Nail Rescue Routine

nails grow2

Hello Everyone,

A while back I watched a vlog by one of my faves EssieButton. She was discussing a product called Nail Envy. Due to her very persuasive speech, I decided it was about time I sorted out my sad nails and got them ready for my ridiculously huge collection of Spring polishes.

Off I popped to Boots, bought a regretful amount of  beauty items and headed home to start the daily regime. No word of a lie I tell you the stuff is a miracle! In just 3 weeks I have lengthened and strengthened my nails better than any attempt made before.

nails grow

Let’s have a little look at what I got up to each day:

nails grow1

1.Mavala Cuticle Remover I have had this stuff lying around in a draw for years probably . (I assume I got it from a Boots or Superdrug) I slather it onto my cuticles and leave. Note: Do note place fingers in mouth after use. I may have removed my tastes buds.

2. I have one of these million step nail files. File, even out, smooth, buff and shine. Honestly I didn’t use each side very often, maybe twice a week but it does do a good job of sprucing up icky nails.

3. Now the cuticles are all soft I gently push them back and scrape away any stragglers.

4. Nail Envy A layer of this works a treat. I have been using it as my bottom coat towards the end of my nail growing month. I can’t believe how much stronger my nails feel and how quickly they have grown.

5. Lanolips Hand Cream This cream from Boots is a little pricey but well worth it. It’s mouse like texture soaks in very quickly, and it smell like baby talc (rose scented).

That is it! It takes about 5 minutes each evening, and has worked a treat for me. Now I can pop on the polishes I keep buying and enjoy have long elegant nails… until one snaps, I get cross and file them all off 😉Pictures

Happy Blogging All, xxx


9 thoughts on “Nail Rescue Routine

  1. Bloomin' Escape DIY Home & Garden, Humour and Family bliss

    Hello there, just a tidbit, I thought I would share. I was a hairdresser for 7 years. Part of the course training is esthetics, which included, nails,/ manicures, hair removal, skin care/facials. These are all on the exam.~ We were taught never to remove cuticles, only to gently push them back & moisturize them regularly. Cuticle trimmers, were to be used only to remove hangnails and never remove cuticles. The reason for this is a high risk of infection around & into the nail bed which can lead to permanant damage to the nail. Cuticles are the barrier of protection between your nails and fingers, which prevent bacteria from entering your body. 🙂

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      Yes i know thanks hun. That’s why i only push them back (no clippers in my routine). The only time i cut anything is if i have a random bit “straggler” glapping around lol.

  2. Tippy Temperley

    I do love a million step nail file. I don’t really use the other steps that often, but I like that I have that option. lol x

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  5. 5th & Farmer

    I just tried Nail Envy for the first time this weekend and I’m so pleased to see how well it worked on you! I’m excited to see if my nails will actually retain length now, without breaking off at the slightest touch. Thanks for the review.

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      Excellent! Make sure to pop it under any nail polish and to remove and renew it at least 3 times each week, at least while you are growing them! I ised to grow my nail and within a few weeks they had all snapped, peeled or bent off. Now i have had them long for months and just have to file them down each week! 🙂 xxx


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