I’m loving – Rimmel Pro Polish – Aqua Cool

march faves2

Rimmel Pro Polish – Aqua Cool £4.99

Hello Everyone,

My nails didn’t do too well this Winter, and only recently after a great discovery (OPI Nail Envy) and a few weeks of a strict nail care routine, my nails are ready for Spring polishes! I was wondering if anyone would like me to post my nail care routine as it has helped me grow my nails incredibly in just a few weeks. Comment below if you fancy that!

I recently posted my Spring nail polish collection but of course I spotted this one and didn’t have a blue already so whoops it slipped into my basket. Its is a purple toned blue and reminds me of sunny holidays with blue skies and calm seas. I do find that sometimes blue polishes are quite hard to wear when you aren’t a teenager. I have had some lighter, brighter blues in the past but this one is a little more elegant and not so garish.

march faves1

As for application, I enjoy Rimmel’s thicker brush, although I realise many don’t. Three swipe, middle, then one on each side, covers my nails perfectly and although I did add two coats, the formula is opaque enough for me. I always find Rimmel  polishes last long on my nails, especially with a good top coat. I am using Revlon’s top coat at the moment as it dries very quickly and leaves a nice shine.

Let me know what you think, and what your must have Spring polish is!

Happy Blogging All,x


4 thoughts on “I’m loving – Rimmel Pro Polish – Aqua Cool

  1. Sam

    This is a nice shade. I’ve never tried Rimmel nail polish, but my mom is in love with OPI’s nail envy. You’re right about blue being kind of color that you have to be sort of selective with when you put it on your nails, kind of like red lipstick shades – you have to kind of think about it. I just bought some of Essie’s Bikini So Teeny, which is a nice light blue shade, and it’s amazing.

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      I did have the bikini so teeny on a wishlist but when i saw aqua cool i decided to go for that for now. Rimmel polishes in my opinion apply better than opi or essie, as much as i love them too! Xxx

  2. themakeuphound

    This is delicious! I have posted a few of my latest blues on twitter and one got a tonne of RT’s was the Gelly nails in turquoise which is quite springy too. GOSH also have some nice blues. I’l def pick this up tho – thanks for the post 🙂 x


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