My Week In Instagram 3


Hello Everyone,

It’s been a busy week going back to work but the sun has finally decided to shine so much of the week has been about celebrating that!

  • Blue Moon Experimenting with the ‘third finger alternative polish’ trend I popped on some happy Barry M in Blue moon. That third finger is topped off with some Topshop Glitter Polish.
  • Angel Yeh right! Nessie pupp is good at the old I’m an angel face. Cheeky thing!
  • Throw Back Friday A first for me but happen to join the bandwagon. This is a picture of me and my little friend Ben. My hair is no longer blonde but my cheeks are still as round.
  • Really Good Rice Pot This lovely pot is a fool-proof wonder for cooking rice. Bought at a Jamie Oliver party I can’t wait to cook some more inventive Summer meals with this baby.Buy one here.
  • Sunny Sky The first time I have been able to enjoy my new garden. Not a cloud in site. Good times.
  • GlossyBox Love The most beautiful edition of the beauty box was delivered this week. See my review here.
  • Gold Love my pretty new necklace from Accessorize. Sunshine and bunting all in one. Buy one here.
  • Dip it! After enjoying a somewhat BBQ with friends and realising I had no desert (sin), I fashioned this little platter of chocolate dipped strawberries, marshmallows and popcorn. Yum!
  • Too Cute Little Nessie playing with her favourite bear. Cute!

Thanks for reading. It is really fun to look back over the week and remember fun times. Follow me on Instagram here. I love finding new people to follow and enjoy your thoughts.

Happy Blogging All, xxx



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