February Favourites!


Hello Everyone,

I can’t believe it is the end of february already. I am very excited about Spring but wanted to share with you my favourites for the past month. I found ot very easy to choose this months faves as I have pretty much worn them throughout the month, way more than any other products.

Bourjois, Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
I have talked about this foundation before and have been wearing it ever since. I use the colour 52, which is perfect for my light olive toned skin at the moment. Im no whizz when it come to the science of a foundation but if there isn’t something scientifically clever about this then there is some fairytale magic going on!
I love the cool thin (not runny) textire of this. It feels similar to BB creams I have but gives more coverage than they do without the slightest hint of cakeyness (I’m sure that is not a word). The scent is clean and my skin is left slightly dewy which means I have a choice of opting for a matte look by adding powder or I can leave it as it is, flawless and glowing. I’m putting it out there that maybe, just maybe this is my favorite foundation ever?!

Maybelline, Color Tattoo in Bad to Bronze
I became very excited about this range during the Summer where I searched the internet for almost every colour. I have enjoyed wearing them all on many occasions but have recently found myself using this colour from day to day. The main reason I think this has become a daily staple is that it is so incredibly easy to apply. I tend to use my finger to smooth a small amount across the eyelid and then just use my little finger to blend the edge out. Somehow the product seems to appear like it has been carefully mixed and blendes with a variety of shadows to create a smokey eye effect. All lies I tell you; Very clever!

Sleek, Rose Gold Blush
I recently posted a plea for the Mac Stereo Rose blush. After a sad search I realised I had a fabtastic dupe already sat, forgotten in my makeup draw. Now reunited with the love for this blusher I think I have worn it almost too often this month but love it so much I can tell the love affair isn’t over quite yet! All of my other blushes are matte or only slightly shimmery and as I am yet to have found the perfect highlighter for me, thos blush is doing a great job at being both. I do have to be careful not to overload the cheeks but with a light dusting the peachy rose colour is great for a glowing, happy look.

Real Techniques, Blush Brush
I couldn’t enter the Sleek blush without a big shout out to my new brush. Being huge fan of the whole collection I had wanted this for a while. As expected I adore it! The hairs are so fine, soft and fluffy that none of my other blusher brushes even compare.

Revlon, Mad About Mauve Lipstick
I am really going through a lipstick phase at the moment. I am so excited for Spring as I can’t wait to bring out the bright and bold colours again after enjoying my darker lippies this Winter.
This lipstick in particular has been my favorite this month, maybe because it is a great transitional colour but mainly because I think it is the loveliest shade of mauve. Aswell as going with most items of clothing, it glides on, stays on and looks beautiful!

Maybelline, cream gloss in stellar berry
I really have been babbling on today but sometimes you just have a lot to say. When a lippy isnt enough (although I rarely wear gloss) this pairs so perfectly with the above lipstick I had to show you the pairing. Thinking about it I’m sure I have raved about this combo before!

Birdy Shirt – Sainsburys £16
Tan Boots – Primark £20
Tan Backpack – Primark £12
To end off just a few of my fashion faves for the month. I love this shirt. It is the only one I have where I can do the buttons up right to the collar and it look good. I have paired it up with my primark teal and burgandy jeans so much this Winter.
The boots are very comfy and seem to work with every outfit I have worn this month.
I couldn’t resist this geeky back pack and am so glad as it has been so much fun to use. Great for shopping when you needs hands free for all that rail browsing!

What was your favourite item this month? Please let me know of you have a favourites post as I would love to check it out. 🙂

Happy Bloggin All, xxx


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