My Week In Instagram 2

IMG_9859Hello Everyone,

I had a lovely second week to my Easter holidays. It is back to work tomorrow, but here is my second week in Instagram. Hope you enjoy.

  • Slouchin – Nessie found a spot just where she shouldn’t be to relax one afternoon. Cheeky!
  • Flowers – I have been loving the flowers again this week. Bright colours are my fave.  I had a little ramble about them here.
  • Salmon Salad – It’s that time of year when the pie and mash goes and the salads come in! This simple salad of salmon fillet, baby leaf, watercress, new potatoes, green beans,  sanfire and sour cream was delicious!
  • Naughty treats! – When no cupcakes have been made and there is no dessert in the fridge, a bowl of icecream, strawberries and sprinkles is a must!
  • 200 Followers! – Yay! So pleased to have reached 200 followers this week on my blog. I hope it will continue to entertain people. I think I need t do something on my blog to celebrate. Any ideas?
  • Fave post – My favourite post of the week was my nail rescue routine. Read it here.
  • Laid In Chelsea – I am a Made In Chelsea fan (UK TV), and this funny, easy read was great for my Easter holiday read with a good ol’ cuppa!
  • Chocolate Buttermilk Cupcakes – by far one of my favourite recipes. Check it out here.
  • Lazy Dog  – This naughty little thing often decides to stop walking and chill out on the pavement. Princess or what?

Happy Bloggin All, xxx


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