Summer Accessory HAUL


Hello Everyone,

It has been so long since I posted something fashion related. This weekend I went on a hunt for some bits to wear for a friend’s wedding. Eventually, after a long day of shop crawling I found a simple white/tan dress that just needed perking up with some fabulous accessories. This part was easy. A trip to my fave, Accessorize, and a few other stores lead me to the perfect accompaniments to the dress. Let’s take a closer look.


I wanted some nude sandals that held my feet well. These are perfect and seriously comfortable. I’m not very good with straps between toes so these hold my foot in all the right places. I love the little gold stud detailing too.


This so very pretty. I adore the colour of the stones, and this will liven and glam up the dress perfectly. I think I will be wearing this a lot this year.

haul 1

I actually picked this one up first, before I spotted the blue stone one, but decided that I loved it enough to buy it too. I am really enjoying the tribal look this year, and this goes perfectly with my other distressed gold accessories.


I have to admit that this is the first ever clutch/strapless bag I have ever bought. I always have to buy a bag that has a long strap to make sure I don’t put my bag down and leave it there. I shall let you know if I do actually return with this one after the wedding, hehe. This tribal gold/blue metal studded bag draws the shoes and the necklace together. It’s nice and big so I can fit my vast amounts of goods in it too.


Finally, to top it all of some little blue stoned earrings. It is crazy hot this end, so something simple to go with a half up/down hair do will work well I think.

Do let me know what you think  of my little purchases, and if jewellery is something you would like to see more of as I have a stupid amount of it hanging on various pretty stands.

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Happy Blogging All, xxx


2 thoughts on “Summer Accessory HAUL

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      Honestly, i love it, but im just not good with clutches! Think i move my hands around too much when i talk to be holding anything haha! I will give it a good go though as it so pretty! Xxx


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