My Week In Instagram 6


Hello Everyone,

This week’s pics seem very random but I think I like that. None of them are beauty related, mainly because I am isless at having my camera with me when doing my makeup. This is why food features so much; my phone is always near me when I’m eating.

BBQ In the lovely weather we had a scrummy BBQ and boy was it delicious!

Outdoors It was lovely to be able to take my class outside this week. On Monday we enjoyed a whole day of lessons out in the sun!

Caught you! I caught Tink and Nessie play fighting. I don’t know which one looks naughtier here.

WI Butcher I recently joined a young persons WI (women’s institute) as I thought it would be a great place to share my love for crafts and baking. This week we had a surprisingly interesting talk by a butcher.

Eggy bread I love this stuff! I also got to enjoy some o my meat from the WI eve!

Out of breath With all of the yummy food being consumed I felt the need to attempt some sort of fitness. My first lap of jogging was hard work.

Tea Party My frien and I made a lovely tea party for friends today. How pretty!

Mini Victorias I love these little sponges we made using my new mini sandwhich making tin.

See, very random! I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my busy world.
Have a great week,


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