Colours of the Rainbow – Beauty Favourites


Hello Everyone,

The idea for this post came from a popular tag that I most recently watched on my fave vloggers channel (EssieButton). Although this isn’t a vlog, and I haven’t been tagged by anyone, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to cover a post in colour.

The idea for this tag is to choose a favourite product for each colour of the rainbow. As easy as this sounds, it is actually quite a tricky task as finding products for every colour isn’t as easy it seems. I either had far too many to choose from, or had none at all so had to cheat slightly. I also tried to choose only one product from each category so that I didn’t end up with lots of lipstick and nail polishes. This challenge was however extremely fun to put together so I urge anyone and everyone to have a go. Let’s begin:


Stila  Convertible Color in Poppy

This is a new product in my collection and I have used it nearly everyday since it was delivered. I am now a cream blush convert as it is so easy to blend and gives such a natural glow to the cheeks. I don’t have any other red blushes and I don’t know why as of course a red flush to the cheek is the most natural look. I had a pile of red lipsticks to start off with but decided this product was my favourite.

orange Real Techniques – Buffing & Contour Brushes

I thought I’d mix it up a little and choose some beauty tools for this one. I was tempted to choose my favourite orange/coral sleek blush but change my mind when I spotted these lying by my mirror. Since makeup became some what a hobby for me a few years back, these have been by far my best discovery. I couldn’t apply my foundation without my trusty buffer, and this little contour brush is perfect for apply cream blush and highlighter.

yellowBurt’s Bees

When I think of beauty and yellow I think of this lovely collection. I realise this is the first of my little cheats, as not all of their products are actually yellow but yellow isn’t a colour that you would find across my makeup stash. If you opened up my skin care draw however, you would find a great deal of this yellow packaging. I love the collection, from shampoo to foot scrub, and a huge favourite of mine are the lip balm sticks in pomegranate and honey.

greenLiz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Moisturiser and Skin Tonic

Another cheat, but a well deserved winner for green. I think the only green makeup product I own is a rarely used eyeliner and although I have a vast array of mint nail polishes, I had to save that spot for later. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish has been part of my daily skin care routine for years now. Even though I have tried many other creams, lotions and oils, I always come back to this beauty as it never fails to clean and soften my skin. The whole collection is fab but these three are my faves.

blueRimmel Lycra Pro Polish in Aqua Cool

No doubt about it, this is not only my favourite blue beauty product but is also my favourite nail polish of this season. Blue can be a hard colour to pull off but this soft seaside cutie looks lovely. The formula is fantastic; it applies easily and lasts a long time without chipping.

purpleBenefit Hoola Bronzer

Okay, so I don’t do purple. As an eye shadow it really doesn’t work for me. I can get away with mink and mauve but  that’s about it. This bronzer was one of the first makeup items I brought many years back and as you can see it is still going strong. I alternate between a few bronzer, this one being my Summer favourite, and I love the tone and texture of it.

pinkRevlon – Lip Butter in Lollipop

Wow this was a toughy. I literally had a heap of pink products to choose from. Blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, glosses, polishes…help! In the end I decided that as a lipstick hadn’t been chosen yet that I must have been saving it for last. I lined all of my pink lipsticks up. I had ones for day, night, bright, pale, shimmery, matt, glossy etc. Eventually I decided that my most fabulous and most worn had to be this one. I love Revlon, adore the lip butters and this colour is amazing. A dupe for many expensive lipsticks like MAC’s Girl About Town, this is a lipstick that I think every girl should own. These are by far the easiest lipstick to wear if you are not one for bright and bold as they are so easy to apply, are buildable and don’t need a liner.

So there you have it, my rainbow of beauty, I’m really pleased to see the final selections and would love to see what you would choose for yours. If you decide to have a go please do comment in the box below with a link to yours.

Thanks for reading, xxx


4 thoughts on “Colours of the Rainbow – Beauty Favourites

  1. Sam

    I just bought a Revlon lip butter and, I seriously love it! It’s such a good product. I use Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish, and toner, but I don’t think I will be repurchasing the toner. It just hasn’t done much for me in my opinion.

      1. Sam

        They are addictive! Luckily, Revlon is good about coupons so, I can buy more without feeling too guilty!

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