GLOSSYBOX March 2013



Hello Everyone,

Due to a moving mishap I didn’t receive my GLOSSYBOX last month so imagine how excited I was to see this on my doorstep this morning!

This month’s box appears to have some kind of travel booklet thingy with it, which I am a little unsure of, although it does contain some pretty sticker. I have popped them onto my box to pretty it up a little. Does anyone else keep their beauty boxes and use them as storage for their copious amounts of makeup?

Here’s the line up:


I must admit I wasn’t wowed at the products this month. For some reason the amount of products seemed a little low, or maybe this was due to their size not taking up much of the box. I was however quite pleased with the actual products as they are all well-known to me and some are already favourites.


Jelly Pong Pong- Lip Blush £12

I love a lip stain, and this one is very pigmented. Unlike my fave Revlon ones, this doesn’t have a pretty smell, in fact it has no scent at all. The texture is nice, pretty moisturising. Colour wise, I think will be great for the Summer. I don’t love it as much as other brands I have but it is a good product considering it costs more than the beauty box itself.

glossy3 Nail Inc – Bruton St. Full Size £11

What a beautiful colour! Dusky pink is always lovely, and this will look so elegant on my nails (once I grow them back again). Ooo it’s like a little bunch of roses in a bottle.

glossy 9

Elizabeth Arden- Eight Hour Cream, full size £25

Oh my! This has to be one of my favourite products of all time. I have the bottle, the lip balm stick and now a handy little travel tube. I remember being uneased by this cream actually being a thick gel when I first used it after hearing people rave about it. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with its moisturising powers. You all need this… you really do!


Juicy Couture – Couture La La, full size £63

Now for some reason I always feel a little ‘meh’ when I get a perfume in a beauty box. It’s not that I don’t like wearing perfume but I’m certainly bot very good at it. I have moments where these little tester tubes seems like a fab idea; carry it around, use different ones, choose a fave. Sadly I always just seem to forget I have them and I now have a little stash. It is a very pretty scent though!

glossy 7

Tresemme – Salon Finish Extra Hold

Very handy! I was only thinking yesterday that although I rarely use hairspray I am completely out and need a bottle. I like Tresemme, I like strong hold, I don’t like the smell but I haven’t found a yummy scented hairspray as yet. Thanks GLOSSYBOX.

Now that I have written about all of these and spent time with the pictures, I am actually more excited about the contents than at the start. I’m interested to see if any of these make a monthly favourite in the future.

Happy Blogging All, xxx


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