much prefer this one.

AVON Blush in Russet – I have been using this blush for a long time. I think it was one of the first that I bought and I still love it. It is fantastic for sunny days when you don’t want to add colour to your cheeks but want to pack a little more punch than a bronzer.

REVLON Colorburst Lipstick in Coral – This lipstick is amazing! I absolutely love the formula for this range as it glides on, moisturises and is mega pigmented. This colour is so bold and bright. Pink coral lovers may want to think twice, this is about as orange as a coral gets, but I adore it!

There you have it, my favourite products for June. I have so many makeup products to show you guys this month and even have a naughty clothes haul to post too. The Summer holidays are approaching for me so lots more posts will be coming your way soon,

Enjoy July all and  happy blogging, xxx

My Week In Instagram 11


Hello Everyone,

Another crazy busy week, but I do like it that way! As usual my week in pics seems to consist of food, flowers,makeup and my dog hehe.

Hello Loving Nessie’s shorter coat now that I’m used to it. She is so amusing!

Loving These I am loving these Lanolip products at the moment. The hand cream smell of rosey talc and the 101 ointment works a dream on dry lips.

Wild Spotted these beautiful wild flowers on the bank of the river. Think I need some in my garden!

GLOSSYBOX June 2013 This month’s box is lovely! Check out my last post for a closer look.

Sushi I love sushi! This week my boyfriend treated me to dinner at YO! We stacked up a good pile of dishes. This salmon teryaki was delicious!

A rare sight indeed How cute! Tink holding my friends baby. Not something we get to see often but it suits him don’t you think?

Party Cakes This weekend I made chocolate cakes two ways. These party ones are topped with sprinkles, jazzies and mini mallows.

First Strawberry I’ve been growing berries in my new little garden. This first ripened one tasted yummy!

Sophisticakes Part two of my cake making. Using my new mini sandwich cake tin I had fun with these beauties full of chocolate and toffee frosting.

I have been really pleased with the response to my weekly instagram posts. Oddly to me they are my most viewed and liked which is lovely. At first I wasn’t sure if they would fit in with my beauty posts but it seems quite the opposite. I hope you enjoyed this week’s .

Do pop over to my Instagram and Twitter pages via the sidebar buttons.

Happy Blogging All xxx

My Week in Instagram 10


Hello Everyone,

I haven’t had a chance to blog this week which is a shame but I do have my week of pics and a glossybox and wishlist soon to follow. The celebrations have continued this week with more baby visits and a hen do.

Cuddles I got to have a proper cuddle with Isabella this week. She is so very cute!

Friends & Flowers I got to enjoy a lovely meal with friends who have returned frok Africa after 8 years. This pretty bunch came in hand with their visit.

Coral Tonic I am loving a couple of new maybelline lippies this week. In this pic I am wearing a bright number called Coral Tonic.

I Love Lunch Some of the best lunches are those thrown together from the left over bits in the fridge!

Delia Love my new Delia recipe book and can’t wait to bake some treats.

Yum Wowee, as if the malteser bunny wasn’t scrummy enough, now there’s a big bar.It was so hard to just eat a piece at a time.

Cluck Cluck Here we are enjoying hen (right) celebrations! Congrats to the future Mrs Neate

Little Black Dress And very little it was too! Not my usual style but I enjoyed styling up for a night in Brighton for the hen.

Giggles A weekend full of giggles! Happy times 🙂

Have a lovely week all. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter by clicking on the link at the top of my sidebar.

Happy blogging , xxx