Chocolate Cakes 2 ways!

Hello Everyone,

I do love a bit of cake making. I love baking up different flavours and finding the best recipes I can but once I have found an amazing recipe I can’t just leave it at that. One of my favourite parts of cupcake making is the prettying up. I love finding new ways to make cakes look extra scrummy and fun. This week I decided to make some cupcakes using my favourite chocolate buttermilk cupcake recipe. I had two different clientele in mind; my dad, for Father’s Day and the celebration of a little baby girl. I decided to make up one batch of mixture and icing but to use it two ways: Retro Party cakes and Sophisticakes.

party choc

Retro Party Cakes

These little party cakes were very fun to make. They are baked in little polka dot cases and filled with toffee sauce. I then iced a swirl of toffee frosting around the edge, a flower of chocolate fudge in the middle and then topped them with a retro jazzie, mini mallows and confetti sprinkles. Fun and Yum!


Mini Sophisticakes

I love these more elegant mini cakes. I used my fab new mini sandwich tin, poring the mixture into each hole, baking and then popping them out when baked. I then sliced them in half and iced a pattern with the two frostings, popped the top on and added a swirl of chocolate and a choccy coffee bean. Delicious!

Chocolate cakes two ways: done! Lovely.

Happy Blogging all, xxx


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