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My Week In Photos 18

week 18

Hello Everyone,

I’ve had such a lovely week, enjoying my Summer holidays. I had a long list of important things to get done, but of course I spent most of it with good friends and good food. It’s so nice having the time to do the things you want to do and baking has been one of those things for me this week. Let’s take a look!

Friends – I love nothing more than sitting around with good friend having a good drink and a chin wag. Cocktails have played a big part of this for me this week but this bottle of coke summed up my week perfectly.

Eggy Bread – For my first breakfast of the hols it had to be something a little naughty and comforting. Eggy bread tends to be a treat I make when I’m feeling sorry for myself. In this case it was the opposite. I was celebrating the ability to kick back and lounge.

Kisses – These little gems are the yummiest meringue pieces. See my recipe here and more pics.

Party Princess – I baked some personalised princess cakes for a little girl’s birthday this week. When I’m baking cakes for adults I always feel pressure to make them perfect, but with kids ones I get to play and go over the top with sprinkles and colour.

Wilma – Everyone meet Wilma the tortoise! I love this little pic of my friend’s pet so had to pop it in here. She is a naughty little lady (the tortoise, not the friend…well maybe both).

Snacks – It’s lethal being on holiday with all that time on your hands to eat. I found these yummy part healthy snack this week. Popchips and Marmite rice cakes. Yum!

Sleep – I think Ness has enjoyed me being around more than usual but it does seem to tire her out even more than normal. Bless!

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes – I fancied using some of my lemon meringue kisses up, so of course I made some cakes. These lemon syrup soaked caked filled with curd, are topped with crème fraiche frosting, meringue kisses and lemon peel.

Pamper – Of course I have left in some time for pampering. I am loving this new hair mask. It left my hair feeling so soft and it came in at a cheap £5.

I’m actually off on my first little holiday this week so any posts will be from France. I’m hoping to find the time to do some kind of journal style posting. In the mean time, come and catch up with me on twitter and take a look at my pinterest and Instagram pages too.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


My Week In Instagram 11


Hello Everyone,

Another crazy busy week, but I do like it that way! As usual my week in pics seems to consist of food, flowers,makeup and my dog hehe.

Hello Loving Nessie’s shorter coat now that I’m used to it. She is so amusing!

Loving These I am loving these Lanolip products at the moment. The hand cream smell of rosey talc and the 101 ointment works a dream on dry lips.

Wild Spotted these beautiful wild flowers on the bank of the river. Think I need some in my garden!

GLOSSYBOX June 2013 This month’s box is lovely! Check out my last post for a closer look.

Sushi I love sushi! This week my boyfriend treated me to dinner at YO! We stacked up a good pile of dishes. This salmon teryaki was delicious!

A rare sight indeed How cute! Tink holding my friends baby. Not something we get to see often but it suits him don’t you think?

Party Cakes This weekend I made chocolate cakes two ways. These party ones are topped with sprinkles, jazzies and mini mallows.

First Strawberry I’ve been growing berries in my new little garden. This first ripened one tasted yummy!

Sophisticakes Part two of my cake making. Using my new mini sandwich cake tin I had fun with these beauties full of chocolate and toffee frosting.

I have been really pleased with the response to my weekly instagram posts. Oddly to me they are my most viewed and liked which is lovely. At first I wasn’t sure if they would fit in with my beauty posts but it seems quite the opposite. I hope you enjoyed this week’s .

Do pop over to my Instagram and Twitter pages via the sidebar buttons.

Happy Blogging All xxx

My Week In Instagram 9


Hello Everyone,

It’s that time already; my week in mini pics! I have had the week off for half term so have been seeing lots of friends and chilling out with the pupp. This quite relaxed week is evident in my instagram pics.

Me This is me! I think I was enjoying my hair this particular day so a photo was taken. 🙂

5:2 Diet In short, I’m trying out a diet to try and get rid of some Winter food weight. Nothing drastic so this diet is perfect for me. I still get to eat and have the odd treat which is important for a foody like me.

Sleepy I love that little Ness gets so much more worn out when I’m on holiday. She always finds a cool place to nap. Today, my ipad!

May Faves Loving these products this month. Visit my monthly favourites post from the sidebar!

Still Sleepy Yes Nessie, I can see how comfortable that is for you but now I can’t move!

Coral Tonic What a beaut! I love this bright coral from Maybelline. Review on its way!

Mango Mmmmmm this mango candle from Waitrose smells so good, and only cost me £4!

Loving Lilac This maybelline nail polish is so easy to apply and the light lilac shade is very pretty. Nails ready for the week ahead!

Treat Wowee my weekly treat looks good and tasted even better!

I hope you all had a fab week too! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter just by clicking on the cute little button at the top of my sidebar!

Happy Bloggin All xxx

My Week In Instagram 5


Hello Everyone,
This week my post is a day late. Not because I am late but I hae counted my bank holiday Monday as part of my weekend. It has been a lovely sunny week so eating in the sun has been a common happening!

Birthday Baking 1 these little pretties were bakes for my boufriends mum for her birthday Using my scrummy chocolate recipe and covered in pastel flowers.

Pansy These little beauties popped out all around my garden this week. I love how they look like they have lite faces smiling at you.

April Beauty Favourites Pop over to my sidebar to take a look at the products I was loving this April.

