Non-Beauty Favourites


Hello Everyone,

I was making a non-beauty wish list last night and decided that it would be nice to show you some of the favourite things that I already have. They are bits and pieces I have been really enjoying lately.

We haven’t been living in our new house for long so not many of the rooms are decorated and furnished how I would eventually like them to be. That said, there are lots of items that I do love and have or will be basing the rest of my decor around.

non beauty faves1

Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely/PURE

Up first is this beautiful radio by PURE, using one of Orla Kiely’s designs, Abacus Flower. Orla Kiely, for those of you who are yet to discover her, started out as a hat designer, and her vintage style 60’s prints can now be found on clothing, bags, kitchen ware and even cars. I recently posted some images of her products on my home blog and also have a basil & mint candle from her collection on my wish list.

This time, she has paired up with PURE to design this gorgeous Portable DAB Digital and FM Radio. I love the slate grey/blue design, with a splash of colour in the flower centers, and I like seeing a wooden finish on a something electronic as it  makes it feel less techno in my shabby chic style house.

I have to admit I have never been much of radio listener but with my more recent introduction to DAB digital radio, I have found myself enjoying a secret little boogie to Magic, tidying with Planet rock and chilling out with Smooth (should I be telling you this?).

There are also two more designs which are also very pretty.  Ooo, now I’m in the mood for some music.

non beauty faves3

 Vintage style suitcases – Home Sense

I have owned the top two beauties for a while, but moving into out new house, I needed something pretty to store my belts, scarves and hair care items. When I saw these I couldn’t leave them in the shop. I love that they were cheap as chips, are actually just boxes, but have the most beautiful shabby chic pattern on. The leather handle and working fasteners are so cute. I wish I could actually use them as suitcases when I go away.

Saying that, I did recently take a trip to see family and did put some of my clothes in the bottom case. It held really well and as you can see is still in one piece.

Every time I go into Home Sense, I have to draw myself away from the rest fo their pretty boxes or I would end up with stack of them lying around and would in turn end up buying even more stuff to fill them.

non beauty faves2Flowers

It is fair to say that the weather in the UK has been appalling considering it has now been Spring for a good few weeks! With no sun, no blossom on the trees I have resorted to over compensating with flowers all over my house. I can’t resist a fresh bunch of pretty blooms; the brighter the better! You will have noticed that flowers have been appearing all over my blog at the moment. My header now dons the lovely bunch my boyfriend got me this week, and some of my makeup pictures have been decorated with them too. There is something about them that jus makes me smile and fills a room with a fresh Summery feel.

non beauty favesLindt Chocolate Bunny – Large

Oh my! I don’t know if you are an Instagram follower of mine, but you may have seen the ridiculous amount of chocolate my family accumulated this Easter. Amongst the hordes I brought home were these two cuties (I say 2, there were 3). I am and have always been a chocolate fan. Not just like some people, I’m talking major chocoholic. You know when you are at a restaurant and people order a chocolate dessert, then half way through they say “It’s very rich”, “It’s lovely but I can’t possibly finish it”… yeh that doesn;t happen to me. I will eat yours if you don’t want it! So yes, chocolate had to be in my favourites this I just need to eat it all and get on with my life.

A random assortment of faves, yes, but it was fun telling you about them. I would love to hear what you have been loving in your house, and please do comment with links to similar posts you have written,

Happy Blogging All, xxx



7 thoughts on “Non-Beauty Favourites

  1. Tippy Temperley

    I absolutely adore your flower arrangements! 🙂 They’re so bright and uplifting. Can I ask where you bought the vases? They’re wonderful!

      1. Tippy Temperley

        Oooh yay! You’re welcome! As an honourary 200th follower of yours, I hereby declare that I will most definitely be scouring the local Ikea for good vases! x

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