January Beauty/Fashion Favourites


Hello Everyone,

It has been a crazily busy month and beauty and fashion have sadly taken a little back step as I haven’t seemed to have enough time to think about them very much. First I moved house and everything was packed away in boxes so I lived on a few basics. I then bought some storage at the time time as going back to work, so it has taken me a while to sort everything into its own new place.

During this time I didn’t have time or access to all of my products and clothes so some of my favourites were drawn out from the abyss and were used quite repeatedly throughout the month. I thought it only fair to give them the place in my monthly favourites.


Soap & Glory – Sugar Crush Body Wash
As featured in a previous post, I am a huge fan if the Sugar Crush scent, this has been a luxurious saviour for those busy days when I haven’t had time to enjoy a long bath. I cannot explain how incredible this smells, and if you haven’t had a sniff yet, I urge you to go to your local store and do it as soon as possible. My only gripe about this product is that the pump is quite thin and only lets a little out at time which means lots if pumping.Very much worth it though!

Elizabeth Arden – 8 hour lip balm
I have raved about this products for a long time, but with the cold weather and the lack of a lipstick variety, I made sure to use this every morning, night and in between. This wonder stick manages to erase any dry, chapped areas and always softens, evens and gives great shine to my lips.

Make Up

Avon Blush in Soft Plum
It was hard for me to choose my faces for makeup this month but I decided to go for the products that I wore the most. Looking back, I think I wore this everyday, especially when I went back to work. It is the perfect colour for creating a natural flush that goes with any eye makeup. It is easily my favourite blush of all time and is very affordable.

MAC lipstick – Viva Glam V
This was one of my first ‘good’ lipsticks and once I got a little obsessed with buying more, this elegant colour was a little left out for a while. During the move and when back to work, I didn’t seem to have the time to even think about my makeup, so popping on the nearest eyeshadow (thanks Naked Palette 2) was all I had time to think about. This is when I re instated the Viva Glam. It is a subtle shimmery pink that lasts a long time, requires no fuss for application and works with any eye shadow colours.


I wouldn’t say I have been at all ‘fashionable’ this month. Clothing has been all about comfort, but of course I had to dress for work and for social get-togethers. An outfit that I kept turning to was my new green dress from Topshop which is cute and comfy and can be dressed up or down. I also fell in love with this lovely owl necklace, a little gift from my brother for Christmas that adds lovely detail to a simple outfit and gets lots of compliments.

I realise, reading back that my favourites sound a little boring this month but I honestly couldn’t have been without them and they have all excited me, wether they are new or a good olds!

Happy Blogging , xxx


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