My Week In Instagram 9


Hello Everyone,

It’s that time already; my week in mini pics! I have had the week off for half term so have been seeing lots of friends and chilling out with the pupp. This quite relaxed week is evident in my instagram pics.

Me This is me! I think I was enjoying my hair this particular day so a photo was taken. 🙂

5:2 Diet In short, I’m trying out a diet to try and get rid of some Winter food weight. Nothing drastic so this diet is perfect for me. I still get to eat and have the odd treat which is important for a foody like me.

Sleepy I love that little Ness gets so much more worn out when I’m on holiday. She always finds a cool place to nap. Today, my ipad!

May Faves Loving these products this month. Visit my monthly favourites post from the sidebar!

Still Sleepy Yes Nessie, I can see how comfortable that is for you but now I can’t move!

Coral Tonic What a beaut! I love this bright coral from Maybelline. Review on its way!

Mango Mmmmmm this mango candle from Waitrose smells so good, and only cost me £4!

Loving Lilac This maybelline nail polish is so easy to apply and the light lilac shade is very pretty. Nails ready for the week ahead!

Treat Wowee my weekly treat looks good and tasted even better!

I hope you all had a fab week too! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter just by clicking on the cute little button at the top of my sidebar!

Happy Bloggin All xxx


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