High Street Fashion HAUL


Hello Everyone,

Went shopping yesterday and thought I would show what I got. There is a bit of a mixture here, I definitly didn’t buy an outfit, just some nice comfy pieces for the Winter/Spring transition.
Once again I apologise for the bad pics. I really need to save up for a better camera. I am also not a size 8 so the clothes don’t look as great as on the manequins.


•Green Owl & Grey Tribal Snoods – I bought a peach snood from Primark a while back and have worn it a lot since. I thought I would get a few more as they are very cute and are great for wearing with a Spring top when the weather isn’t quite performing.

• Sesame Street T-Shirt – This was actually from the mens section but I couldn’t resist it!

Oufit (Topshop & Dorothy Perkins

• Grey Leaf Skater Dress – This dress was on my wish list this month and I was so pleased to find it in store. The towel like material is soft and warm which which be perfect with leggings and a thin cardigan.

• Tan Leather High Tops – These are awesome! I have played with the idea of hightops for a while but kind of feel I am a little too old to pull then off. i spotted these tan ones and had to have them. I will make them work! Paired with my Sesame Street T and tan backpack I may look 15 again but I don’t feel any older so who cares.

• Silver/ Black tribal earrings – I have lots of gold tribal accessories from last Spring in my collection so these monochrome will be a great addition.I am looking forward to wearing them with a simple black top, blazer and heels.

M & S
• Grey Dotted Jumper – I haven’t bought anything from this shop before, clothes wise, as it isn’t somewhere I gravitate to for young fashion. This jumper was a lovely find though. It is a thin, light jumper covered in small cream dots and is ridiculously comfy. I did buy it in a large size so that I could wear it as a baggy top.

Let me know what you think?

Happy Blogging , xxx


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