My Week in Instagram 1


Hello Everyone,

Although Instagram has been around for a good while, it has taken me a while to get into it. At first I wasn’t sure about the square photo or why people were so impressed with the photo styles it could create so I continued to use other apps and software to have fun with my photos.

More recently, after following a great deal more bloggers, and twitterers, I came acroos so many wonderful Insagrams that I took a full turn and fell head over heels with the little app. This week I enjoyed playing with it so much that I thought I would introduce a new feature to my blog; My Week in Instagram. By no means is this new to any blog readers or writers out there, but for me it is a new fun way to show what naughties I have been up to.

As a school teacher I have had a week off for Easter, so forgive me if my photos are full of food, drink, food and more food.

Photos from top left to bottom right:

  • Waffles – at Sugar & Snow in Horsham. After a whole day of eating on Eatsre Sunday, who would have thought we had room for more!
  • Sleepy Pupp – Nessie was exhausted after a busy weekend with the family.
  • Tea- with friends in Hithchin.
  • Tea Loons – Friends waiting for tea.
  • Spring Refreshers – My boyfriend brought me this lovely bunch home. So pretty I used them for my new header.
  • Easter Cupcakes – It had to be done. Recipe here.
  • More cakes?! – For Grandma’s Birthday I made these pretties.
  • Exploring – The family take a walk to enjoy the one day of sun.
  • Wine – I am not a drinker, but enjoyed a rose and chat with friends.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


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