Liz Earle HAUL


Hello Everyone,

Last week I was tweeted by Liz Earle, recommending their eye lotion to me as I had asked around for a good eye make up remover. Being a large fan of the brand already I went straight to the website to buy it ( I think they should have sent me a free one to review, don’t you? Hehe).

As I was already on the site, of course some other items slipped into my basket, mainly the usual essentials.

Gentle Exfoliator
This is my favourite exfoliator. The beads are very fine and are a lot less harsh on my skin compared to other products I have tried. It also has that beautiful Liz Earle scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh!

Cleanse & Polish
This is my longest running face cleanser and although I try new ones all the time, I have never found something that smells so lovely, removes my make up so well, and makes my skin feel so velvety.

Eye Bright Lotion
Sadly, this didn’t live up to the ability of my Botanics Eye make up remover, as it just seemed to spread my mascara all over my eye like a panda. However, it is only sold as a remover for light makeup and it is great for cooling and brightening the eyes. I now use it after removing makeup, and when I wake up in the morning!

I do like this toner, and on days where I am not using my beloved Alpha H Liquid Gold, I sweep this across my face. Just like the eye lotion, it tightens, wakens and freshens my skin.

I also recieved a taster of the foundation, so will be trying that out soon.

Before I head off I have a favour to ask you guys! I had a comment today that said the text for my beauty haul was going off screen. When I look on my computer, ipad and phone everything looks fine. If you are spotting the same problem with my posts, could you comment letting me know what and exactly where the error is happening so that I can fix it asap!
Thank you,

Happy Blogging, xxx


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