My Week In Instagram 12


Hello Everyone,

It’s been a week of makeup home decor. Life couldn’t be busier, but as the school term draws to a close it’s to be expected. The Summer holidays are on their way!

Happy Father’s Day i know this was actually last Sunday but this ol photo of my brother and I resurfaced for the occasion so I thought Id pop it on here.

Scenting I’m so bad at remembering to wear perfume so when my boyfriend bought me home a bew bottle I made the effort to wear some everyday. These are the three bottle I own!

Moho Ness is looking so cute these days. What’s a week in instagram without the puppy feature. Sporting a funky hair do after her bath!

Tribal Im loving this necklace from Topshop that bought for my friend’s hen do. Ive worn a few more times already.

Purple & Pink I think this is the only purple item of clothing I own but I enjoyed it paired up with a pink lipstick for a meal out this week.

I ❤ Watermelon Oh my! I absolutely love this watermelon revlon lip butter! It has sent me into a watermelon frenzy!

Clock Our house is taking shape now and this weekend things have finally gone up on walls! This destressed blue clock looks lovely in my nautical bedroom.

Us I was given a cool photo canvas gadget for Christmas and decided to print and put it together this weekend. I used my instagram pics in black and white to cover it!

Blue Skies I wish! I love this little pic. Some words are just right. 🙂

I hope you all had a good week! Don’t forget to stop by to read my other posts and that you can follow me on twitter and Instagram by clicking the buttons at the top of my sidebar.

Happy Blogging All xxx


2 thoughts on “My Week In Instagram 12

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