Waitrose Skincare


Hello Everyone,

Today my averagely boring shopping trip became a lot more exciting when I spotted the huge variety of awesome brands and products. For those of you in the UK you will be familiar with Waitrose, and for those elsewhere it is a supermarket here in the UK that sells general food goods. I have always enjoyed their collection of bath and shower bits but until today had not been to one of their larger stores and hadn’t realised the great brands they stock.

Burt’s Bees, Neal’s Yard, Balance Me,and Yes are just some of the popular brands that I spotted! Next time my basket won’t be full of food!

Happy blogging xxx


9 thoughts on “Waitrose Skincare

      1. sjvella

        Even I has a few testers because they don’t sell in Malta. However I really love the fash wash, it has this nice perfume smell and it washed well.

      1. Bloomin' Escape DIY Home & Garden, Humour and Family bliss

        fantastic sunscreen and lip balm,it has just the right amount of color!

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