GLOSSYBOX January 2013!

Glossybox jan 2013

Hello Everyone,

Oh my does it feel good to be back. After finishing my Advent posts I was told by my phone network that I had gone over my internet download limit by quite a bit (oops). So I had to lay off the 3G blogging. This mean waiting impatiently for the internet to be installed in my new house. Today it was, and I am so excited to be able to blog again.

In perfect time for this, my GLOSSYBOX arrived! It feels like ages since I got the last one, and I was so pleased to see the pink little box sitting there waiting to be opened.

If I’m honest, with the craziness of the new house and puppy, all beauty thoughts and attempts have gone out the window, so it wa a lovely prompt back into putting effort into my appearance again.

First impressions are good. Straight away I have spotted a couple of products that I know I will enjoy using and they all look interestingperfume

LACOSTE – Eau de Lacoste

30ml – £33

Who doesn’t love a perfume to add to the collection. I have a little hord from past boxes and do enjoying picking one to match an outfit I am wearin. This a very clean smelling perfume, great for sporty people, with a slight floral scent. It is nice.


MONU- Micro Exfoliant

100ml – £14.50

Please excuse the photo, I really must save up and get a decent camera (any suggestions?). Glossybox have given me a MONU product before. I did enjoy the body cream/butter and it smelt lovely so I am looking forward to trying this out. My skin is a little dodgy at the moment so we shall see if this little number helps.

Picture 008

MURAD – HydroDynamicTM Ultimate Moisture for eyes

15ml – £57

Well, the ridiculously long title and high price tag promise a lot with this product so I am eager to try it out and see if it walks the walk. I will update you on this one in the near future.

Picture 009

BM BEAUTY- Dewy Perfection Finishing Powder

4g – £8

First of all, the photo darkens this product. It is actually a lovely light colour that has a slight shimmer running through it to give it the dewy look. The powder feels very soft on the skin and I will be trying this out over my foundation this evening. The only issue I think I will have, as I did have it with the bronzer sent before, is that I found it very difficult to get my huge brush into the tiny pot without taking too much/not enough.

Picture 007

SANCTUARY SPA- Active Reverse Thermal Transformation Mask

Full Size- £27

I have always loved SANCTUARY products, especially their exfoliating shower gel, and can’t wait to try this one out.  It does sound a little scary with all the comparisons to ‘cosmetic injections’, but I will enjoy lying in the bath with on very soon.

Picture 005

Another little GLOSSY extra, an eye mask. Has anyone ever actually used one of these?

So there you have it. A sneaky peek inside my box this month. Just to end, I thought I would show you a product from a past beauty box that I used recently and loved!

The WEI face mask was amazing! A mask, soaked in cool product stretched perfectly across my face and after a relaxing 10 minutes left my face fresh and revived. If I could afford it, I would buy some more!

I hope everyone is having a great start to their new year, and I promise to be back really soon,

Happy Blogging, xxx



4 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX January 2013!

  1. Sarah H

    Mine was so different to yours this month! I got a yummy Berts Bees lip balm, a Vichy cleanser/mask.. And I’ve forgotten the rest already!


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