Eating Out Food an flowers seem to be a theme this week. I enjoyed a fab meal with a friend this week. The olives were just the start of an immense meal!

Sleepy With the sun shining, Ness has enjoyed playing in the garden. Evening have left her worn out… At last!

Birthday Baking 2 Dipped fudge, drizzled toffee and two tones icing topped off these naughty chocolate cakes for a friend.

Cherry Blossom My little cherry tree has finally bloomed! It looks so pretty!

Picnic Time With the sun shining, we went for a lovely picnic. Ness pupp enjoye her first full day out.

Salad Break Picnics and BBQ’s aren’t the healthiest, so this yummy caeser salad with extras was a good balance.

Enjoy your week. Follow me on Instagram (click in the sidebar) for updates throughout the week!

Happy Blogging xxx

My Week In Instagram 4

instagram week 4

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a long week but a fun and busy one. My boyfriend Tink is away for work so I have had the house and Nessie all to myself. I’m definitely not cut out to be a single mum haha. As I have spent so much time with the pupp, she features well in this week’s pictures.

Goodnight Products – The items on my bedside table differ from week to week but recently I have had some bits that have stayed by my side at night: Lavender Sleep Spray, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (for my lips), Estee Lauder Night Serum and eye serum, Revlon Polish in Sorbet.

Daffodils – This bunch was so perfect they didn’t look real. In a bright green vase they gave such a Summery feeling to my living room. Huge like!

Playing – It’s been a week of entertaining the dog and we have had lots of fun tumbling around on the carpet. I sent this one to Tink. 🙂

Buttons – I love button, and this £1.99 tin from B&M is the cutest. Now I just need to decide what to do with it.

Calm Time – I don;t know if her eyesight is getting better but Nessie has started to enjoy a good watch recently. First the football on TV and a good people watch out of the window.

Home Sweet Home – After buying a new bench with heart-shaped cut outs this a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist this little bird-cage from Dunelm.

Bed Head – After a nap, Ness looked so cute and fluffy!

Daisy Chain – This beautiful necklace from Buttonsy with real flowers in was featured on my last post. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Femergy? – If anyone has used this product I would love to know. Through a joke conversation at work I am now trialling this energy (all natural, caffeine free) tablet. I haven;t been taking it long enough to review but if it works out well I shall let you know.

That about sums up my week in pics. Lots of time has also been spent with friends but somehow I didn’t manage to get any pictures of that. Next time!

Happy Blogging All, xxx

My Week In Instagram 2

IMG_9859Hello Everyone,

I had a lovely second week to my Easter holidays. It is back to work tomorrow, but here is my second week in Instagram. Hope you enjoy.

  • Slouchin – Nessie found a spot just where she shouldn’t be to relax one afternoon. Cheeky!
  • Flowers – I have been loving the flowers again this week. Bright colours are my fave.  I had a little ramble about them here.
  • Salmon Salad – It’s that time of year when the pie and mash goes and the salads come in! This simple salad of salmon fillet, baby leaf, watercress, new potatoes, green beans,  sanfire and sour cream was delicious!
  • Naughty treats! – When no cupcakes have been made and there is no dessert in the fridge, a bowl of icecream, strawberries and sprinkles is a must!
  • 200 Followers! – Yay! So pleased to have reached 200 followers this week on my blog. I hope it will continue to entertain people. I think I need t do something on my blog to celebrate. Any ideas?
  • Fave post – My favourite post of the week was my nail rescue routine. Read it here.
  • Laid In Chelsea – I am a Made In Chelsea fan (UK TV), and this funny, easy read was great for my Easter holiday read with a good ol’ cuppa!
  • Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes – by far one of my favourite recipes. Check it out here.
  • Lazy Dog  – This naughty little thing often decides to stop walking and chill out on the pavement. Princess or what?

Happy Bloggin All, xxx

My Week in Instagram 1


Hello Everyone,

Although Instagram has been around for a good while, it has taken me a while to get into it. At first I wasn’t sure about the square photo or why people were so impressed with the photo styles it could create so I continued to use other apps and software to have fun with my photos.

More recently, after following a great deal more bloggers, and twitterers, I came acroos so many wonderful Insagrams that I took a full turn and fell head over heels with the little app. This week I enjoyed playing with it so much that I thought I would introduce a new feature to my blog; My Week in Instagram. By no means is this new to any blog readers or writers out there, but for me it is a new fun way to show what naughties I have been up to.

As a school teacher I have had a week off for Easter, so forgive me if my photos are full of food, drink, food and more food.

Photos from top left to bottom right:

  • Waffles – at Sugar & Snow in Horsham. After a whole day of eating on Eatsre Sunday, who would have thought we had room for more!
  • Sleepy Pupp – Nessie was exhausted after a busy weekend with the family.
  • Tea- with friends in Hithchin.
  • Tea Loons – Friends waiting for tea.
  • Spring Refreshers – My boyfriend brought me this lovely bunch home. So pretty I used them for my new header.
  • Easter Cupcakes – It had to be done. Recipe here.
  • More cakes?! – For Grandma’s Birthday I made these pretties.
  • Exploring – The family take a walk to enjoy the one day of sun.
  • Wine – I am not a drinker, but enjoyed a rose and chat with friends.

Happy Blogging All, xxx