Mirror Mirror…


Hello Everyone,

Now that my spare room is all sorted, I can finally use it as my little dressing room.My jewellery is sorted in various pretty ways, my clothes are tucked away nicely, and my makeup is arranged into draws in my ever so handy GlossyBox boxes.

This week I popped into BOOTS, as you do, and aswell as purchasing a few naughty makeup products, I spotted this No7 mirror in the sale. I had seen it in various vloggers videos and had wanted it for while. It’s £50 price tag had put me off, telling myself that I didn’t really need it. I was delighted to see that it was reduced to £20, yay!

mirror 3

The mirror has this handy light around the edge which really does make the difference in a badly lit room, although it does flicker a little when the head it tilted sometimes.
mirror 2

I love how sturdy this is. The head is thick and heavy and the base holds firm. No mirror toppling here! The rotation of the head, so that you can view yourself in x1 or x5 (scary), is quite stiff which means the mirror doesn’t randomly spin round during use.

Overall I’m really pleased with it. I like how it looks and what it does.
Thumbs up! 🙂

Happy Blogging All xxx


13 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror…

  1. Sam

    I don’t see the like button either, by the way, and I’m on a WordPress account. Anyway. That mirror is lovely! I have a lighted mirror that I love so much. I can’t imagine going back to just a regular mirror. It helps me apply my makeup just right since the light is evenly distributed. Have fun with your new set-up there! Looks pretty awesome!

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