My Week In Photos 16

libs wedding3

Hello Everyone,

Apologies that my weekly pics weren’t posted on Sunday this week, but there was a reason for this. This weekend I was lucky enough to celebrate the marriage of two of our friends. It was the most beautiful wedding and I decided that for my photo’s this week I would show you some pictures from the wedding weekend.

The marriage of Mr and Mrs Hughes was amazing! I have never been to such a stunning celebration that represented the couple so magnificently.  Held in a huge secluded field, the vows took place under a beautiful flower arch, friends and family sat on hay bales and the bride arrived on the back of a farm truck. The big tipi full of cute benches, country decorations and the most wonderful selection of cakes was all to die for. We ate, drank and danced the day away. When night time arrived we slept comfortably in a collection of tipis, all labelled with band names in fitting with the couple’s love for music. The best part for me was the chance to get together with all our school friends. These days it’s rare to get the chance to all come together and whenever we do I remember how much fun we all have together.

Thank you Libby and Pete, for such a wonderful day!

Happy Blogging All, xxx


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