Must Have – L’Oreal Lip Stain Review

Hello Everyone,

I have made a wonderful discovery! These L’Oreal Glam Shine Lip Stain Splash are a mouth full to say, but they are worth the effort.

I own a few lip glosses but rarely wear them as they tend not to give too much colour and are often a little too shiny for everyday wear. These beauties are amazing. Not only do they come in the most gorgeous colours, they are extremely pigmented, stain incredibly, smell yummy and shine fantastically. Now I have run out of adjectives I think it’s time for some photos.


loreal lipstains

There are a few colours ni the range. I had to force myself to leave the orange one behind as my coral/orange obsession is becoming as bad as my lipstick one so instead I picked up these.

Lolita gives is a pretty neutral dusky pink. As the stain sets, my lips became a darker and shinier. A great one for days when your eyes are the center of attention but you want your lips to look good too.

Juliet is amazing! The colour is very vibrant. A very pinky red. The stain power on this will require a good Bioderma scrub before bedtime but it will last all day and aswell as being very easy apply, doesn’t look harsh around the edges as some red lipsticks do. This takes the just bitten look to another level.

Marilyn I own a couple of fuscia pink lippies and they are so much fun to wear. This blue toned one is so bright but looks elegant too. I wore this out for a meal that included soup, ice-cream and a few drinks and still had pink lips when I got home.

I am a huge fan of these (must resist the orange one). They are 2 for 1 in BOOTS at the moment so go on out and get yourself one… or three!

Happy Blogging All. xxx


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