Spring Jewellery HAUL

jewellery haul

Hello Everyone.

It’s the Easter holidays for me this week, so a little shopping had to be done. As well as some Spring wardrobe additions (saving for another post), I got myself a few extra treats to accessorise my Spring outfits. As you can see from my jewellery stands in my Mirror Mirror… post, I am already drowning in an abundance of trinkets, but this is a collection I have been building over many years, so a little more won’t hurt… right?

My first stop was Forever 21, a site that I have to admit, I had not ventured onto before now. Ooo so may pretty things! I think I ended up with a basket full to the brim that I then had to sadly slim down dramatically. So here they are, the chosen few:


I have a similar pair to this in studs, which I wore so often last Summer.

I thought these would look great with a maxi dress or a simple black top and trousers.


I can’t quite seem to get into the pointy stud trend. Maybe it’s my age but it just seems a little scary to me and I don’t think I would pull it off.

 I do however like these little pyramids that I think will go with any of my simple or colourful outfits.


I just can’t get enough of the Spring pastel trend.

Mint green and Coral are ultimate faves, and I couldn’t resist these cute little knots to pair up with my dresses this season.

haul jew 1

I don’t actually own many statement necklaces, so thought it was about time I did.

This necklace seemed perfect for the job as the colour would go with anything and the elegant shape suits my body shape.

A while back when I started my blog, I added a cute necklace to my wish list from a small company called Buttonsy. I love the ideas of buying bits that nor many people will have and this is the perfect site for that. They make the most adorable accessories, and at last I decided I had to have a few of their pieces. I chose the following, and will be visiting them again shortly I’m sure:

haul jew 11

Woodland animals seem to be popular at the moment.

I love this badger with his fabric like ears.


 I have seen this style of bird all over the Etsy shops.

These are too sweet for words.

Finally, I made my way into a store called Outfit. I hadn’t seen it until it appeared in my local retail park. The shop stocks a variety of brands including many of my favourites: Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Wallis and many more. I tried this necklace on with a dress I was buying but then left it in the dressing room and forgot about it. I then did a loop of Boots (as you do), and decided that I had to go back and get it.


I like the how chunky this is without being too over the top.

It stands out against the black which I think will work well if I group it with some other necklaces to create a statement piece.

So there you go! I think I need to go and have a lie down now. I mustn’t pick up the iPad and browse any more shops. Not for a few days anyway 😉

Happy Blogging All, xxx


12 thoughts on “Spring Jewellery HAUL

  1. Sam

    Wow, Forever 21 is expensive where you live (the UK?). The best part about Forever 21 in the US is that it’s for the most part pretty cheap. I’ve gotten big statement necklaces there for like $7, which is around 4 or so pounds. The best time to shop there is towards the end of a season when they start switching out their stock, and they do a huge sale on their jewelry. You picked up a lot of cute things. I’m jealous of all your new goodies! I like the pyramid studs.

    1. frombeauty2fashion Post author

      Thanks for commenting 🙂
      I had a look on the forever21 website in uk and us just to see. It looks like the necklaces on the us site vary from 6.40 to around 15, which is similar to the uk one. The necklace I chose was slightly more than some on our site, but I really liked it. Anything cheaper than £10 for a necklace or £3 for eaarings in the uk normally means it will turn your skin blue hehe.
      🙂 xxx

      1. Sam

        lol. Yeah, I would try to avoid turning your skin blue. If you look like a blueberry, that might not exactly be worth the savings. 😛

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