On The Lookout: Fashion Blogger!


Hello Everyone,

Just a quick post now, but my May Beauty Faves is on its way later today!

I have been blogging for a while now and am delighted with the reception I am getting from readers. I have enjoyed playing with makeup since I was young as crafting and creating is in my blood. Making up a face is like painting a picture or decorating cupcakes to me, and as long as I don’t mix the icing up with foundation it’s all good!
I have also been a fan of ICT too; always playing with photos, creating and typing bits here and there, so beauty blogging seems like the perfect past time for me!

I do have a full time teaching job which means I am a busy bee for most of the week so fitting in my beloved blogging is fun but a squeeze. I wish I could spend more time on it but that’s life.

Recently I have been thinking that the fashion side of my blog is dwindling and I would love my readers to have more posts from this blog pop up each week.

That is where you may come in! I have decided to search for a fashion lover who fancies joining me and my blog. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who loves fashion and photography to start their own posts without the scary ‘new blog’ startup. No experience? Lots of it? Either way, Ive not seen many collaboration blogs so just fancy a go at it! Don’t be shy! 🙂

If you think you would like to join me on a little blogging venture please email me at shalilives@hotmail.com
I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Blogging All xxx


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