GLOSSYBOX April 2013


Hello Everyone,

My long-awaited GLOSSYBOX is here! I try so hard not to look at posts before mine arrives (often days after others), but this time I may have caught sight of the deliciously vintage style box and had my fingers crossed for a few items. I like that everyone gets a different selection of goodies, that is untill someone gets something that I would have loved.


I am really pleased with this month’s box. Aswell as the stunning box, which I will be using as storage for my ever-growing makeup stash, the five items inside are lovely! Some are more than lovely, and I did jump up and down at one. The sun briefly popped its head out today, so I ran outside to take some snaps before it went back into hiding. Let’s get started.

aprilnail6Essie Nail Lacquer – Nice is Nice

I have to start with the cream of the crop. I mean who doesn;t adore an Essie polish? Out of the fifteen possible shades I received this beautiful lilac. I own two other purple polishes, one very vibrant and the other extremely light. This shade fits perfectly between the two. I love pastels that have a grey tone to them. This is verging on mink. Lovely!

april1NIP + FAB – Dry Skin Body Butter in Pistachio

 I often see this brand in shops but have never bought anything. Aside from the fact that it looks a little bit like a tub of snot or putty, and I would have loved the mango, this is a great product. It smells yummy and it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Any other recommendations from the brand?

april3MODELCO – Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosey Red

This little tube is usually a pricey one at £15 so I expect it to work well. I was once tempted to by a Benefit product that looks similar to this but wasn’t brave enough. I’m not sure the shade is particularly Spring like, and rubbed into to my hand it does resemble a bruise, but on the cheeks and lips it stains well (Bioderma needed) and I look forward to giving it a go, maybe for an evening look.

aprilperf5YVES ROCHER FRANCE – Eau De Parfum

This is a popular brand with GLOSSYBOX. They are a great company for giving free bit away and the catalogue that arrives each month is always full of offers. I absolutely love their Sexy Pulp Mascara, but haven’t yet bought anything else from them that GLOSSYBOX have tempted me with. I do love that this taster actually comes in a mini bottle, unlike the normal testers that come in the tiny tube sprays. If I say it just smells like perfume, pro perfume buyers will probably be disgusted at my lack of sniffing skills, but it does. It smells how I imagine the average perfume to smells; floral and strong.

aprilspf4SUNSENSE- Daily Face SPF

I have never come across this brand before but a tinted SPF face cream is always handy. It is very light in colour but smooths out almost transparent anyway. My main concern is the lack of lid. It is a small tube but I don’t see myself using it up in one go. Once that top is snapped off, that seems to be it.

I am very much looking forward to experimenting with these. Now that I have posted I would love to see what other items and shades people got in their boxes. Please do comment with a link to your page if you have a GLOSSYBOX post this month.

Happy Spring All, xxx


5 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX April 2013

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      It depends on you. If you cant afford an extra £12 a month or it would have to be the only beauty bits you bought then no. If you like unwrapping unknown presents, enjoy testing out new things and love beauty stuff then yes! Every box i have had has been worth £12 and sometimes its worth much more. Eg this month just the essie (£8) and cheek stain (£15) already come way over £12. It is very fun! 🙂 x

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