My Week In Instagram 8


Hello Everyone,

It has been a week of being ‘grown up’ with lots of fun changes.

Before Nessie had a trip to the groomers as her coat was very matted. This was her scraggy before shot.

After Ness now looks like a completely different dog. Hehe!

Rosey My inside flowers this week were a lovely bunch of bright orange roses. I liked the pic in black and white though.

I heart Stila I really do! These blushes arrived last weekend and I have worn them everyday since. Post review coming soon!

Gardening Our garden is beginning to shape up thanks to Tink and Nessie! The strawberries went into their hanging basket today.

Pansies I featured my pansies a few weeks back and they have multiplied since into this beautiful pot-full of colour!

Welcome! This week my best friend had her lovely little bubba Isabella. She is so adorable!

Cheese Night I love me some cheese. A great night in with friends eating and laughing was the perfect start to our half term holiday.

Froglet Little Isabella is all snuggled up wearing a pair of socks as gloves. Cute!

Apologies for the lack of beauty posts this week but I have a few up my sleeve for this coming week while I’m on holiday.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


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