Bubble Trouble – Review


Hello Everyone,

Aaah! Time to relax in a lovely jubbly bubble bath. After using the same supermarket non intersting bubbles for a good while I decided that my pamper evenings just weren’t going to cut it without a luxurious amount of soft scented bubble fun. Off I popped to the local Boots to grab a good quality bath treat.

This is quite difficult when you have no idea how well a bubble bath is going to perform. I hated the thought of splurging and then being truly dissapointed of the product didn’t live up to its indulgent promises.

Sitting by the holiday items I spotted a selection of travel sized bottles. Amongst them, a sparce collection of bubble baths. Testing bubble baths seemed like the best way to find what I was looking for, and after doing this i was so pleased I hadn’t jumped in an bought the first one to catch my eye!
Here are the contestants in order of bubble rating:

Champneys Spa Indulgence – Distant Shores Bubble Heaven
A bright pink bottle full of “passion fruit and mango extracts & citrus oils”, what more could I wish for? Umm maybe some bubbles. Sadly the bubbles from this ‘bubble’ bath were very limited (I had to push every last bubble together to get the photo) and that was once I had managed to bang every last drop of the thick liquid from the bottle to try and create just one baths worth. The smell was nice in the bottle but didn’t follow me into the bath.
A very sad 4/10

Sanctuary – Luxury Bath Float
This product promised “clouds of bubbles” and “skin softening” and it didn’t do too badly. I used a fifth of the mini bottle to make quite a bubblesome bath which although it wasn’t my kind of scent, did last a long time and left my skin reasonably soft. I don’t know as I would purchase the full size bottle but will definitely enjoy my last 4 baths using this one.
A bubbly 6/10

Cath Kidston – Rose Bubble Bath
For some reason I sometimes question the quality of products made from a brand that mainly deals in a different area of retail but I am 1, a huge Cath fan and 2. Absolutely adore a rose scent. Funnily enough this bubble bath declares no magic amount of bubbles not a miraculous softwning of the skin yet it worked pretty well towards doing both! The scent is perfect for me and matches the rose and neroli candles I use for pamper time. Just from a few squeezes my bath was filled with jubbly bubbles. Being, as you can tell, a bubble bath amateur, I am not sure how long a long bubble bath can last but I would have liked these ones to last a little longer. I do enjoy a long soak, and one does like to keep some sort of covered up dignity when bathing, I’m sure you’ll agree.
A jubbly bubbly 8/10

So I am yet to find the perfect bath delight but will enjoy the bottles I have for now.
Do let me know if you have a favourite that you insist I try!

Happy Bathing All, xxx


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