April Beauty Favourites

april favoutites

Hello Everyone,

It has been a very busy month for me so makeup has had to be quick and easy. The sun has also decided to show its face so the freckles are appearing and the skin needs to look sun-kissed. It was easy for me to choose my favourites this month as I have worn them an awful lot. Here they are:

april faves all

Maybelline – BB Cream I used this all of last Summer without foundation. I had a good tan then so foundation wasn’t needed. I have worn it alone a few times this month but have mostly used it a s base under a thin sweep of foundation. This is the only BB cream I have really liked the formula for. I use Medium and love that is has spf 30 too.

bare minerals – Mineral Veil I have had this product for a long time. It is a powder that I go back to often, and this month I have used it most days. As the weather has been heating up, I didn’t want last months dewy look to go to the extreme. No one wants to go from glowing to sweating. This powder is by far my favourite. It has no colour or scent and sweeps across the face easily without leaving a particularly powdered look. Make up stays in place!

H & M – Bronzer If you are looking for a low-priced, fantastic bronzer then this is perfect! I picked this up whilst waiting in the queue last Summer and now that the sun is back it is time to bring it back to life. I have lots of bronzers but this warm toned beauty is the best I have for contouring and for giving a natural all over sun-kissed look.

MAC – Honey Lust This is a lustre eyeshadow that I bought a long time ago but rarely used it. It looks a little bashed around as I once tried to move it into the palette with no success. This month I reached deep into my shadows and found this again. It really is a pretty peach gold that is great for the Summer. I have been using it with a lighter gold in the corner, a good bronzer and some bright lips.

YSL -Volupte Sheer Candy 6 Oh my this is the most beautiful lipstick. It feels like a balm and gives a shiny sheer look  but is incredibly pigmented at the same time. This is perfect for days when you don’t want to fuss with application but you want your lips to look fab. I would love some more. Sadly the price tag is a little too high.

Revlon – Colorstay Topcoat This is by far the best high street top coat I have found. It dries very quickly and my nails can go at least a week without chipping.

Please do share you your monthly favourites with me by commenting with your link below.

Have a lovely May everyone, xxx


4 thoughts on “April Beauty Favourites

  1. Sam

    I love bareMinerals! I’ve tried their mineral veil a couple of times because my mom owns it, but I’ve never bought some for myself. You’re right though. It might be something good to get for summer.

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      I love mineral veil! So many people rave about rimmel stay matt powder but i find i can tell i have powder on with that! With bareminerals I really can’t tell apart from how well it makes my makeup hold and how soft mu skin feels after. 🙂 xx


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