Pump it up – Shoe HAUL


Hello Everyone,

I’m in shock; the sun it out! Could Spring finally have made its way here? I hope so, as my new shoes were bought for this very season. after months and months of wearing boots, I decided it was about time I topped up on lighter footwear. Pumps aer a staple in my shoe collection but lots of them are a little tattered after last year so I felt a few new pairs were a good idea.

Anyone that knows me will already be aware of my ‘quantity over quality’ shoe rule. I’m not very good at buying expensive footwear as I like to have lots of different pairs and I also enjoy re-buying far too often to stretch my purse to the finer shoe. I look for comfort and cuteness generally, so the purchases I made yesterday were perfect.

First stop, New Look. Last year the pastel espadrilles were in and my yellow ones were worn so often I picked up two pairs of this years’ collection.

shoe owl

Sticking to black, white and navy, this year they are selling plain and patterned. I fell in love with this owl patterned pair, and as they were two for £10, bought a simple navy pair too.

shoe navy

My wardrobe for the Spring/Summer is full of t-shirt dresses, jeans and pastel tops, so casual pumps are something I can sling on to walk, shop, or relax. This grey pair from Primark are a complete bargain and are such a good fit.

shoe grey

Next up, H & M. I figure these ballet pumps will pair up nicely with my seasonal dresses. I do have a few lighter pastel shades already so these simple darker ones are perfect for evenings when I can’t cope with wearing heels, and let’s face it, for me that is most of the time.


Thanks to a long-awaited sunny day in the garden, taking photos was fun today!

What shoes will you be wearing this season? I would love links to any heels HAULs so that I can ogle over them and wish I could wear them!

Happy Blogging All, xxx


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