Thank You Moisturisers!


Hello Everyone,

It has been a bad Winter for my poor skin, but after a little care and attention it has pulled through.

I can’t say the solution lay purely in the hands of one particular product, but the moisturisers I have been using have done a fab job at keep my skin moisturised and refreshed.

These three products are all actually very different and I am excited to tell you about them 🙂

La Rocher- Posay, Effaclar Duo £13
I have already mentioned this in a past post but couldn’t write this post without inculding it. When I first heard about this product I walked into Boots expecting it to cost a fortune. In fact it is very reasonably priced in my opinion. I love the medical scent of this and the clear/white, gel like texture makes it easy to apply and you only need the tiniest amount to apply a thin layer to the whole face.
To begin with I only used this on the problem areas. Now they have cleared up I use this a few evenings a week to keep those areas and the rest of my face free from dry/red patches.

Alpha H, Daily Essential Moisturiser, £27
I am an absolute fan and preacher of the Aplha H Liquid Gold product and have praised its ability to cure my bumpy forehead issue. For those evenings where I don’t need the intense effectsliquid Gold on its own, I decided to partner it up with Alpha H’s </em. everyday moisturiser. I did only purchase a half size bottle as the product is pricey and I wanted to try it out first. I will definitely be purchasing this again! It pairs up beautifully with the Liquid Gold as it applies easily and sinks into the skin very quickly. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling particularly soft but does refresh it and gives it that feeling where you know something is happening to your skin for a while afterwards.

Clarins, Mulit Active Day Cream
This is only a sample bottle that I was given a few weeks back, but i have been really enjoying it. Every morning I have popped this onto my face before applying my makeup. The scent reminds me of my mums products when I was younger, fragrant and floral, but not overpowering. I like it. I am not sure if it is a definite purchase product but I will happily use up the rest and will keep it in mind.

So I certainly don’t need anymore face creams for a while, and now thanks to these my skin is back to normal again!

I would love to hear of you use any of these or which moisturiser you recommend.

Happy Blogging,


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