June Beauty Favourites


Hello Everyone,

I’ve had so much fun with makeup this month! There have been lots of opportunities to get dressed up as well as a few sunny days which always makes me feel more excited about popping on the brighter lips.

Looking at the picture now, the products look very black, but they have actually created a lovely bronzing, Summer look with a bright lip. Whenever I want to wear a vibrant lipstick, I always think a simple eye does the trick. This means neat, strong brows, butterfly lashes and a good contour colour on the cheeks. This is the look I have gone for most of this month. Here goes:


The Balm Concealer – I have really fallen for The Balm products recently. I have this concealer in two tones as the first one I got is a little dark for sun denied skin. Thankfully, the amazingly kind Balm customer services lady sent me a lighter one which is much better for now. The formula is very similar to the MAC sculpt concealer which gives high coverage, but doesn’t cake quite as much.

HD Brows – I got this a long while back in a GLOSSYBOX and loved it for some time. I then veered toward eyebrow pencils and left this little lot at the back of my makeup draw. This month I revived it as it gives a much stronger brow look than my pencil which is needed for a natural eye shadow look.

AVON Everlasting Mascara – I have definitely become a plastic wand convert this year and after starring my Dior mascara  last month I was surprised with my switch over to this new one. This cheap and cheerful product is great for separating my lashes and adding length. It is a good dupe for the Clinique mascara that seems popular around the blogs at the moment and in fact I much prefer this one.

AVON Blush in Russet – I have been using this blush for a long time. I think it was one of the first that I bought and I still love it. It is fantastic for sunny days when you don’t want to add colour to your cheeks but want to pack a little more punch than a bronzer.

REVLON Colorburst Lipstick in Coral – This lipstick is amazing! I absolutely love the formula for this range as it glides on, moisturises and is mega pigmented. This colour is so bold and bright. Pink coral lovers may want to think twice, this is about as orange as a coral gets, but I adore it!

There you have it, my favourite products for June. I have so many makeup products to show you guys this month and even have a naughty clothes haul to post too. The Summer holidays are approaching for me so lots more posts will be coming your way soon,

Enjoy July all and  happy blogging, xxx


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