I <3 MAC – Haul


Hello Everyone,

Delight delight, my MAC order has arrived! Actually it arrived the day after I ordered it but it has taken me a while to find the time to indulge in the unwrapping. I don’t own very many MAC products already. I have a foundation, a lipstick and an eyeshadow palette which I realise is a minute collection compared to some, but I adore their products and think it is about time I embraced that.

All three of these items are ones that I have heard bloggers rave about time after time, and this made my choices a little easier when gazing on the website at the never ending list of goodies. I always feel like I need some sort of justification when buying pricier products when really there is no reason apart from sheer fact that I want them!

So, starting with the blusher. I am a big blusher fan and most of mine are from SLEEK or Avon. This is my first MAC blush and I am intrigued to find out if they are all like this one in that I have to use quite a lot of the product to see any colour. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means I can build up the colour (which is beautifully cute) according to the look I am creating. I think I just imagined that it would be very pigmented. I still love it though and have used this whole week to bring a fresh rosey glow to my cheeks.

The next item is the Coffee Eye Pencil. Now this I love; The colour is amazing. I normally use Kohl eyeliner pencils as they give the most colour but they can often smudge easy. Some other pencils need too much of a rub back and forth on the eye which is never good. I also use brown in the day and then move to black for more dramatic looks in the evening. This pencil can be used for both as the colour is such a rich dark brown. Super!

I have been collecting MAC eyeshadows for a while now. I remember treating myself to a 15 space palette when I first got into make up a few years back, only buying 2 eyeshadows to go in it due to their price. I have since got over this and now have 10 shades. Along with my favourite everydays, all that glitters, naked lunch, satin taupe & cork, this new colour concrete is the perfect addition. The best way to describe the colour is to liken it to ‘mud’. As yucky as that may sound this is a gorgeous shadow for adding depth to the crease. Most of my brown shadows have either a gold or orange tone to them but this one doesn’t. If anything it has a slight taupey hint.

I am lying in bed posting this so can’t add a pic for you to see so I think I will post a FOTD (face of the day) later in the week.

Happy Blogging, xxx


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