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Day 6 – Lazy Lundi

Hello Everyone,

It appears that Sunday isn’t the only day of rest for France. Most shops are closed am and even the harbour had drips and drabs of tourists this morning.

In spirit of this lazy Lundi, we decided to head to the beach. Roof down, suncream on, new beach towels at the ready we set off for some sun, sea and sand!

In keeping with the quiet Monday mood, the beach was perfectly scattered with just a few other bathers. I enjoyed a good paddle, collected some shells like a kid and took lots of photos with my lovely camera.

After a tiring day, we had a delicious French meal of terrine, duck and creme brulee with a glass of red. Perfect!

Last day in La Rochelle tomorrow so hopefully some shopping shall be done!

Happy Blogging All, xxx


Beauty Travel essentials

I have spent my Summer sunning in Turkey, not so much sunning in Cornwall and generally travelling around visiting friends and family.

When packing for these adventures I found myself overwhelmed with a bathroom of beauty products (and this is before makeup) to choose from.

After much consideration I went away and purchased a mini travel pack of my daily must have Liz Earle kit! With only a couple of additional items I was good to go, and found no real need for any product shopping for the rest of my hols! ( I said no real need ,which is of course very different from the extra items that I wanted!)

Take a sneaky peek inside my bag and see what you think! 🙂

This is the order that I use these products in:

Step 1: Using large baby cotton pads (so much softer and bigger than makeup ones) and Boots Botanics eye makeup remover, gently remove any dark eye makeup! This is really good stuff and the makeup glides away with the smallest amount!

Step 2: Using the Liz Earle hot cloth polishing cleanser, massage a small amount over the face (dry).
Soak and squeeze out the muslin cloth with hot water and wipe off the cleanser.

Step 3: Using a baby cotton pad, sweep a little Liz Earle toner over the face.

Step 4: Massage a small amount of Liz Earle mousturiser into face and neck!

For an extra brightening skin day, use the brightening face mask!


This kit left my face feeling fresh, clear and soft!

What did you use this Summer?

It would be fantastic if you would like,comment or follow me as I have lots more to share! 🙂